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Brooklyn, NY

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Stelios delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Ages 7+

Teaching since:
September 2002

If you are passionate about the guitar & music in general we will get along real well. Whether your interest lies in the electric or classical guitar I can offer a structured program of study based on my experience studying under some of the leading artists of both musical worlds.

After completing Classical Guitar studies & a Musicology degree I moved to Boston to study with some of Jazz's greatest musicians and pedagogues.

I believe in structuring the course of study and have seen that setting goals makes a huge difference & therefore there are opportunities for student recitals and/or recording sessions several times throughout the year.

While in Boston I was a faculty member of the South Shore Conservatory from 2008-­2010. In NYC along with my a private studio, I freelance as a private & band instructor at the iSchool of Music & Art since 2010.

If you live in NYC and want to learn the guitar I would love to hear from you.

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Private Guitar instructor & Band Coach
Oct 2009 - Present
iSchool Of Music & Arts

Teach Private Guitar (classical & electric) Theory/Ear Training Groups and Coach Bands

Private Guitar Teacher
Sep 2001 - Present
Stelios M. Guitar Studio

Private Guitar/Theory lessons

Faculty at Jazz & Classical Guitar Dept.
Sep 2008 - Jun 2010
South Shore Conservatory

Taught Jazz/Rock and/or Classical Guitar to adolescents & adults.

Key Successes Include:

 Initiated and led a Rock Band group class within the Jazz/Rock dept. that offers playing favorite tunes while focusing on interplay and general musicianship to introduce students to ensemble playing. This class is one of the most popular ensembles of the SSC today.
 Represented the Conservatory in all it's major events including the big annual fundraiser as well as the faculty concert series.
 Prepared advanced students for Music College.
 Taught group beginners classes at the Weymouth Primary school as part of an expansion program of the SSC in 2009.

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BA in Music Performance_Guitar (summa cum laude)
Sep 2005 - May 2008
Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA
BA & MA in Musicology
Sep 1998 - Jun 2004
University of Athens, School of Philosophy, Music Dept.
Diploma in Classical Guitar
Sep 1996 - Jun 2004
Nakas Conservatory/Peiramatikon Conservatory of Athens


Limited Proficiency
Fluent / Native Proficiency


World Scholarship tour, Athens, Greece
Dec 2004
Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA

Photos & Videos

J.S. Bach_Allemande from Lute Suite n.1 BWV996
With the Banda Eclectics @ the Kodak Theater in Hollywood

Teaching studio @ Prospect Park

Photo by Stelios M.

Sanders Theatre in Harvard

At the BPC in Boston
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Anita W. Jan 16, 2016
Guitar · In studio


David F. Apr 28, 2015
Acoustic Guitar · In studio

I've taken lessons for several months with Stelios and found him to be an excellent teacher. He has a broad knowledge of guitar music and technique. He's thoughtful, patient and offers helpful tips on technique, style, and how to practice during every lesson. I always come away knowing something more about guitar playing. His lessons have rekindled my passion for the instrument and helped me improve -- not only by learning new classical and blues pieces, but with almost anything I play.

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Margaret C. Apr 9, 2015
Guitar · In studio

I’ve had many music teachers over the years and I can confidently say that Stelios is among the best. He is extremely passionate and knowledgable about music, and genuinely enjoys digging into any and all material that you want to learn. Whether you want to learn a new song, work on your own songwriting, or dive into music theory, Stelios is always attentive and ready with encouragement and constructive feedback. He can very quickly figure out how to play a song after listening to it once or twice, and can always break it down so that it’s easy to learn. If you’re interested in songwriting, Stelios often accompanies you and will provide feedback that fosters both growth and independence. He is able to pinpoint both your strengths and your areas for improvement, and tailors his lessons to meet your needs as a student and a musician. Stelios makes his students feel comfortable immediately with his warm, sincere personality and his hospitality. It is clear that Stelios truly loves music of all varieties, and truly loves to teach and learn. These qualities, among many others, make him a rare and excellent guitar teacher.

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Kairavi C. Apr 8, 2015
Guitar · In studio

I've been learning with Stelios for about 6 months now, and I started with a very very basic knowledge of guitar. I can definitely say that I've made a lot of progress and commend him for being a patient teacher. He also has a lot of insight into why different techniques work and can pinpoint exactly why I'm not getting something — which comes from the years of experience with teaching. He's also just a great guy to talk to and makes you feel comfortable in class. : )

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Jamie H. Mar 30, 2015
Acoustic Guitar · In home

Stelios is the best! I had never played guitar before and came to our first lesson as a complete beginner. Stelios teaches in a very clear and light-hearted manner. We've been doing everything from learning to read music to learning how to play my favorite songs. I'm always impressed by how quickly he's able to identify how to play the song and teach it to me. Lessons are always fun and very engaging. I highly recommend him!!

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Joan E. Mar 28, 2015
Audition Prep · In studio

Great teacher. Stelios is really passionate about what he does and how he teaches. He knows Just the tricks to get you from point A to B in your playing, as long as you're willing to work. My experience entailed audition prep, so with him I wasn't just learning a few songs, but rather things i'd use ever-long in my guitar endeavors. Things that will always be useful. He'd connect whatever I played to it's theory to help my understanding of how the two things worked together. There's so much to learn and i'm convinced he could show you most, If not all of it.
All in all, I've enjoyed my time with Stelios and I think anyone else would.

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Angela G. Mar 2, 2015
Acoustic Guitar · Online

My daughter has started lessons with Stelios as a beginner. He has been very patient and tends to break things down to make it easy and fun. She truly enjoys each lesson and feels very much at ease with Stelios as her teacher. I would highly recommend Stelios!

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kem M. Oct 31, 2014
Classical Guitar · In studio

Guitar teachers are a dime a dozen.

Stelios is one in a million.

Next to every review of a teacher you'll see
a rating of 1-to-5 stars. For me Stelios gets a 10.

I'm always sorry when my lesson with him ends.
Each time he impresses me more. And each
time I feel I've improved. He's got me playing
classical pieces I never thought I could play.
I'm amazed at how much he knows and how
beautifully he plays. And any style.

What a talent. What s nice guy. And what
a teacher.

If he's got slot open I recommend you grab it.

You won't find better.

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Adam T. Oct 7, 2014
Music Theory · In studio

Stelios really knows and understands how to guide a student to their objective. He has really helped me understand music more and helped guide me towards my development as a musician. Stelios really is an amazing teacher and knows how to connect with his students.

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Nicole L. Oct 1, 2014
Acoustic Guitar · In studio

Stelios shares his extensive knowledge of music with his students while incorporating enjoyment into each lesson. My son has learned a lot and still likes to play the guitar. His demeanor is very calm and pleasant. Overall, a great instructor with tons of knowledge in his field that he is willing and excited to share!

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Santina P. Sep 27, 2014
Guitar · In studio

Stelios has taught my son guitar for several years and we have found him to be extremely talented, positive, patient and an excellent teacher. Stelios' passion for music has inspired my son and has brought my son's talent to the surface. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a great guitar teacher who is also a great person.

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Ben G. Sep 24, 2014
Bass Guitar · In home

Stelios is a great music teacher. When I was in the 7th grade (I'm a senior in HS now), my family posted a couple adds looking for someone who could teach me the bass guitar and my brother the electric guitar. Stelios's application stood out among the rest and we chose him. He was phenomenal! My brother and I took lessons for about a year and could not have been more satisfied. He is an incredibly skilled musician himself, and in addition is one of the best music teachers I have ever had. He's a great guy and I would seriously recommend Stelios to anyone looking to learn or improve their musical talent no matter what their age.

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Sarah H. Sep 24, 2014
Guitar · In home

I am a complete beginner and loved working with Stelios. He was super patient and broke things down in a way that was really easy to understand. I would highly recommend him for adult beginners like me! After a few lessons I was able to play basic chords and work towards reading and playing songs.

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Jennifer D. Sep 24, 2014
Classical Guitar ·

I highly recommend Stelios, who was my classical guitar instructor for over a year at the South Shore Conservatory in Hingham, Massachusetts. I am an adult learner who was at one time very serious about classical guitar, having studied from childhood through undergraduate school, where I majored in Music. I have had the benefit of instruction from several outstanding instructors, and I certainly count Mr. Stelios among them.

Mr. Stelios’ teaching and interventions were always well matched to my instructional needs. Since I stopped playing for over twenty years, my instructional needs were uneven, as some aspects of playing came back to me more quickly than others. A talented and skillful guitarist, Stelios was able to detect subtle bad habits that I’d acquired over the years and remediate them with targeted skill practice and modeling of exemplary technique. He is patient, encouraging, and unfailingly positive in all interactions. His vast repertoire of guitar music has allowed me to explore music from a wide variety of composers and styles, including baroque, traditional classical, contemporary classical, and Spanish. Under Stelios' instruction, I made steady progress in a short period of time in the foundational skills of classical guitar as well as some of the more sophisticated aspects of performance.


Jennifer deChiara, Ph.D.

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Michael M. Sep 22, 2014
Acoustic Guitar · In studio

Stelios is the man! So let's start there. I have been taking guitar lessons with him for nearly two years now. He is patient with me and has helped take me from no knowledge of the guitar whatsoever, to now playing some of my favorite songs with ease. Watching him play guitar is also truly inspiring, and gives me something to strive for as a student. He is hands down the nicest guy ever, with a big warm smile that makes you feel at ease while you are learning. I have also taken lessons with him on the bass guitar, and electric guitar. He truly has in depth knowledge and talent across the board in many different genres and instruments. Hell, he even taught me some cool licks on the drum kit with all kinds of weird jazz / African beat time signatures. I also love going to watch him perform live!

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Armand A. Sep 21, 2014
Acoustic Guitar · In studio

Stelios is a fantastic guitar player and teacher. He's very detailed and precise and has a vast knowledge of the instrument. Can play any style and is very passionate about music, you will enjoy studying with him!

Marco O. Sep 21, 2014

I am a guitar/band instructor and have had the great pleasure of working with Stelios. I've also specifically asked for him to sub for me as I don't trust just any guitar instructor with my students. Stelios comes from a strong jazz and classical guitar background, but he is versatile in teaching many styles to all ages. His enthusiasm for music is infectious and his very likable personality make sure for a great learning experience. I highly recommend him. - Marco Oppedisano

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