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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Simona passed a background check that includes a SSN verification, national criminal record check, and sex offender registry search. Learn More
Simona delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
and Ages 5+

Teaching since:
August 2009

Practice makes perfect! My teaching style is based on language living rather than language studying, and while I will provide you with all of the tools to apply the correct grammar rules I encourage you to make mistakes, and learn naturally by being exposed to the language. I am 100% Italian native speaker, and I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge of the Italian language and culture with you .


Bachelor Degree with Honors in Arts and Letters with Major in English and Minor in Spanish
Oct 2009 - Dec 2013
The University of Southern Mississippi


Fluent / Native Proficiency
Fluent / Native Proficiency
Professional Proficiency

26 Reviews

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Kayla D. Jun 29, 2017
Italian · Online

She is fantastic and I am thrilled to work with her!

Nicolas C. May 14, 2017
Italian · Online

doug May 4, 2017
Italian · Online

Excellent first class!

Joan S. May 1, 2017
Italian · Online

Just took my first lesson and loved it. Simona was great to work with.

Madeline Apr 30, 2017
Italian · Online

Simona is very professional and really makes learning Italian fun too. She takes time to answer my questions and helps me learn at my own pace.

michael Apr 18, 2017
Italian · Online

Very good experience.

Mark Z. Apr 15, 2017
Italian · Online

Charles C. Apr 1, 2017
Italian · Online

Simona is 'fantabulous', she is informative, linguistically knowledgeable, possess clear understanding of English grammar; which is an all but dead discipline, applies it to Italian, and for the interested and eager student makes learning that much more rapid and enjoyable. I had a mere fractional knowledge of Italian before I started with Simona, I know in a reasonable amount of time with application and study I will reach my goal of being conversant and comfortable in Italian. I look forward to many many lessons with Ms. Strianese as she imparts language understanding, usage and both formal and familiar Italian communication.

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Mario C. Mar 28, 2017
Italian · Online

Awesome first lesson

Paul M. Mar 28, 2017
Italian · Online

Excellent. It is just what I need. Lots of grammar, lots of conversation, not too rigid (we fluidly move through different subjects). Good sharing of resources to help me learn and study further. Excellent! Grazie.

Kenny Mar 26, 2017
Italian · Online

Great teacher!

Rosanna Mar 21, 2017
Italian · Online

It is my first lesson but I am already loving it, Simona is great!!

Todd M. Mar 13, 2017
Italian · Online

Its only been one lesson, but it was terrific. Simona does a great job reviewing the key information, repeating it to help me understand, sending notes from our lesson that I can look back on, and finally sending training materials that I can review in advance of the next session.
Thank you Simona, I look forward to our future lessons !

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Maria Mar 12, 2017
Italian · Online

Wonderful, and very clear in instructions, and great detail use of the language.

Paul M. Mar 7, 2017
Italian · Online

kimberly B. Mar 6, 2017
Italian · Online

Simona is patient and is meeting my needs of learning conversational Italian before I go on my trip to Italy.

Jim K. Feb 21, 2017
Italian · Online

Simona has a very clear teaching style and I'm enjoying our lessons.

Jim K. Feb 13, 2017
Italian · Online

Informative, engaging, clear and pleasant.

Vince S. Feb 12, 2017
Italian · Online

Knowledgeable and very patient with kids.

Zoreh Feb 4, 2017
Italian · Online

Simona is a patient and professional teacher. She can explain grammar rules in a way that make sense and help you remember. I like and look forward to our weekly lessons

Vince S. Jan 29, 2017
Italian · Online

Adrienne S. Jan 25, 2017
Italian · Online

I really like Simona. She is fun and easy to talk to, I like the way she integrates
the information into the lessons. It feels more like emersion type of teaching which I feel works better for me.

Norm M. Jan 17, 2017
Italian · Online

Simona is a great and patient instructor. It was easy to understand and easy to ask her questions. The time went by to quickily,, lots to learn and remember for the next class but Simona again made it good to be in her class. I like the one on one concept. I learned a lot.

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James T. Dec 18, 2016
Italian · Online

Made sure that my son understood all aspects before moving on to the next topic. He is excited for his next lesson

Norm Nov 29, 2016
Italian · Online

Enjoy the idea of learning a new language,
I like Simona's method of teaching, patient with me.

Eddie Oct 28, 2016
Italian · In studio

Simona was so fun to work with. She made it easy to learn what I needed to know for speaking better Italian. Thank you so much, Simona!

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