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Professional piano player with 25 years of experience and a degree in child music education
I am a highly qualified teacher with 15 years of experience teaching piano and a degree in children’s music education. I have a Bachelor of Music degree in piano performance as well as a Bachelor’s degree in music pedagogy, with a focus on children’s music education. I have been teaching piano to kids and adults for the past 15 years, and have myself played piano for the past 35 years. In my lessons you can expect to learn proper piano technique and work on classical piano repertoire (however I am also very open if you would like to learn something outside of the classical repertoire: feel free to let me know of any songs you wish to learn, and we will make it happen! :-) ). I will teach you how to find a perfect piano hand position for your body, to help you play as easily and as effortlessly as possible, I will teach you the rudiments of music, I will teach you how to produce a beautiful singing sound on the piano, how to play fast musical pieces, how to play different styles of music, and so, so much more! In my lessons I strive to create a supportive and positive atmosphere, while at the same time pushing the student to get better and better at playing piano.
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Tatiana is a highly qualified teacher with 10+ years of teaching experience and 25+ years in the classical music profession. Tatiana first started her musical journey at the age of 7, when she came to her first piano lesson, and ever since that auspicious day music has not left her life. She would study piano until the age of 17 in a general music school in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. She was always praised by her teachers for her great talent at the piano. Upon graduating from the general music school, she would take a step back from pursuing music for a few years, and go on to obtain her Bachelor's degree in Optical Physics. But, realizing, that her passion, indeed, lay in music, she returned to her pursuit of becoming a professional musician by beginning private lessons in Opera Singing from a wonderful Russian opera singer,with whom she studied for almost 10 years, before transferring from taking private lessons to beginning her Bachelors degree in Music (Piano and Singing) from the "Leningrad State University named after A. S. Pushkin" in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. She finished her degree from this University in June of 2020. But for Tatiana getting a music degree was not enough: she also wanted to learn how to give the best possible experience to children in their music lessons, and so, while she was working for her BM, she also enrolled in a 4 year program at the "Saint Petersburg College of music pedagogy ", where she went through extremely rigorous training on working with kids, specifically. Teaching piano, singing, and group genre music classes to children aged 3+. During the 4 year program she had the opportunity to work with children in numerous schools and kindergartens across the city under the guidance of very experienced teachers and pedagogues, almost daily. Tatiana is a wonderfully kind, patient, but more than anything extremely qualified teacher. She will with certainty teach your child how to excel at the piano, but at the same time to enjoy, and look forward to their lessons. Tatiana is currently actively teaching piano and working towards her Master's degree in Music, which she will have finished by September 2022. Tatiana strives for excellence in her lessons, making sure that she teaches her students immaculate technique and musical expression. But at the same time she does her best to keep lessons fun, and light; and to ensure that students are enjoying their musical experience.

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Tatiana guided my grandchild through her first introduction to learning the piano. She is a great teacher, and anyone should be so lucky to have her as a resource. Changes in location and time zones for the teacher and student became the only obstacle. We wish Titiana all the best.