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Hello! When I studied music theory in college, it all seemed very complicated. I believe that to understand music theory, it's firstly important to start with basic ear training and understand by experience of sound and feeling. Once there is a basic understanding by experience, things make MUCH more sense in ear and in memory so we can memorize music and analyze it and also have our own way of interpretation rather than words and terms that don't make much sense to us. Music is a language of emotions, therefore, to understand music, we want to dive into understanding our emotional world. Each component in music has an emotional/mental counterpart which we want to talk about and try to experience/understand. I'm looking to have students who seek to understand and use the theory in their musical journey to be able to uplift others and create beautiful sounds.
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Hello :) My name is Sagit Zilberman! I am a musician, yoga instructor and math and Hebrew tutor. I'm almost 40 years old and have lots of experience in these fields, practicing, touring and teaching. My priority is for the student to receive the tools for development and work it out by themselves, also it is important to feel at ease with the learning environment. I am currently a psychology major and also learning to be a tour guide in Israel. Here is more about my musicianship: I'm an Israeli musician who travelled with music around the world. I have performed more than 3000 concerts in houses, for families, children, seniors, and I love to create music with/for people. My specialty is to calm people through my music and remind us what special energies the music has. I do that by using special instruments and traditional songs from around the world. I've collected songs from Ireland, Africa, Spain, Israel, US and I have instruments from Australia, Africa and Japan. I'd like to share with you a special musical experience online that will provide some solace. Please send me a question and I can respond quickly.


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Yoga & Meditation Instructor
Sep 2004 - Present
Sagit Zilberman Music
The lesson integrates Meditation, Classic yoga movements, Ayengar, Ashtanga and Shaolin Martial Arts practices that I've studied along the years, the emphasis is on correct posture and breathing, strengthening the fundamentals rather than very advanced postures. I dive into the deep meaning and mental elements behind the practice on your way forward to learn more from different teachers. I believe that learning the basics is the most important thing.
Music Performer
Jan 2016 - Jan 2020
Song & Dance Around the World
I have travelled and performed for Children and Adults around the U.S. playing instruments from around the world. The songs include traditional songs, original songs and therapeutic sounds.
Human Development and Family Studies
Oct 2021
Utah State University
Bachelors of Music
Sep 2007 - May 2011
Berklee College of Music
Fluent/ Native Proficiency
Fluent/ Native Proficiency
Yoga Instructor
Aug 2006
Wingate Institue
This is a diploma of a yoga instructor

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