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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

*****Before you sign up*****

There are three simple things you need to know about my tutoring program.
1. No matter what your reasons for learning a foreign language are, ultimately it's a part of your SELF DEVELOPMENT. Treat it as such.
2. I don't believe in "good or bad with languages" stereotype. I have taught for many years and learnt that everyone is "language talented" when they actually want to speak a new language. And if you are one of them I garantie that my method will work for you.
3. My program might appear quite different from the ones you have tried or seen before and goes beyond simple grammar and vocabulary presentation. Also prepare to be challenged at every step of the way and the further you will get the more fun and exciting it will be.

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Roman passed a background check that includes a SSN verification, national criminal record check, and sex offender registry search. Learn More
Roman delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Ages 12+

Teaching since:
February 2010

*****Before you sign up*****

There are three simple things you need to know about my tutoring program.
1. Learning a foreign language is a part of your SELF DEVELOPMENT. Treat it as such.
2. I don't believe in "good or bad with languages" stereotype. If you really want to speak a new language I guarantee that my method will work for you.
3. All materials are created by me and edited by a group of talented language teachers and linguists. They are free and very useful no matter where, when and how you study Russian or French.

*****My Students*****

For over 7 years of professional experience as Russian/French/ESL teacher, I have worked with all types of students with different learning styles and various goals: taught within U.S. public education institutions, provided private classes for children and adults, developed and implemented individualized syllabus for diplomats, high rank executives at multinational companies, employees of U.S. Embassy and Department of State.

Thanks to all my students, current and former, I am now confident that every individual, willing to learn one of the languages I teach, without a doubt, has everything it takes to succeed when the right approach is applied.

*****Program features*****

It is one on one program, thouroughtly personalized and organized according to your interests (general and professional), schedule, final goals, learning style and many other important elements to be taken into account.

Each session is 50 minutes.

Every session is prepared to reach a particular goal and structured in the way to have a maximum profit from "teacher - student" part of learning. Supporting materials are sent after each session: grammar notes, retention exercises, homework assignments, audio and video files as phonetic exercises and listening practice. The content of these materials is permanently tested and modified in order to achieve the best way to engage each individual student's language acquisition mechanisms.

Teacher's support 24/7.

Extra curricula content: idiomatic language components, cultural studies (traditions, history, literature, cinema and language related etymology), recommendations for independent language practice.

The way I see it, with each new student - there is a new process in my head that starts and constantly creates and improves techniques, ideas, method components, teaching style e.t.c for getting this particular student to do the best he or she can.


More recommendations can be provided upon request.

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French/Russian/ESL teacher
Nov 2012 - Present
Private Corporation

Preparation of effective language programs: Modeling efficient structures to provide comprehensible input and set of instructional techniques to support internalization of foreign language; Selection and formation of curriculum content based on thorough study of student’s interests, objectives and learning preferences in order to maximize motivational and engagement level; Specialized in government test preparation (FSI, ILR, DLPT) and designing private courses for high rank executives.
• Selected to create and implement individualized syllabus for Commercial Counselor at US Embassy, preparing for his assignment in Moscow, with a goal to progress from beginner to functional (Basic +), which was largely overpassed, according to the final test results, demonstrating that the student achieved intermediate level of proficiency.
• Developed short term intensive courses focused on test taking strategies and test content for employees of Department of State. For all students, the expected test results were achieved or overpassed.
• Elaborated flexible and efficient syllabus for Berlitz clients who are unable to follow classes at school locations and accordingly to regular schedule. Majority of these students showed high level of satisfaction with the classes by consequent reenrollment.

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French/ESL teacher
Mar 2010 - Present
Self - employed. Private lessons.

Provided tutoring in conversational French and English, academic assistance and professional tutoring for young people and adults.

French language teacher
Nov 2010 - Apr 2011
Hudson Bergen College of Technology

Mission, exercised during attendance of the program “school for teachers” organized by Hudson County Schools of Technology for enhancing teaching skills in the field of inclusive education, which involved elaborating and implementing a wide range of curriculum, using innovative and creative thinking in order to provide a comfortable studying atmosphere where pedagogical goals can meet individual needs of each learner.

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General manager
Jun 2005 - Dec 2009
9SILL, Real Estate and Development Firm Moscow

General Manager
Launched and coordinated firm’s first major investment projects in Europe and China
Established collaboration with firm’s foreign partners, oversaw contract revisions and selected and trained personnel for operating in a multinational business environment
Modernized and integrated efficient audit framework models in accounting department
Served as company’s liaison to governmental and other public entities in Moscow
Presented paper on program development for a $150 million project—one of the firm’s largest—to Moscow’s Minister of Commerce during intra-governmental commission meeting
Led research on critical issues in retail market development; wrote in-depth analytical report, findings from which formed the core of an official government report

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International Commerce
Sep 2000 - Aug 2004
The institute of International Studies. Academy of Paris.


Fluent / Native Proficiency
Fluent / Native Proficiency
Professional Proficiency
Fluent / Native Proficiency
Limited Proficiency


NLSC membership
Apr 2018
National Language Service Corps

The NLSC is a federal program within the Department of Defense, falling under the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness and the Defense Language National Security Education Office (DLNSEO). The NLSC serves federal agencies through formal partnership agreements.

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MTEL French
Oct 2014
Massachusetts test for teachers

Test for obtaining licensure for teaching in public schools in Massachusetts.

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Russian FAQ
Russian#Demonstration with subtitles#press CC#Interview and great tips on how to master this language#alotoffun
Why learn a foreign language
Started to learn Russian as personal challenge. Now, preparing for her 2 months trip to Russia! intellect#beauty#courage
It requires no effort from me to get my ESL student to actively communicate in english when it is Minecraft (game) time.
French#From beginner to intermediate. The story of success with very useful recommendations and French demonstration at the end.
No fear, no shutting down, just pure love for communication in target language. This young prodigy after 12 hours of Russian classes!
It's always a good idea to get a refresh on the terms that every language teacher uses in their instruction.
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67 Reviews

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Fiorella S. Jun 30, 2019
French · Online

Very thorough and patient in helping my 10 yr old daughter with new language.

Thank you!

Jorge Jun 19, 2019
Russian · Online

Roman helped me understand the grammar better by using repetition and real life applications of when to say what. The material is given to you by Roman in great detail with his modules and it also helped me expand my vocabulary a substantial amount thanks to his methods. He helped me understand Russian better. Definitely recommend !!!

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Q Jun 18, 2019
French · Online

I have been studied with Roman for years. He is caring, attentive and very passionate about teaching and sharing what he know. He is the best teacher ever!

Lacy D. Feb 11, 2019
French · Online

I see why so many people have left such great reviews! Love Roman’s teaching style. I felt like everything was easy to digest and he really helped me understand the rules and grammar of French.

Brianne Nov 9, 2018
French · Online

Outstanding teaching abilities. Very organized and precise! Exactly what I was looking for in a teacher!

Darla Aug 16, 2018
French · Online

Roman was very patient. Having never spoken another language before, it felt very foreign - pun intended. He was very innovative in thinking of ways to help me remember things.

Jordon B. Aug 15, 2018
Russian · Online

Amazing!!! Thanks Roman. I look forward to my future in the Russian language

Harry Aug 14, 2018
French · Online

Roman’s a fantastic teacher. He really helps you master the intracacies of a language in a way that can be practically applied. Definitely deserves five stars!

Christina Jun 21, 2018
French · Online

Just completed my first class with Roman and it went very well. He is very nice and slows down to cover areas that I need to spend more time on.

Eli Apr 26, 2018
Russian · Online

This was the first time I have attended a lesson for many years. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Roman was very clear and patient. I highly recommend anyone who wants to learn Russian or any other language that Roman teachers to give it a go with him. Really looking forward to my next lesson, he is a very dedicated individual and full of positive energy!!!! Spasibo Roma!!!

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Mohammad Feb 18, 2018
ESL · Online

He is a very good instructor, he explains the ideas in easiest ways and with a lot of valuable information. highly recommended.

Delia S. Jan 16, 2018
French · Online

In first session quickly identified areas of improvement. The ball is on my court to complete my homework and get ready to make the most of my time in our next session. He is fast paced when he sees you have command, yet slows down when needed.

Phillip S. Dec 21, 2017
Russian · Online

Very helpful for conversational Russian, so far he has promoted strong application of Russian for conversation and has helped me begin to apply and reinforce new words and phrases.

Thomas T. Dec 14, 2017
Russian · Online

Roman seems to be an incredibly experienced instructor who was able to meet me exactly where I was in linguistic skill and start teaching me from there. If you are looking for a quality Russian instructor, you found him.

Jordan Oct 23, 2017
Russian · Online

7 lessons in, I am more than happy with my progress in learning Russian. Roman's learning curriculum is highly effective, organized, and noticeably in-depth. It provides all the expected positives of learning from a tutor and more. Roman himself is a pleasure to learn from. Both his lessons and his disposition reflect his extensive teaching experience. I certainly recommend him to anyone.

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Siri Oct 18, 2017
French · Online

Roman is a wonderful teacher. Can't say enough about what a great teacher Roman is—not only when it comes to French learning but also learning in general. He embodies a perfect balance of being observant, always noticing where your weaknesses are and being encouraging, always making you feel like you can do it. He's patient yet always pushes you to do better. Not everyone who knows French is a good French teacher. You need to know how to teach. And Roman knows how to teach. This sets him apart from all the French tutors I've had in the past. I feel much more confident and, for the first time, I come to believe if I put in the work, I can really speak French.

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David Oct 17, 2017
French · Online

Roman is a very dedicated teacher who works hard to help people focus on their goals and improve their language skills.

Elham Oct 17, 2017
French · Online

Roman's approach in teaching makes it very easy to grasp quickly. I am absolutely happy with the course structure, methods and practices!

Mar D. Oct 17, 2017
Russian · Online

So much fun! Loved learning with Roman! Look forward to more lessons.

jason Aug 27, 2017
French · Online

Really helpful on my very first lesson!

James W. Aug 22, 2017
Russian · Online

Excellent! My student said "mom, when is next lesson?" .
LOVE the approach, great instructor.
Very happy!
Will continue with lessons.
Thank you! Roman!

Laina Mar 27, 2017
Russian · Online

I enjoyed my lesson and look forward to the next ones. Roman located were I was at in my Russian language by asking question. Then used that knowledge as the bases and went from there. Roman used shared video so I could see what notes he was typing then emailed those notes to me in addition to other resources. His explanations were simple, cut and dry. Challenging but not overwhelming!

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Ally Mar 5, 2017
French · Online

Jaclyn Mar 2, 2017
French · Online

Just had my first lesson and it was fantastic. Roman is great at adjusting his pace to accommodate your strengths and weaknesses. Looking forward to next week!

Jewel Feb 15, 2017
French · Online

Roman is patient, focused and congenial. It's easy to learn quickly with persistent study, and he motivates and pushes his students to do their best, making good use of the lesson time. Definitely recommend!

Quynh L. Feb 14, 2017
French · Online

He is really cool teacher. Get to know the students and where they are then plan the lesson for them. Highly recommend him.

Gordana Jan 31, 2017
French · Online

I have been working with Roman for 6 months now. He is totally professional, so well organized and prepared for every lesson. I had taken French courses at the French Institute in Toronto and the quality I am getting from these online classes is way better, I am advancing way faster.
Of course learning any new language requires work outside of the lessons, Roman ensures enough material is given to study between my weekly lessons.
Highly recommend to anyone who is looking for dedicated instructor and expecting great results.

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Cindy B. Jan 8, 2017
French · Online


Kimberly W. Dec 5, 2016
French · Online

Very thorough

Julie Nov 26, 2016
French · Online

Roman is fantastic to work with-- he "hacks" grammar rules, he presents the information in a challanging, yet fun way. He's always punctual and is flexible with diverse schedules. If you're considering learning a new language, Roman is well worth the investment.

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Lynnann Nov 23, 2016
Russian · Online

Roman is a great instructor all around. I appreciate his diverse teaching methods including instructor-student conversation, flashcards, audio and video of basic conversations, karaoke to Russian songs, and more. I also benefited from his ability to simplify (what is to me as a native English speaker) unusual grammatical functions found in Russian through the use of tables and charts.

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Kimberly W. Oct 30, 2016
French · Online

Tasie Oct 2, 2016
French · Online

He is the best. Information is presented in a very organized format

Courtney C. Sep 18, 2016
French · Online

I love the way Roman structures his lessons and breaks down the material. Each lesson builds upon the information learned from the prior lesson.

Rachael Sep 13, 2016
French · Online

After one lesson I am already feeling more confident and experienced in my French!

Karim Sep 8, 2016
French · Online

Great instructor, gives useful homework, very easy going and keeps the learning experience relaxed.

Malcolm D. Aug 23, 2016
French · Online

I am extremely glad that I signed up for online lessons with Roman. After studying 5 sessions with Roman, I feel confident that I am on my way to learning French. I can speak a little French and also form basic sentences with the correct grammar. The pace of the class is also good. Learning a language as an adult has its own challenges. Roman is patient and as an excellent instructor does not make you feel uncomfortable during the learning process. If you have doubts whether you can learn French online with Roman , I hope this review helps you in making a better decision.

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Chad Aug 21, 2016
Russian · Online

Roman is great!

Elena V. Aug 18, 2016
ESL · Online

It was Great!

Hector S. Aug 14, 2016
French · Online

Hi is very good teacher!! My son is happy and learning fast.

Stan N. Aug 9, 2016
French · Online

Excellent attention to details and clarity

Stephen Jul 12, 2016
Russian · Online

I have taken six lessons with Roman thus far and have been impressed by his conversational approach, his diagnosis of my strengths and weaknesses, and the quality of his prepared materials. I was looking for help in reinvigorating my study of a language in which I hadn't taken courses in years, and I've found it. Roman is strongly recommended.

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Ryan Jul 2, 2016
French · Online

Roman is incredibly well organized, thorough in his explanations, and his instruction seems very targeted toward my goal. Highly recommend!

Cassie Jun 17, 2016
French · Online

A great teacher!!

Fedor May 26, 2016
ESL · Online

Roman teaches my wife and two daughters (10 and 12 y.o.) ESL. I'm very delighted to see how enthusiastic are they about lessons and (even more surprising) the homework. For each of them Roman finds themes interesting to talk about and write about. Grammar and other boring stuff are taken needed care of, but main emphasis of lessons are on free talk.

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Leela May 24, 2016
Russian · Online

i like this instructors style because he challenges you. It often feels like immersion in the language which in my experience, though tough, is the fastest most natural way to learn and pick up a new lanaguage.

lynne May 23, 2016
French · In home

Roman is the best French teacher that I have ever had. I have taken numerous French classes over the years and I also took a 2 week French immersion class in Provence last summer. He makes learning French fun and he provides great tips on how to keep improving.

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Ian May 23, 2016
French · Online

Roman is diligent, thorough and patient. Most importantly he is adaptable to your level of ability. I would recommend him highly.

Loriann C. Apr 25, 2016
French · Online

Roman is a wonderful French teacher. I am an absolute beginner with minimal understanding of the French language. During each lesson, Roman is quickly able to identify my weaknesses and hone in on how to improve them. He also follows up with homework and materials after each class that is customized to my level. In just 7 or 8 hours of lessons, I feel comfortable putting basic sentences together and have grown immensely in understanding others speak Francaise. Thank you Roman!

Show More
Annie S. Apr 3, 2016
French · Online

Very patient and works at whatever pace you're learning

Rimma Mar 31, 2016
French · Online

There three major reasons why I am so happy with the classes:
1. Every session Roman manages to make me work really hard without any stress or pressure.
2. I only pay for classes but get much more: class supporting materials, various activities that are always very fun, homework, work sheets, grammar presentation etc.
3. I spent four years in school leaning French but could never speak it. After my third class with Roman I was already interacting with him using the language!

Show More
Rhonda R. Mar 10, 2016
French · Online

It was good. Looking forward to learning more.

Devon D. Feb 8, 2016
French · Online

Great experience. Great value. Flexible schedule. Patient and adjustable to learning levels.

yacine A. Jan 6, 2016
ESL · Online

I enjoyed the lesson ;)

Hoang N. Nov 23, 2015
French · Online

Just had my first lesson with Roman today and I greatly enjoyed it. Roman has a great way to teach a new language by breaking it down and making it very approachable. Looking forward to having more lessons with him.

zuriel Nov 10, 2015
French · Online

Awesome!! time passed by flying, Roman's method of teaching is great, he went right where I was and started from there. Makes learning easy

courtney Oct 5, 2015
French · In home

Roman was amazing. He worked with my 6 year old daughter and made the lesson fun. He's patient and kind. He's also very responsible and conscientious.

Stephen Melnick Jul 21, 2015
Russian · Online

Great learning experience. Roman knows what you need as a student and adapts to your needs. I have learned much more than I ever thought in such a short period of time.

Matt Jul 13, 2015
Russian · In studio

Roman is an extraordinary teacher. I was already bilingual and was therefore surprised and delighted to find that Roman was fluent—or very close to it—in several difficult languages. His near native grasp of English allowed Roman to guide me easily through the difficult early days of my instruction in Russian. Then, once I was comfortable with the basics, Roman’s method of teaching expanded to reveal qualities that are often lacking in language instruction. He was enterprising in the design of his lessons, patient when I stumbled and innovative when particular strategies did not work. Best of all, Roman went above and beyond my expectations by spending a tremendous amount of time tailoring the course of study to my particular learning habits. Roman is quite simply the best language teacher I have ever had.

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Kathleen Peiffer Jun 20, 2015
French · Online

Roman is a great teacher and continues to help me advance in my French learning. He designed my lessons to suit my goals and always has a plan for each lesson. I feel comfortable speaking in French with him even though in the beginning I was scared to make mistakes. Roman is patient and kind and helps me work through my challenges. I finish each lesson with a sense of accomplishment. Merci, Roman!

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Joseph L. Jun 5, 2015
French · In home

Roman tutored me in French twice a week for several months. He was teaching me the fundamentals of the language in preparation for a planned three week trip to France. I had studied French many years ago in high school so I was essentially a beginner.
Roman came to my home for two hour lessons. He was never late. He was patient and kind but persistent in pushing me to do the best I could. He always had a lesson outline with lots of excellent study material to leave with me after each lesson.
At one point he had to go back to his home for family matters. During that time he stayed in contact and send lessons via the Internet. The lessons always included homework assignments which he would correct and send back to me, there was no charge to me for these efforts. He's a fair and honest man as well as an excellent teacher.
My trip to France was a richer and more rewarding experience as a result of his efforts. In addition to the language instruction he gave me a good deal of information about regions to visit, places to see, and restaurants use.
I have no reservation in recommending Roman as a teacher as well as a fine human being to be associated with.

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Dre-Anna A. May 22, 2015
French · Online

He is a great teacher! He makes learning French fun and not so scary!!

Kathleen Peiffer May 10, 2015
French · Online

A great start! Roman is very kind and provides instruction and feedback in a very un intimidating manner. Looking forward to continued lessons...

Alexander S. Apr 15, 2015
French · In home

I was taking French lessons from Roman a few months ago.
Normally I am not good with foreign languages but he has his own method that definitely proved it' efficiency. On my last trip to South of France I was surprised how comfortably I felt communicating to the locals. Highly recommended to everyone.
Roman est absolument un professor excellant!!!

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Sergey K. Mar 31, 2015
ESL · In home

When I moved from Russia to US in 2011, my English was at beginner’s level and I desperately needed to start speaking this language as soon as possible: especially for my job but also for my every day life.
I tried to take some ESL classes at local colleges and also study with a tutor but it did not work very well. Instead I became more afraid of making mistakes or saying something not correctly. I was frustrated and started to think that I am just not made for learning new languages.
I heard about Roman from my colleague who did intensive French language program designed and taught by mr. Nam. So he told me that Roman also teaches ESL. I decided to give it a try.
After three months of classes with Roman my English improved so much! From the beginning of classes I started to feel so motivated and everything was explained in really simple way. I don’t really understand how Roman was doing this but every class and even every homework was so interesting and so fun to do. I loved to hear myself speak English better and better. I started to use my english in any situation and I felt so confident.
Now, after four years living in US my English is much better but i know that the most important step in my progress was the program I did with Roman and I am very thankful for all his help.

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Jim H. Mar 26, 2015
Russian · In home

I have had the opportunity to study both Russian and French with Roman, and found his grasp of the material and his teaching style to both be excellent. I recommend Roman very highly!

Stephen L. Mar 25, 2015
French · In home

My daughter, my wife and I had planned to travel to France for a very long time but none of us could speak French. Last summer we finally visited this beautiful country and I can not imagine our first French experience as perfect as it was without Roman’s help! Merci beaucoup!

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