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Ryan P.

East Boston, MA

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Ryan delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Ages 5+

Teaching since:
November 2005

When I was young I travelled around the world a lot! I had amazing opportunities to meet a wide array of very different people while gaining perspective on the world. Since friends were always changing I found a way to soothe myself by writing short songs about what I was going through, not only was it therapeutic - but at a certain point I started getting paid! I've studied Music Therapy now so I believe in taking an approach which is best suited to the students needs.
Currently I am a student at Berklee College of Music, I have one year left! I'm often producing music, cooking a big soup, working on a collaboration or working a gig.

*** Lesson Details ***
I believe that any skill-set we learn in life is transferable to other tasks and I believe it is important to see music as a tool to either enhance or support your life.

In order to maximize use of music I prefer students who have clear insight into what they want. Even if it that means showing me a video, pointing and saying, "This is the way I want to sound", is better than aimlessly teaching scales an chords.

Theoretically I want my students to conceptually understand the building blocks of Western Theory; this is helpful in learning to communicate with other musicians. In other words, I like to give you the 'big picture' - and as you have questions and run into puzzles you can figure it out yourself or ask me for guidance.

I believe in giving students the skills to search and improve themselves, often through dialectic conversation, exploration of listening to new styles, or assigning listening exploration exercises.

The nature of my lessons are based upon the desires the student; if you want to learn shredding, we do exercises to build dexterity and speed in the left hand and precision with a flat-pick in the left. If you want to play fingerstyle like Chet Atkins, we start learning chord intervals on the left hands and Bass/Melody separation in the right.
I'm not laid back but I know when too much is too much. I like to work with students who can handle take-home work. If you want to learn how to teach yourself & take your musical path into your own hands, I'm your guy. I try very hard not to press my personal preferences unless you ask.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you and setting up a good lesson plan!

*** Studio Equipment ***
Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Electric Bass, Amps to monitor, Cajon, Assorted Hand Drums & Shakers, Microphones (singing & recording), Midi Keyboards.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Guitars/Bass/Cajon. Also, in a songwriting environment I may bring in my Zoom to record a room of students performing a piece. On occasion I bring my Cajon to drum along if rhythm is the focus of the lesson. I like to have and instrument to play along or hold rhythm aside from a metronome.

*** Specialties ***
For Acoustic Guitar, I specialize in chord voicing, finger-style, singing w/guitar.
In Classical Guitar music I also teach finger-style, but also flat-picking Cello Suites from Bach etc.
In Bass, I teach more composition style bass - figuring out how to make bass-lines and read other players fretboards is really helpful in becoming a good bassist.
In Drum I teach Cajon and Bongos, I do not teach full set! these are percussion instruments of subtle accompaniment but still need to be taken very seriously. I focus on the balance of R & L technique through rhythmic exercises.
Piano is mostly a tool for Music theory explanation but if you are coming to me as a beginner we will be focused on combining theory with approach - a lot of visually connected theory, physical exercises to separate the left hand from the right.
Singing is my first instrument and one I love teaching. I believe in a holistic approach to teaching music, your instrument (voice) cannot be in tune unless you are with yourself! In my experience, exercises which help one deal with stress can significantly improve singing ability.
With respect to a Music Recording, I prefer to be notified which program you want to become familiar with before we begin. I prefer not to teach you off of my computer, to give you skills within what you have will serve you best.
I enjoy teaching Music Theory, maybe because I struggled with it until I found my own way to see. I believe I know how to teach Theory with its most understandable language.
For Songwriting, I try my best to work with exactly what you have. To make your music at the level at which you can play, and make that somewhere you find confidence.
Speaking Voice lessons are something I enjoy profusely. I have mainly worked with students to improve an accent or power in breath. We do a lot of stretches and an assortment of techniques I have developed to enhance a speaking voice to the point you desire.

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