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I am from a musical family of several generations, all the way back to my great grandfather! I am the niece of acclaimed Jazz Trombonist Urbie Green, the cousin and ( I'm told ) the first classical piano inspiration of award-winning Jazz Pianist Jesse Green. Many of the musicians in my family are members of the American Federation of Musicians; I am a former member of the AFM in good standing.

Among my other relatives have been numerous less-known, yet greatly accomplished professional musicians, from famous name swing bands to New Orleans jazz. Stars and glamour in the music business have been part of me from the time I was a gleam in my parents' eyes.

Although my family's renown is in the jazz idiom, I studied classical piano, sheet music and singing for musical theater from pre-K through high school. My experience has included playing an electric keyboard and singing vocals in a professional, working band.

After playing with bands in high school, as a college music major, making good grades was a piece of cake! I was invited to phi theta kappa honors society, graduated with honors and, with a 4.0 grade point average, was offered an opportunity to study in the professions.

Being from such a musical family, the idea of learning an academic profession sounded exciting, so I graduated University, served an internship, and passed professional licensing exams before I learned that being a " pro " did not guarantee financial security.

Due to the economy, I made a decision to return to my roots. I have dusted off the piano and refreshed my music skills so I may teach quality, private lessons to dedicated students. The variety and extent of my knowledge in music, and my family values, will help you learn what you want!

*** Lesson Details ***

I will be available for beginning and intermediate students. If you have never touched a piano before, you are also welcome! Beginner students may come to the first lesson without books, but if you have books or sheet music you are familiar with, please bring what you have worked with most recently.

Be prepared to start with an evaluation of your abilities ! We will cover posture ( both body and hands ), warm-up exercises and ( surprise ) cool-downs too. After the evaluation we will take a look at what you want to learn, and we will help you find the pathway to make your goals with piano music. After each lesson, you will be able to practice what you have learned on your own, for a week or two, and then we will meet again for a new lesson to re-evaluate what has been accomplished. We will discover your strengths, increase your understanding, and then open the door to what we will work on next.

*** Studio Equipment ***

You get a great view of a beautiful lake, and a fantastic and fun music lesson at the same time !
My humble yet dependable upright studio piano is in the foyer just as you walk in.

*** Travel Equipment ***

The student is expected to provide all instruments, books, and/or any other equipment to use for practice and performance outside of the lessons.

I used to say that you need to have access to a piano or keyboard to learn piano, and that is definitely the best way to learn. If you have access to a computer and not a keyboard, you can still learn to play music with these resources I heard about from George W. Russell, Jr., Professor of Harmony/Piano, Berklee College of Music:

I am sure you will love my studio. I do expect students to do the travelling for music lessons :)

*** Specialties ***

I teach beginning through intermediate students.

Classical piano, music theory, sheet music, vocals with microphone, vocals for stage, acting.

*** Other things I can teach ***

Tutoring for writing, basic studies, including study skills, setting goals and motivation.

Architectural design for buildings, homes, gardens and interiors.

Mythological Goddess Studies and Practical magic.

*** Note regarding dates of certificates and education ***

Dates posted are approximate, and to the best of my recollection without actually having to locate each certificate and find the date on it. If anyone wants the exact date, just ask me and I'll take a look.

Photos and Videos

A video of my uncle, Urbie Green, for King Musical Instruments, reminding aspiring musicians to practice scales and exercises.


Pianist and Vocalist

Jun 1977 - Jun 1979
" Fantasy "

This was a professional cover band that played weekend gigs. I worked with this band while I was studying music in college. We played " disco " style tunes, some of which have recently been remixed. Lots of keyboarding and Donna Summer style vocals.

This was a great job, not only because I was making so much more money than my friends who were working a fast food restaurants, but also because I learned so much about what it's like to be a working musician.

One thing I loved was watching the people dance to the music. I could really see which songs people related to, and which songs needed to be replaced, based on whether people were getting up and moving, or just hanging around at their tables.

What I didn't really enjoy was the night club atmosphere, having to travel late at night, getting home around 3 am and then having to get up early for my classes. I also didn't enjoy coming home smelling like cigarette smoke, including my clothes and my hair.

Working in bars was what really emphasized to me the difference between enjoying music as a hobby, and burning out.

The good times were overhearing someone saying " she can make her voice sound like anybody " which was awesome. The bad times were hearing someone crying uncontrollably because their ride abandoned them at the bar.

There's lots of glamour in professional music, and lots of not so glamorous stuff too.


Continuing Education, Roman Architecture

Jan 2014 - Present
Yale University for Coursera

Coursework in Occult Topics

Jun 2010 - Present
Magicka School

Bachelor of Science, Environmental Design ( Architecture )

Jun 1981 - Jun 1983
University of Maryland College Park

Honors Associate of Arts, Music

Jun 1977 - Jun 1979
Pensacola Junior College

Languages Spoken


Fluent / Native Proficiency


Fluent / Native Proficiency


Registered Metaphysician ( RA, WMA )

Jun 2013
World Metaphysical Association

Professional Intuitive & Master Tarot Consultant

Ordained Clergy

Jun 2013
Universal Life Church

Reverend and Wedding Officiant


Winner of the Ludi Novi Romani Certamen Historicum MMDCCLXVI

Jun 2013
Nova Roma

Woman of Outstanding Leadership in Public Relations

Jun 2013
The International Women’s Leadership Association

Business Department Scholarship

Jun 2000
Santa Ana College

Phi Theta Kappa

Jun 2000
Santa Ana College


Jun 1979
Pensacola Junior College

Music Study Club Scholarship

Jun 1977
Pensacola Junior College

Fee-Waiver Scholarship

Jun 1977
University of Nevada Reno

Phi Theta Kappa

Jun 1977
Pensacola Junior College
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Angel R. Nov 22, 2013
Verified Student
Makes Learning Fun!

Sylvia is a great teacher. She is very understandable and helps you learn in whatever manner you choose. If you're serious about learning piano, Sylvia should be your choice because of her array of knowledge and tips.
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