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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the first lesson and if you’re not satisfied we'll refund any unused lessons.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the first lesson and if you’re not satisfied we'll refund any unused lessons.

Accordion Lessons

Available Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
Levels taught:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Beginner to Advanced. Piano Keyboard, Chromatic (B & C System), Diatonic (Hohner Style).

You will learn your instrument, how to read music, music theory and improvisational skills. Learn to to read from non-accordion music and create "your own" arrangements. This includes chord structure, arpeggios, jazz chords, and multiple styles.

About Shelia L.

If you will notice - I am the only accordion teacher that only teaches accordion. AND MY REVIEWS - are ALL for the Accordion!! That is what I play, that is all I play, I have studied with the best - Willard Palmer & Bill Hughes. I have owned and operated an accordion music school for over 20 years - with as many as 300 "accordion" students at any one time.

My philosophy - if it ain't fun - it ain't worth it!!!! I have over 500 accordion arrangements - that I use to teach with. All Genres, Classics to TOP Movie Themes - All Levels!

I have conducted Master Accordion Workshops all over the US and in Alaska. I have produced instructional You Tube lessons and several DVDs.

I have had my own performing combo for 22 years and a long history of strolling in Italian and German restaurants and performing at Ethnic Festivals since I was 7 (Performed with Myron Florin at the Wurstfest in Texas for 10 years!).

I teach the piano keyboard accordion as well as the B & C system Chromatic. I also have written lesson materials for the 3 row Diatonic Accordion. Before I closed the physical studio - I had an accordion teaching staff of over 6 instructors and 125 students.

*** On-Line Lesson***
Lesson material will be emailed in advance. Min. Charge based on selections used.

*** Lesson Materials ***
I use Palmer & Hughes instruction books and personally arranged selections for the taste of the student. I use personally produced accompaniment CDs for enhanced performance of students. I train classically (you can chose to learn all your technique and chord progressions) and instruct to the style the student wants. Pop & Standards, Italian, German, French, Cajun, Tex-Mex, etc.

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  • Teaches students 5 and up
  • BA from University of Texas
  • Teaching since 1966

Reviews (56)

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Kentaro Jan 18, 2020
Accordion · Online

Wonderful experience. My son is hooked. Thank you!

Alberto Jan 15, 2020
Accordion · Online

Very sharp, great ear, incredibly friendly and full of wonderful advice and tips!

Reed Nov 7, 2019
Accordion · Online

My first lesson with Shelia was excellent! She's a good teacher and gave me good material to work on. Wouldnl definitely recommend taking lessons from her.

Tammy C. Oct 31, 2019
Accordion · Online

Shelia was awesome. Very easy to understand and patient. You can tell she loves the accordian!

Annemarie O. Oct 15, 2019
Accordion · In home

Thank you! We are off to a great start!

Cynthia W. Sep 18, 2019
Accordion · Online

Best instructor ever!! Here, have a cat! =^OwO^=

Ezequiel Sep 5, 2019
Accordion · Online

First lesson was very fun and engaging.

Terry E. Aug 23, 2019
Accordion · Online

Shelia is an excellent instructor and I would recommend her to anyone.

Patricia Aug 7, 2019
Accordion · Online

Sheila really kept me on my toes! Clouds of dust and cobwebs from the decades I haven't played are pouring out of my ears. Lots to study and practice!

Taylor Jul 31, 2019
Accordion · Online

Wonderful instructor. Starts you wherever you are in your experience with music. Works with you at your pace.

Meredith F. Jul 24, 2019
Accordion · Online

TERRY Jul 22, 2019
Accordion · Online

I was very pleased with the lesson I had on the accordion. I look forward to my second lesson on 1 August 2019.

John B. Jul 17, 2019
Accordion · Online

Excellent instructor, helps with all the essentials for a beginner like me, really good friendly Texas lady!

Amy Apr 19, 2019
Accordion · Online

Great lesson! Nice lesson plan that makes it clear what I can practice on this week.

John B. Apr 10, 2019
Accordion · Online

She was friendly and expert and helpful and made me, a beginner, feel that there was real hope! I can't think of anyone I would rather take a lesson with.

Piet Mar 24, 2019
Accordion · Online

Shelia is awesome.

Irene Ulm Mar 22, 2019
Accordion · Online

Shelia is a very energetic, creative, intuitive and helpful teacher! I am inspired to learn and practice and have fun, as she prescribes!

Nick A. Mar 19, 2019
Accordion · Online

Shelia is an amazing, engaging, and funny person; and these qualities lend themselves wonderfully to teaching. You will learn more than you thought possible in a single sitting under her guidance, and you will enjoy the experience immensely. There isn’t a more qualified accordion teacher in the world in my humble opinion. Thanks Shelia!

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peter Mar 14, 2019
Accordion · Online

Only one lesson so far. But love her already. Very engaging, fun and lively. Will make you eager to learn and do more. More lessons ahead

Janetlee O. Mar 13, 2019
Accordion · Online

great lesson. love the boogie!

Janetlee O. Feb 27, 2019
Accordion · Online

Thank you Sheila! That was so fun!

Franciska Jan 30, 2019
Accordion · Online

I am taking quantum leaps in learning the buttonbox! Before beginning my lessons, I was learning out of books. I was growing frustrated with not progressing so I looked into lessons. I am grateful that I found Shelia! I highly recommend her.

Naomi H. Jan 10, 2019
Accordion · Online

Joan S. Jan 3, 2019
Accordion · Online

Very quickly helped me learn basics to begin playing...

Joan S. Jan 2, 2019
Accordion · Online

Barb G. Oct 29, 2018
Accordion · Online

Great - Shelia is wonderful! So enthusiastic and patient!

Isabelle Sep 24, 2018
Accordion · Online

First lesson was great. I learnt a lot.

Mary A. Sep 12, 2018
Accordion · Online

I love my class with Shelia, she makes learning fun!!

Shane Sep 11, 2018
Accordion · Online

Another great lesson. I can't believe that I have made as much progress as I have in only two lessons. Shelia gives the best direction and strategies. With her approach I am capable of getting more and more coordination between my left and right playing.

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Diana Sep 2, 2018
Accordion · In studio

Does anyone know if she still has the location on Richey?

Shane Sep 1, 2018
Accordion · Online

First lesson and I feel that she has provided me with excellent exercises to get both hands playing. She threads a lot of good theory into her teaching as well.

Mary A. Aug 1, 2018
Accordion · Online

Atticus Jul 26, 2018
Accordion · Online

Shelia is so awesome! She's also a natural born teacher, I'm looking forward to continuing learning the accordion, a lifelong dream, with her!

Cindy Jul 12, 2018
Accordion · Online

Sheila was great. She has patience and very informative. Gives positive recognition. Looking forward to next week.

Edward Jun 1, 2018
Accordion · Online

Very good instructor. She’s very patient and fluid with he student’s needs.

Meredith F. Apr 13, 2018
Accordion · Online

best. teacher. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Betty G. Mar 28, 2018
Accordion · Online

Shelia knows how to structure her lessons so that you can steadily build your skills and confidence. She is patient and flexible in her approach. She is the right teacher for me!

Mary Jane W. Mar 28, 2018
Accordion · Online

Shelia is teaching this old dog new tricks (actually a new instrument.) I look forward to my lesson and the level of challenge is perfect.

Mary Jane W. Mar 14, 2018
Accordion · Online

Nik W. Feb 28, 2018
Accordion · Online

Spirited and enjoyable. Learned a something new already, More so than I have in past 6 months.

Carter Feb 24, 2018
Accordion · Online

Great first lesson. Shiela is great teacher and really focused on form to keep me from forming bad habits.

Meredith F. Nov 17, 2017
Accordion · Online

Avraham F. Nov 3, 2017
Accordion · Online

fun! upbeat.

Carol Oct 12, 2017
Accordion · Online


Sarah D. Jan 16, 2017
Accordion · Online

Shelia's awesome! Appreciate her patience and heart for music

Marcia L. Jan 6, 2017
Accordion · Online


Meredith F. Dec 16, 2016
Accordion · Online

awesome. just awesome.

Meredith F. Dec 9, 2016
Accordion · Online


Clare Sep 27, 2016
Accordion · Online

Shelia knows every aspect of the Accordian and she is a great teacher- breaks down skills and understands teaching- very enthusiastic !

michael L. Jun 24, 2016
Accordion · Online

Excellent instructor who is cheerful ,caring, and goes the extra mile to make sure you understand the material.Provided practice excerce notes before each class to prepare for a productive lesson.She is flexible with scheduling a class to suit you and give extra time to complete a task

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Jordan Apr 8, 2016
Accordion · Online

I am an advanced musician but a novice at accordion. Shelia has done an excellent job of providing materials that are interesting and fun for me, and the material moves forward at a logical pace. She makes her own arrangements and instructional materials. Shelia also has a sense of humor and a lot of enthusiasm. Lessons are fun. I highly recommend her.

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Alex Apr 8, 2016
Accordion · Online

Very knowledgable instructor with a good ear -- which is important if you're taking online classes. Has a huge repertoire of sheet music to share so you can focus on the type of music you like.

Sterling S. Jan 21, 2016
Accordion · Online

Shelia has enabled me, in eleven months @ two lessons per month, to progress from an absolute beginner on my diatonic 2 row accordion to playing some 30 songs: polkas, waltzes, childrens, popular, folk music and gospel songs. She makes the learning process fun, interesting, and challenging. Shelia does this by arranging for my lessons printed music sheets designed to move me along to getting better. Her music arrangements are also harmonically beautiful beyond belief. You cannot go wrong choosing her to be your teacher.

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Jordan Breslow Jan 3, 2016
Accordion · Online

Very enthusiastic and practical, and the lesson was tailored specifically for my questions and my level of education. Shelia sent me materials to study prior to the lesson and a follow-up email with reminders. Great experience.

Joseph Michalowitz Nov 9, 2015
Accordion · Online

She makes learning easy

Emily W. Aug 9, 2015
Accordion · Online

Shelia's enthusiasm, patience and expertise are both inspiring and contagious! I look forward to every lesson and stay motivated to practice in between sessions, if only to watch her do her little happy dance each time I've mastered a new technique. She tailors the lessons based on the genre I told her I like best and is happy to slow down the pace in areas where I'm having difficulty. I highly recommend Shelia to anyone wishing to learn accordion from the best in the business!

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Jun 2008 - Present

Houston Accordion Performers

I have now retired from the music school. I opened the music school in 2009 and have over 6 instructors and 125 accordion students. We also teach guitar, bajo, and bass. I write and arrange most of the lesson materials based on by experience with Palmer & Hughes Lessons books and years of teaching and performing. We sell and repair all brands of accordions - so we know how they work and and can fix anything you bring in.

Sep 1971 - May 1985

Shelia's Accordion Conservatory

I owned and operated another music school in Ohio for 14 years with over 10 instructors and over 300 piano keyboard accordion players. They competed nationally in solo and ensembles and appeared on national TV and even made a record.


Sep 1967 - May 1971

University of Texas



Fluent / Native Proficiency


Accordion & Teachers Guild International
Jan 1972
The ATG is strictly a nonprofit, noncommercial, educational organization and is governed by the teacher members and accordion professionals. The ATG has presented many important seminars, lectures and concerts in conjunction with its annual competition and festival and has brought the accordion to the attention of many top musicians and music educators across the country. The ATG has also been instrumental in promoting the acceptance of free bass accordion into several important universities and colleges where a student may work toward a degree with accordion as their major instrument.

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