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Ronnie B.
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Student Favorite
Learn the basics of harmonica with lessons from an experienced musician
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Student Favorite
From the first Kiss to the upmost demanding wailing on stage, I will show you what I’ve learned on Harmonica! All levels. Let's have fun!
About Ronnie B.

Ronnie has been teaching private lessons since 2011 and is currently available to teach lessons at your home, at his studio, and online. Ronnie has helped students learn new instruments including guitar, slide guitar, harmonica, piano, banjo, and singing. He has also provided further training to more advanced students, and helped already existing artists to hone their craft further on their musical journey. Ronnie received his training from “The School of Hard Knocks”, is self educated through reading & online courses, gigging with bands, along side fellow singer-songwriters, performing solo and it all began on the street. This training started from an early age by way of singin' in church (as far back as he can remember), learning saxophone in elementary school, percussion in middle school, bass and guitar since thirteen years of age, harmonica since high school, piano since his early twenties along with banjo and slide guitar (learning from reading materials, and credible online courses from professional instructors). Ronnie has been playing music professionally since 2013, has successfully released an EP, a full length album in 2016 and is presently working on his second album now. As an expert in his field Ronnie looks forward to helping new students achieve their goals. Ronnies teaching style is encouraging, patient, and personal. He would love to meet you.

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Teaching since 2011


5-String Banjo

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Speaks English, Spanish, Italian, French, German