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Steven delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Ages 5+

Teaching since:
September 2005

Hi, my name is Steve, I am 27 years old and have been playing guitar since I was 13. I started off taking private guitar lessons in high school, learning a lot of classic rock and blues such as Cream, The Beatles, and Led Zeppelin. I also began to learn some of the theory behind the music I loved, learning to understand modes, chords, and interval relationships, and how they appear on the guitar neck. After I finished high school I got a bass guitar and started to learn the technique of that instrument as well.

After a few years in college I decided that music was my true calling in life and that I should take my musicianship to the next level. I transferred to a new school and switched my major to general music theory. In college I learned the skills of, reading music, pitch recognition, singing, playing the upright bass, piano, and also continued studying guitar and bass guitar technique with private instructors at my school. I also gained performing experience through individual recitals as well as performing with the string ensemble and orchestra. In addition to all the new skills I acquired in school I also gained an appreciation for and understanding of genres such as classical music as well as traditional musics from non-Western cultures, which I had only a very sparse knowledge of before music school. I also embarked on understanding the theory of jazz, a music which I have enjoyed since my high school days, but didn't understand intellectually.

Now I have finished music school and have a bachelor's degree in general music theory. I feel I am in good shape to teach others about music, because I understand that learning music can be a long and difficult process, but also a very rewarding one. Because of this I know that as a music teacher I have to be patient and put myself in the students shoes. I also feel that part of a music teachers role is to keep the student motivated by encouraging them when they feel frustrated with the process of learning an instrument. For these reasons I feel that if you are just starting on bass or guitar, or if you have some experience but really want to take your technique and understanding of music theory to the next level, then I am the teacher for you.

*** Lesson Details ***
My goal as a music teacher is to give my students a well-rounded education. Since ultimately music lessons are really all about the students goals, I try and cultivate in understanding in my students of all the foundational knowledge of music theory, melody, harmony, rhythm and form. Through understanding these four elements of music, a student can gain a deeper understanding of the music they love, regardless of what style of music it is. I try to vary what each lesson focuses on week by week, one week I might isolate rhythm studies, this might involve clapping or vocalizing rhythms, and then performing them on the instrument. For a guitarist or bassist this means isolating the right hand. Perhaps the next week might focus on increasing finger dexterity or understanding the theory behind harmony. I feel by varying the focus of each lesson helps to avoid redundancy, which might cause a student to lose their momentum in the learning process. I also feel this helps me to see which elements of either music theory, or instrumental technique my students struggle with the most, and this of course tells me what I need to emphasize in future lessons.

Every musician is unique in their musical interests, as well as their motives for pursuing mastery of a given instrument. With this in mind I try to elucidate the foundations of music theory and instrumental technique, by using musical examples that appeal to a student. For example in school I learned the framework of harmony by analyzing chorales, this might not appeal to every student who comes to me for lessons. So perhaps I might try to help a student understand the nature of harmony through analyzing their favorite Beatles song, or maybe I might give a student a lesson in rhythm by analyzing a heavy metal riff. In other words I try and teach the theory and techniques that are fundamental and universal in music, by tapping in to each students unique set of musical interests.

*** Studio Equipment ***
lessons in living room, guitars/basses, cables/amps, piano, computer and printer/copier

*** Travel Equipment ***
I would provide my instrument and amplifier if necessary, paper on which to write out chord charts, tab, sheet music etc. as well as any texts I own which might help me in my instructions and a tuning fork to tune the instruments. I would expect the student to bring an instrument to a lessons and a pick or amplifier etc. as is necessary.

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B.A. Music
Aug 2004 - Dec 2009
Eastern University

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