Robin Randall

Robin R.

Burbank, CA

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Robin delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Ages 5+ and special needs

Teaching since:
April 1987

I've been a songwriter since I was a teenager. I have been teaching music for almost as long. As a teacher, my joy comes from seeing a student realize they have grown, or discover something they now can do that they could not do before, and the confidence gained through their efforts with my guidance. I carry around the Beatles Pocket Reference Guide at all times and preach the gospel of their songwriting legacy to my students when necessary and whenever possible!! I equally love the mystery of the musical ear, and music theory, and how it all works together...I love purple. For all those who know me, I always match in whatever color spectrum I decide for that day, and I always have been that way. I believe in Angels on Earth, I searched for the Lochness Monster (No luck!!) I love animals. I have 2 rescue dogs, and 3 rescue cats, 1 more comes to have dinner and hang out. I named my son after the musical "Oliver" and the name suits him! I like that Oliver means " peace offering" I grew up in the Hollywood Hills, and love the history of Hollywoodland, I also love music and TV history. My uncle Sherwood co wrote 2 of the most iconic TV themes of all time in GIlligan's Island theme and the Brady Bunch. My mom, (Judithe) and I wrote songs together for 25 years. I named my first publishing company after my dog, Atso and he was the president and his legacy lives on in his name.

Employment History / Credits

Songwriting School of Los Angeles 2010- present
Musicians Institute 1992-present
Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (LACHSA) 2013 - present
Neighborhood Rock School 2013- present
Dick Grove School of Music 1985-1992
LA Recording Workshop 1998-2005
The Baywatch Production Co / Fremantle Media 1989-1999


Dick Grove School of Music

Composition Program 1982-1983
Keyboard Program 1983-1984

Hollywood High School 1979
Honors in Music and History

ATAS member since 1997
Emmy judge for 15 years

Platinum Hit :" Tomorrow Doesn't Matter Tonight" Starship /RCA Records
"The Last Time" Agnetha Faltskog (ABBA) / WEA Records
Gold: "Where Are You Now" Roxus / Austrailia / Mushroom Records
Wrote numerous songs for TV show "Baywatch" 1989-1999
Songs /music in various TV movies, reality shows, films 1979-current
Collaborated with American Idol Top 5 finalist Brooke White
American Idol songwriting contest finalist 2007 / Jordin Sparks year
Co authored Music Book "The Lead Sheet Bible" A step by step guide to doing lead sheets and chord charts, published by Hal Leonard Publ. 1998

*** Lesson Details ***
To me every student is unique and special, therefore I design the lesson around what they need and or want to learn. With the younger students, I strongly suggest we work out of a book as well as me giving them handouts to work on too. There are many and various books by Faber and Faber I love to use. Hal Leonard and Alfred Publishing have some great books depending on the students needs. With kids, it's important to keep it fun and interesting, and get them on a practice schedule. I believe one must have much patience with the younger students and the level of communication must be high, keeping them engaged and focused. With teens and adults, it depends on where they are at, and I always ask what they want to concentrate on. A well rounded piano lesson would work on reading, technique, theory, songs. Again, depending on the type of student, the lesson would incorporate more /and or less of these components.
I've been coined the "Chord Queen" by many students because of my fascination with how theory plays a subconscious role in songwriters who write by ear and if I'm teaching songwriting, we are looking at how the song is structured, the lyrics,the music, and of course the harmony and arrangement and I'm here to guide the student to be able to finish the song, and them be happy when it comes to fruition.

The subjects I've taught:

Ear Training
Songwriting/ Artist Development
Music History
Transcribing/Chord Charts/Lead Sheets
Music Publishing/Copyright

*** Studio Equipment ***
I have a piano I teach at in my home, I have a photo copy machine to make copies and Wifi access if the student needs to bring their computer.Ipad, etc in regards to songwriting

*** Travel Equipment ***
I can bring music/paper/pens/pencils/hand outs/sheet music
Students should have piano/keyboard/Access to computer, or ipad would be helpful for research,examples. Lots of people have their music on their cell phones.

*** Specialties ***
Mostly Contemporary music,but have taught in many styles
pop/Rock/Country/Jazz/Soul genres

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Jan 1989 - Present
The Baywatch Production Co / Fremantle Media

Wrote songs for the TV show Baywatch

Jan 1989 - Dec 1999
The Baywatch Production Co / Fremantle Media

Wrote original songs for TV show Baywatch


2 Certificates
Jan 1982 - Jun 1984
Dick Grove School of Music


Fluent / Native Proficiency


Certified in Piano & Composition & Music Theory
Jun 1984
Dick Grove School of Music

Studies in piano, performance, ear training, sight reading, music notation, 8 levels of music theory, composition, songwriting, arranging, music direction, chart writing, lead sheets


Platinum Record
Jul 1986
RIAA certified


American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers
Jan 1979

The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) is a membership association of more than 480,000 US composers, songwriters, lyricists and music publishers. The ASCAP is committed to nurturing music makers throughout their careers.

Photos & Videos

Back in the mid 90s, my best friend and I started a band called Venus & Mars. It was short lived because she moved to Nashville to be closer to her family and I stayed in LA. But we put out 2 records,got signed to Avex Trax/JVC Records in Japan, got a nice fan base, and remain close friends to this day. This was a TV performance we did back in 1994.
In 2012 I was the music director for Valleyview Elementary, where I ran a music program, taught piano and songwriting. Here is one of the projects that came out of that venture which I am very proud of, and so proud of the kids that worked hard and we also had much fun making this!
A song written for the Baywatch episode "Chance Of A Lifetime"

by Robin & Judithe Randall
Song written for Baywatch episode "Seize The Day"
Written by Robin & Judithe Randall
A song recorded by Agnetha Faltskog of ABBA written by Robin & Judithe Randall / Jeff Law
Song recorded by the Starship written by Robin Randall & Steven Cristol
A song recorded by Brooke White (American Idol) written by Robin & Judithe Randall
Written by Robin & Judithe Randall
Dedicated to all of those who dare to dream!
Written by Robin Randall & Kelley Palmer for our Hollywood High School Reunion!! A blast to the past of the 1970s!!
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Elise L. Dec 6, 2015
Piano · In home

Robin really took the time to understand our daughter's strengths and weaknesses to determine how best to approach improving her piano playing. She didn't just teach out of a book, rather she worked on the fundamentals that are needed in order to build a firm foundation. Elise likes her as a teacher and was very attentive through the whole lesson.

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jay-r cimatu Jun 3, 2015
Piano · In studio

Great instructor. Very insightful.

Annie D. Feb 28, 2015
Piano · In studio

I was a bit nervous to start taking lessons again after a VERY long hiatus. From the start, Robin has really listened to what my goals are and has been helping me meet them - she's very personable and encouraging, and gives me manageable goals. 100% recommended!

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Spe T. Jan 26, 2015
Piano · In studio

Robin is a great teacher. She is extremely knowledgeable of piano and theory. The communication I receive during our lessons made me confident in returning. She is a very nice lady who has helped me out tremendously. Thank you, Robin.

Mandy D. Jan 8, 2015
Piano · In studio

My 13 year old daughter recently started taking lessons from Robin and really enjoys them. Robin is keeping it interesting and fun, we would highly recommend her to anyone.

Anna G. Oct 13, 2014
Piano · In home

Robin is a great piano teacher! I find her method of teaching very helpful and easy to grasp. I would definitely recommend her to other students.

HelenV May 14, 2014

Wonderful teacher

Bhavana May 14, 2014

My favourite songwriting teacher

I studied at Musicians Institute with Robin. Out of the many teachers I learnt from. She was my favorite songwriting mentor. I couldn't have asked for better. I graduated in March 2013 and till date I cannot forget her part in my music career.

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S W May 14, 2014

Dedicated Piano & Song Writing Teacher

My 9 year old son has been taking piano lessons with Robin for two years now. Robin makes piano playing fun and stress free. She is always thinking of ways to keep him motivated in learning, including writing songs together during his lessons. With Robin, my son has learned music theory and the structure of contemporary song writing in a fun way. She is a very dedicated teacher.

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Haoyue K. May 14, 2014

Great Teacher!

Robin taught me my first songwriting lessons and gave me a lot of inspiration for lyric writing. She's a super sweet and patient teacher.

Divina D May 14, 2014

Excellent teacher

As a young singer/songwriter I wanted to learn from someone who I felt like knew what they were doing. Not only was Robin extremely helpful and professional, but she also became a good friend. After I stopped taking weekly lessons, Robin still provided me with wonderful opportunities and always put out a good word for me. I felt like Robin always had my best interest in mind and really started my love for songwriting. I would definitely recommend Robin for anyone seeking help and I am extremely great-full to call her one of my mentors!

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Vincent V. May 14, 2014
Piano ·


Robin teaches two of my children in our home. She arrives on time and is easy to communicate with when conflicts arrive. More importantly we had an 8 year old boy that passionately rallied against taking piano lessons. It was a struggle to get him to agree to even make an effort on the first try. Then he met Robin. In a single lesson he was inspired to not only continue but started working on a song he wanted to compose. Now we are several months in and both children eagerly anticipate their weekly lessons with Robin. I couldn't be happier!

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LennyP Mar 6, 2014

True Passion

I had the pleasure to study with Robin just about one 1 year ago and I was really surprise to see how much passion in music you could perceive through his teaching. I achieved great result with her and can't be thankful enough

FangILiu Mar 6, 2014

Robin is one of my favorite songwriting teacher!

Robin is a very nice and great teacher. She knows how to teach songwriting and very patient to students.

JodyS Mar 6, 2014

Amazingly talented teacher and mentor

I was a student of Robin's for a couple years at the Musicians Institute and of all the teachers I had there, she was the one who had the biggest impact on me. She was so easy to talk to and always had great ideas for my songs whenever I was experiencing writer's block or couldn't figure out which chords to use. (She is the chord queen after all). She's so clever when it comes to music and songwriting and she taught me such great techniques that I still use now. On top of being amazing at what she does, Robin is such a sweet person too. I'd recommend her without hesitation to anyone looking for a songwriting teacher. She's the best!

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Joanne V. Mar 6, 2014

Inspiring Mentor

Robin is one of the best music teachers I have had. She taught me Music Theory and Ear Training at Musicians Institute in Hollywood. I was lucky enough to have her also as a private songwriting teacher. Taking these three classes at the same time with Robin helped me understand my compositions, and understand myself as a musician. She constantly encourages students to be creative and original. I have had songwriting teachers that push students to write according to the music commercial trends. Robin instead is open to different sounds that are more interesting musically.
I have never before had a teacher that believes in her students so much that not only helps them become better musicians but also, helps build confidence though our work.

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Jokull J. Mar 6, 2014

A caring teacher

I came to MI a music student who was placed at a level that was below me since I had already studied a lot of theory and ear training in my home town. But Robin still made it interesting for me and she taught me a lot of new ways to use the knowledge I already had into something that I had never tried before.

Robin has something that a lot of music teachers seem to lack and that is actually caring about what she does and caring about her students. I took songwriting with her when I was getting closer and closer to graduation and I was scared of what was waiting for me. With Robin's hands on teaching methods and frankly just believing in me, she showed me that I had nothing to worry about. I owe it to her that I'm able to live off doing music today and every time somebody asks me who they should pick as their teachers, I always tell them to go to Robin's class. If it wasn't for her encouraging me, I would've given up and gone home a long time ago.

Thank you Robin

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AnnaC Mar 6, 2014

AMAZING Teacher!

Robin is known as the Chord Queen and theres a reason. When you ask about her at Musicians Institute both teachers and students know her name and have good things to say about her. There is no one like her.

There´s a reason I requested her as my Artist Development Instructor. For my band Anna and the Bells, she has been our guide, a part of the band. We came to her first with our music and still do. For our song Expirationdating, she helped us get to the roots and gave us chords to work with from the era we were looking for. With her harmony&theory knowledge, songwriting and own experience, she gives you all she´s got. If we need advice, we go to her. Not only is she incredibly talented when it comes to music and lyrics, she´s also caring about her students and does her best to help them. All in all, an amazing teacher. You´re lucky if you get to call her yours.

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Pamela Mar 6, 2014


We first met Robin at our Valley View Elementary where she was in charge of the after school music program. She taught piano, vocals, and songwriting to my daughter from ages 9-11 and then to my twins while they were ages 6-8. Robin has immense patience and diligence and kind hearted listening skills. She made songwriting and piano easy and fun and integrated this talent into the lives of all three girls outside of just the class environment. Robin led a group of all instruments and voices for school shows. She created a professional studio recording and video for the groups and individuals. We love Robin dearly are blessed to know her and highly recommend her teaching!

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FredH Mar 6, 2014

Guide to Your Own Talent

I started working with Robin after having taken a class with her at Dick Grove School of Music many years back. I could tell that as an instructor, she cared deeply for music and for her students, and so I approached her for private instruction in helping me to craft and shape songs that I had been working on. What I found in her was an absolute dedication to helping me find what it was I was looking for in each tune that I wrote, and a positive motivator to finding ways to tell compelling stories and expressions of feeling in the melodies and words that I chose for each project. The nearly impossible trick to choosing a good instructor is to find someone who knows their artistry very well, who is able to explain and guide their students towards his or her own expansion of growth, and who is an instructor that both truly loves their craft and that act of teaching it. Inexplicably, Robin all of these things in one person.

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FredH Mar 6, 2014

Guide To Your Own Talent

I started working with Robin after having taken a class with her at Dick Grove School of Music many years back. I could tell that as an instructor, she cared deeply for music and for her students, and so I approached her for private instruction in helping me to craft and shape songs that I had been working on. What I found in her was an absolute dedication to helping me find what it was I was looking for in each tune that I wrote, and a positive motivator to finding ways to tell compelling stories and expressions of feeling in the melodies and words that I chose for each project. The nearly impossible trick to choosing good instructors is to find those who know their artistry very well, who are able to explain and guide their students towards their own expansion of growth, and who truly love their craft and that act of teaching it. Inexplicably, Robin Randall is all of these things in one person.

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DouglasJ Mar 6, 2014

The Real Deal with Love

Robin has so much to offer as a songwriter and musician - years of experiences in the real world with real world success. She approaches her students with affection and gently prods them towards development. She is always encouraging and always has a story that will inspire and teach. My only regret is that I only scraped the surface in our short course together. Robin is a very talented and lovely person as well as a great teacher.

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Anna J. Mar 6, 2014

Robin is great!

Robin is a wonderful piano and music theory teacher. She is a pro
who knows how to inspire students to be the best they can be. Her experience
and expertise are immense, yet she is amazingly patient, calming and motivating.
Robin has helped me reach levels of music that I don’t think I would have with
any other teacher because of her vast experience. I highly recommend Robin for
anyone who wants to take music seriously and to the professional level.

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Socrates M. Mar 6, 2014

Great Teacher

One of the best teachers i had, influenced me to write songs and gave me practical and easy to follow advices on songwriting making a strong base and giving me space to grow! From her i learned how to have confidence on my songwriting!

AnniK Mar 6, 2014

Wonderful teacher

Robin is an excellent teacher with great knowledge of songwriting, music theory, voice and keyboard. I learned a lot from her and was always happy with my lessons. She has a heart of gold and really cares about her students. Anyone would be lucky to have her as a teacher!

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Douglas L. Jan 28, 2014
Music Theory ·

Robin Rules

Robin makes learning easy. Very nice lady with a great original teaching ethic.

Mary S. Nov 27, 2013
Piano ·


Robin is a fantastic person, an accomplished musician, and ON TOP OF THAT, is a wonderful teacher. She understands music, the music business, and has great connections, and opens new opportunities when her students are moving forward. She is vary patient as well. She deals with my special needs son like no one else has ever been able to. She draws things out of him, piques his curiosity, and is SO VERY encouraging. We love her so much, and she has meant the world to my son's growth in music and composition. He looks forward to his lessons with her because she is cheerful and has a special way of engaging young people that I wish EVERY music teacher possessed.

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Kathy G. Oct 30, 2013
Piano ·

Great Teacher!

Robin is a fabulous piano teacher! She's been teaching my six-year-old daughter for about five months now. She's very patient and uses positive reinforcement to encourage and motivate her students. She's making piano lessons fun, while teaching practical skills and music theory at the same time.

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