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Dallas, TX

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Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
I've been playing clarinet since age 10 and teaching it since age 15. My performance experience is extensive and I achieved the highest honors available to me throughout my high school and college years. I help students to produce a decent sound very early, and I LOVE to teach clarinet!

Standard method book or band book is used until the intermediate level. From there, standard classical repertoire is the primary method of teaching, supplemented with advanced method books and etude books. Students of other woodwinds looking to "double" on clarinet will benefit from my real-world experience in doubling.
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Rosanna delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Ages 5+

Teaching since:
August 1999

Please note: I am only able to accept new students requesting lesson times prior to 3pm CST on weekdays. I also work 3 hospital shifts per week on varying days, so flexibility with my availability is often needed. Please ask if you have any questions about this! Thanks!

I have been teaching music students since my high school years in the late 1990s. Although I am primarily a high-level clarinetist, I have developed strong piano skills and can "double" on several other woodwinds. My primary clarinet/woodwind teacher at university was Alex Fields, who studied with renowned woodwind pedagogue and method writer Himie Voxman. I consider myself a "second-generation" Voxman student! Mr. Fields' influence pervades my teaching style, as he was a master of using creative methods to gain the desired effect. The university I attended is known for its high-quality music degree programs. Over my 20+ years of performance experience, I've played in a huge variety of situations; from unaccompanied soloist to piano accompanist to church praise band to full orchestra and community band. This has given me an integrated understanding and appreciation for various styles and types of music.

I am known among my students for my patience, flexibility, and ability to individualize my style. I teach primarily from a traditional classical background and take students in the direction of the genre(s) they want to pursue. I teach all of my students, and particularly my pianists, about chords to give them the resources to read lead sheets and improvise at more advanced levels. I try to combine the best elements of different styles to build versatile musicians who are intrigued rather than intimidated by new concepts. Everyone gets sight reading and ear training instruction. I incorporate technology, such as mobile apps, to help students master concepts. I lay these foundations early, tailoring my methods to each student's unique learning style and goals. I teach to help each student reach their own potential, to better themselves, to give back to their communities, and to appreciate and enjoy music for the rest of their lives. Music instruction is proven to sharpen the mind for all ages, and is especially beneficial to those with cognitive issues. I worked in healthcare for many years, and this experience makes its way into my teaching style as well.

Safety: I request that another person be somewhere in the home during lessons for all children under 18 and for all male students.

Practice: I expect students to practice regularly and I teach them how to practice well! With younger students I use a record-keeping system encouraging 5 weekly practice sessions of a length proportional to attention span.

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Private Music Instructor
Jun 1999 - Present
Independent Contractor

Began teaching clarinet, saxophone, and piano lessons beginning in 1999, continuing to the present. Experience with individuals, various group configurations, and master classes.

Directed Teaching Student
Jan 2007 - May 2007
Bob Jones Academy

Comparable to a student teaching experience, but with individual pedagogy focus. Assisted middle school band director with woodwind students. Taught individuals and small groups and ensembles. Assisted saxophone students to significantly improve overall band grade. Conducted small ensembles for end of semester testing.

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Bachelor of Music, Orchestral Instrument Performance
Jan 2003 - Dec 2007
Bob Jones University
Secondary Education: Music/English
Jan 2001 - Dec 2002
Pillsbury Baptist Bible College


Fluent / Native Proficiency


Collegiate Woodwinds Alternate/2nd place
Nov 2007
South Carolina Collegiate Honor Band
Oct 2006
University Commencement Competition Finalist
Apr 2003
Bob Jones University
Solo and Ensemble Recognition
Feb 2002
Minnesota All-State Band: Principal Clarinet
Aug 2001

Photos & Videos

My performance of the Arioso from Cantata BWV 156 by JS Bach, on piano in December 2016.
Photo by Rosanna D.

Photo by Rosanna D.


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Audrey Jan 15, 2019
Piano · In home

Rosanna is pleasant and patient and knowledgeable.

Wren R. Dec 16, 2017
Piano · In home


nissy .. Aug 6, 2017
Piano · In home

My 8-year-old son, John, had Rosanna for a few weeks over the summer and he said he learned a lot from her. She paid attention and had no trouble keeping our active son's focus on the lesson and I have to say its no easy task to keep him interested! I would highly recommend Rosanna as a piano teacher!

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Shira R. May 31, 2017
Piano · In home

Great teacher . My daughter was very pleased and love the way she teach . Thank you

Idan R. May 31, 2017
Piano · In home

First lesson was great! Idan enjoy it. Looking forward for the next lesson.

Tosh May 12, 2017
Saxophone · Online

John F. Apr 6, 2017
Piano · In home

Very personable, clearly knowledgeable. Targeted the lesson and assigments to my level!

suzanne Apr 4, 2017
Classical Piano · In home

She's fabulous!!! Very competent and thorough!

Trish Apr 3, 2017
Piano · In home

We love Ms. Rosanna! She is helping my daughter so much! She is patient and kind and not demanding or fussy, she makes the lesson a pleasant experience and my daughter enjoys her time in lessons. She is improving more now than ever. I highly recommend Ms. Rosanna.

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Cathy G. Feb 21, 2017
Piano · In home

Rosanna is an excellent instructor. She acknowledges the level and challenges of the piano student allowing input from the student to meet personal challenges. No question goes unanswered. I always look forward to my lesson.

Baskar M. Jan 6, 2017
Flute · Online

Angela N. Jul 19, 2016
Piano · In home

We like Her .she is a good and patient piano teacher .

Cate B. Jun 28, 2016
Piano · In home

Great experience so far!

Sofia L. Jun 17, 2016
Piano · In home

The girls loved it!

Jennifer Jun 13, 2016
Piano · In home

Rosana is personable, made me very comfortable. As an older student, I was apprehensive, but she immediately gave me confidence in pursuing lessons I've wanted to schedule for many years. I look forward to my future lessons. With her encouragement, I will practice daily and look forward to my next lesson.

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Zora M. Jun 4, 2016
Flute · Online

not a good experience. really bad connection. took most of the time trying to get a better connection. Only got 10 minutes of instruction. Session closed and we could not continue once time was up. Also, she gave incorrect info on putting together the flute.

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Martha S. May 13, 2016
Clarinet · In home

Great first lesson. Rosanna was very patient, which was very nice since I'm a novice. She started by explaining the basic things I need to practice to get familiar with my clarinet. She also played my clarinet to make sure it was in good shape. I'm excited about working with Rosanna to learn more.

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Sarina J. May 3, 2016
Piano · In home

Sarina has been enjoying Miss.Rosanna. She loves it.

Sparsh K. Apr 8, 2016
Piano · In home

This was the very first lesson , so can't judge so much based on her music skills . Will await more lessons to give more accurate ratings

Nathan H. Apr 1, 2016
Piano · In home

My 5 1/2 year old son just started learning from Rosanna. She is very patient with little kids. My son seems to be enjoying it and excited to practice piano.

Carys H. Apr 1, 2016
Piano · In home

Rosanna is very patient with young children. My daughter is 4 1/2 years old and is enjoying her introduction to piano class.

Vicente C. Mar 31, 2016
Piano · In home

Rossana is very patient and kind with the kids. My son who did not like to play is enjoying piano now.

Pamela C. Mar 28, 2016
· In studio

Rosanna is a patient, yet challenging, teacher. This makes her ideal for both children and adults. I definitely recommend her.

Eliana D. Mar 27, 2016
Piano · In home

My daughter had her first lesson with Rosanna and it was great! We're so excited to continue lessons.

Hector G. Mar 23, 2016
Piano · In home

Rosanna is a great teacher. My son looks forward to meeting with her every Wednesday.

Jacob Mar 21, 2016
Piano · In home

Jacob really enjoyed his first lesson. Rosanna did an amazing job and Jacob is looking forward to many more lessons.

Joseph O. Mar 5, 2016
Piano · In home

I will highly recommend Rosanna for your piano lessons. Her patience , commitment and passion is a testament to our daughter's enthusiasm in Piano.

Sonya R. Feb 21, 2016
Piano · In home

Rosanna just finished her third lesson with my 5 year old! My daughter met Rosanna at the door with her piano book in hand excited to play with her this last time! Needless to say, I just booked another 12 lessons. Rosanna is very professional. She has been timely, provides 100% attention to the lesson for the entire agreed upon time, responds promptly to email questions, is organized with scheduling and so forth. My daughter is a beginner student who was dismissed from a previous teaching situation because we were not committed enough to practicing. So, I was looking for a less intense experience. Rosanna has been most understanding of our goals with these develop an understanding of piano and a joy for music only! I do not play piano myself, so I can not judge if she is a good fit for advanced students! However, she may be wonderful with this type of student as well. For us, for now, she is a perfect fit!

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Emberli P. Feb 18, 2016
Piano · In home

She was great!!!!!

Becky Feb 7, 2016
Piano · In home

Rosanna did a great job of evaluating my daughter and providing feedback to her and to us. I look forward to more sessions with Rosanna.

Anjna P. Jan 29, 2016
Piano · In home

Roseanna has got my daughter playing piano in a very short space of time and challenges her to excel. She listens and works with you. She has a great teaching style!

catherine ikemba Jan 26, 2016
Saxophone · In home

Rosanna is a very patient, kind, positive teacher. My daughter loves her!

Sarah J. Jan 2, 2016
Piano · In home

Rosanna was able to quickly gauge my 5-year-old daughter's level and adjust her teaching style to match. My daughter rated her first lesson today as "super"!

Sophie D. Dec 18, 2015
Piano · In home

First lesson went smoothly; my daughter is excited to continue!

Kimberly Nov 28, 2015
Clarinet · In home

Our girls really enjoyed taking lessons with Ms. Rosanna. She was a wonderful teacher! Looking forward to future lessons with her!

Reese P. Nov 20, 2015
Piano · In home

My daughter is glad to have Rosanna as her teacher.

Nehemiah K. Oct 16, 2015
Piano · In home

Been a great boost to our three kids' piano confidence. Our 12 year old is now able to play several songs after 2 to 3 months of instruction with Rosanna. We are really grateful


Henry R M. Oct 3, 2015
Saxophone · In home

It was fantastic, very patience.

Sandeep Sep 28, 2015
Piano · In home

Rosanna has been teaching my 8 year old for a few months now. He has responded very nicely to her method and is making good progress. Rosanna is very easy to work with and you can see the results in your child's progress. Overall I am very satisfied with Rosanna and will recommend her to anyone looking for Piano lessons.

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Michelle D. Jul 24, 2015
Piano · In home

Rosanna is very good. She is very patient with my son. She is always on time. Recommend!

Thanh S. Jul 17, 2015
Piano · In home

We have two young girls (age 8 and 6) have been taking pianos lessons with Ms. Rosanna for about a year now. Ms. Rosanna is very professional, patient, flexible and very well communicated. She would answer any questions thru emails/text that my daughters might have during the week. A great teacher. Highly recommended.

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Gillian R. Jul 16, 2015
Classical Piano · In home

Rosanna's patience, flexibility, skill, gentle character, and individualized lesson plans are what really stand out about her. She has been a perfect fit for our needs.

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