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Become a proficient organist with a coach holding 40+ years of playing experience
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Student Favorite
Organ is a good skill to have, especially if you play piano and wish to learn how to adapt your current technique to sound like a professional organist. Check my piano listing to learn about my background/ experience.
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I am a career musician, and conservatory trained violin, piano and vocal instructor with over 40 years teaching experience, and a resume spanning many pages. I also am a well endorsed composer and public speaker. Furthermore, I LOVE teaching! I am a competition judge, member of National Music Teachers Association, and Suzuki Association of the Americas. I have proven results, as documented on my students YouTube channel. With my instruction, you will learn quickly and most importantly, correctly, saving you time and resources as you reach your musical goals. Fact: One of the only activities that activates, stimulates, and uses the entire brain is music, so let's get started! Some people have difficulty reaching a teachers' studio. For this reason, I have perfected my ability to teach via Skype or FaceTime. It is an advantage for my students to be instructed by a quality teacher. It's worth a try, isn't it? Please note: I only accept weekly lesson students. Also, due to my performances, I'm not always able to this calendar up to date....so when you request a lesson time, allow me to communicate with you, if we need to adjust it a bit. It almost always works out if you don't mind doing that. *** Lesson Details *** All the students on my Student YouTube channel who have studied under three years, are practicing 2 hours a week, and you will have a similar result. That's 20 minutes a day, 6 days a week. Students under 5 practice about 5-10 minutes a day. Please have an assignment book that lies flat, and keep it next to your music books as you practice between lessons. My instructions are very detailed to insure your best progress. Studio Equipment For on-line lessons, you will need a quiet place, and please test your sound and video prior to beginning of lesson. For students under 13 or so, do have a parent or caregiver taking notes while we work together. Specialties I have much experience with various learning styles, and in fact, am featured in a documentary made of one of my autistic students.

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Highly recommend Stephanie! She is a great teacher - patient, supportive, motivating and encouraging!

Posted Jun 15, 2022

My first lesson was a real happy one, I was nervous and stressed about starting. Ms. Stephanie was very pleasant, explained things so I could comprehend it., she was strong in confidence yet happy in mild in teaching style. I’m very hopeful I will learn a lot from this brilliant teacher.

Posted Apr 23, 2021

I am an adult beginner violinist. When I first met Stephanie, I had barely touched a violin, but I was determined to learn how to play it. With her help and patience, I am progressing through the Suzuki method as well as doing ear training and music theory. Stephanie is an excellent musician as well as instructor! Her method of teaching keeps the students engaged, encouraged and excited about learning music from all sides of it.

Posted Nov 25, 2019
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Private instructor of piano, violin, and viola
Sep 1988 - Present
Self Employeed
What I bring to my teaching is EXPERIENCE. Years of it! You name it, I've done it. Even teaching a blind man to play piano! When a student needs to make music, I find ways to make it happen. I love to help others create beauty, improve their intellect, and empower themselves in learning the language of MUSIC!
Violin and piano teacher, and chamber music coach
May 2014 - Dec 2016
Music Academy
Orchestra teacher
Sep 2010 - Jun 2012
Chicago Waldorf School
I was teaching violin to large classrooms, both the 3rd and 4th grade. Additionally I assisted in the orchestra of the 4th grade level.