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Morganton, NC

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Shawn delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
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Ages 18+

Teaching since:
February 2008

Hi, there! My name is Skye , Im so excited that your path lead you rite here to this very moment to start your path to take control of your life . I've been teaching private lessons since 2008 and have loved helping my students find there path,, aid in healing and find a since of peace .this isnt just your normal reiki course! I am certified in Yoga,Personal Coach,Reiki Master in 2008 as well as Life Coach .i truly put a twist on using your energy for manifesting..A anyone able to manifest what they truly desire .Im here to show you what's worked for me.whats helped me go from feeling helpless to. To realizing im pricless! Im passionate about helping other's and creative person and my teaching style is unique, individually tailored to each person and im tuned with earthy energies .reaki and beyond. I look forward to guiding you on your path. Many bright blessing!

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Feb 2018 - Present
Luv 2 Liv Wellness

Ive always had a passion for helping other ..From emotional health to physical ..Years ago i had cancer.It really turned my world up side down Even tho i was raised understanding the importance of my health eating healthy , organically it mever sunk it.I feel cancer was my wake up call to get my health on track .i was told i had a good change of getting cancer again..Well i hadnt! I also was diagnosed with full blown fibromyalgia.the rheumatologist rote me a prescription..i refused it..he told me id be back..well i have not! ..No it hasnt been easy..I've faced alot of emotional battles as well .Ive decided a long time ago i wasnt a victim..i went on a path to take back my power..the power we are all born with..You know what..i discovered I AM the power and so are you..come share your journey with me..let me guide you to find your power..its there you just forgot.

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Oct 2014

I focus on the importance of mind body and spirit connection and interacting with one another .

Holistic Life Coach
Mar 2013
udemy ,expert rating many other resourses

When it comes to life couching or any coaching I feel yes having some training ,taking courses and such does help. However I feel the best coaching comes from experiences in the coaches life on there path to healing and growing, all the formal leaning will never give as much violable teaching as life does. I feel I can truly help people all the way around in life from many years of learning ,mentors and life its self .I can relate to many of the blocks people face in life and understand that no one person fits a box set of rules on how to go thru there journey .that I feel takes compassion, relating ,and love. Its always been in me to help others weather its thru health or life, I feel I grow every time I help someone else .helping others can only enrich my life on my journey.

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Master Reiki
May 2010

I feel its all about our energy to gain the knowledge we are meant to know .to be what we are here to be ,We are all connecting energies in a physical body to experience to grow to manifest to live with joy. However with out sorrow we can understand joy .with out loss we cant understand finding our path and so on. The goal is to find balance and be completely aware .I believe reiki is just one tool to get you there.

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Jul 2009

I've come to realize after being diagnosed with cancer and fibromyalgia that we truly are what we put in our temples, I found that what we eat has a direct impact on how we feel not only physically but mentally as well, however I'm a firm believer that this is only one key to try health.

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Jul 2007
Master Personal Training

I strongly believe that keeping our temples we were blessed with healthy is very important but only one factor in ones journey to true optimum healh.

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Brittany Feb 27, 2017
Life Coaching · Online

I just started this program but I know it's going to help me improve my life a lot

Justin Feb 27, 2017
Meditation · Online

She's totally gnarly dude

May Cassidy Feb 27, 2017
Reiki · Online

She has alot knowledge, very sweet, and she has alot of patience. She's an amazing instructor and an amazing person and I definitely recommend her as your instructor.

Zinter W. Feb 27, 2017
Life Coaching · Online

She is a great instructor with a lot of knowledge on life coaching.

Zintar Feb 27, 2017
Life Coaching · Online

She has lots of knowledge she has taught me a lot and she's the best life coach I can think of

Amanda Feb 27, 2017
Reiki · Online


Becky Feb 27, 2017
Meditation · In studio

Very well put together very loving and caring I would definitely recommend her to my friends and family ♡♡

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