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Tosin B.
Stockton, California
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Teacher's Studio
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Levels taught:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Love Kenny G/ Coltrane sound? relish the FREEDOM for self-expression in SMOOTH JAZZ? love unscripted playing (cut out music sheets dependence)? wanna have FUN learning & Improvising? need a more PATIENT teacher? Wishing to start JAMMING from day 1-3? Hire me. My goal is to help you express YOURSELF through playing while soothing your listeners... with CONFIDENCE. I take pride in distilling relevant music concepts and tailoring our sessions towards what you need. I'll FILTER OUT the boring theories & lack of focus that comes with learning from stereotyped "book" musicians where you could get stuck. I have worked with 2 students (over the 3 months) who now play well in their school & church music bands. I am now teaching a 56 year old beginner as well. I enjoy seeing such remarkable difference soon after our class & have the special TEACHING ABILITY vital for you to learn well and fast. FOCUS- learning the right things, the right way- Embouchure, finger placement, breathing techniques, play on beat, ARTICULATION, practicing music scales & awesome licks! We will start constructing your familiar melodic lines from day 1!
About Tosin B.

Tosin here. Wanna play sax well like Kenny G, Dave Koz or Charlie Parker, Let me teach you. I am a versatile, well travelled, actively performing sax instructor & well-rounded musician ( playing 6 instruments professionally). I have performed with various music bands in the US and abroad. Yes, experience counts! I take pride in distilling relevant music concepts. I focus on showing you how to construct your scales & notes, so you can articulate beautifully. I FILTER OUT boring theories & lack of focus which comes with playing stereotyped "book" music. I believe your goal is to PICK UP the sax ANYTIME with CONFIDENCE &… JUST PLAY beautifully! My sax lessons are custom-tailored to your learning style. I teach music rudiments & playing jazz . I enjoy teaching both children & adults of any age. 2 out of 3 students i have worked with, just over the past 3 months, now play in their school/ church bands with great commendations (see reviews). I also taught a 56 year old beginner last year. I understand the challenges upcoming sax players face- momentum, applying music basics, developing clean tone, maintaining rhythm, improvisation - most of which I have MASTERED. So I believe we can work together & help you play familiar tunes within 2-3 weeks. Relax & enjoy your play. Hire me & let's jam! *** Lesson Details *** -Customized for each student's specific needs & learning style -Created a refined curriculum & drafted new learning materials. Students get COMPLIMENTARY copies to take home for practice. ***Online classes*** Computer, good internet, FaceTime/ Skype ** Studio equipment ** Alto- & Soprano saxophones; JODY JAZZ Mouthpieces; Reeds (Vandoren, RicoPlastiCover, Legere); Rovner Ligatures; Vandoren MP cushions- you get COMPLIMENTARY cushions too :-) *** Specialties *** Jazz; Smooth jazz; Classical; Gospel; Contemporary; Funk; Afro-Cuban


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Teacher's Studio
Teacher's Studio

Patient Teacher! You will definitely learn great things on your first day. This actually wants to see you get better, and is not just about getting his check! I recommend him to anyone, any day!

Posted Apr 11, 2017

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Sax instructor
Mar 2014 - Present
SaxalenTe LLC
Private teaching Thumbtack music instructor
Medical Research
Aug 2011 - Jan 2017
Various research organizations in Houston TX
Master's degree in Public Health
Aug 2011 - May 2014
University of Texas Health Science Center
Saxophone & Music
Jan 2008 - Jun 2011
Daystar School of Music, Lagos
Fluent/ Native Proficiency
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Fluent/ Native Proficiency
Introduction to the Music Business
Apr 2017
Berklee College of Music (BerkleeX)
Music Theory
Apr 2017
Berklee College of Music (BerkleeX)
Jazz Improvisation
Mar 2017
Berklee College of Music (Coursera)
Composing for Jazz Orchestra
Mar 2017
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT opencourseware)
Best musician award of excellence
Feb 2008
Redeemed Christian Fellowship Nigeria
American Medical Association
Oct 2014
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Teacher's Studio
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