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Ruthann C.
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Student Favorite
Learn how to draw with ease through expert coaching from an experienced artist and creative.
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Student Favorite
Love art and drawing but want to dive a little deeper while having fun learning more techniques and practices to make your art better? Hi, I have been drawing and painting for over 25 years, and I believe learning art should be enjoyable and relaxed. We will go at your own pace and delve into things you are curious about and want to learn with lots of encouragement and no judgement. Come on in~ the door is open! =)
About Ruthann C.

Hi! I am an Artist and Tutor of multiple subjects for over 30 years. In Art I enjoy using various kinds of media and sculpting. I have taught in person as well as online, and enjoy making learning fun and relaxed. When a student is engaged and having fun, that information is retained and remembered, leading to success in all areas. Art should be relaxing and an enjoyable experience, giving you the ability to observe and enjoy the world around you with new eyes.

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