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Rick teaches: Ages 7 and up
Teaching since: April 1987
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I’ve always loved teaching from a young age; finding new ways to break down complex ideas and techniques and making it fun and easy is something that gives me a lot of satisfaction. If you want to play your favorite songs on saxophone, I can save you years of frustration and slow progress.

At the bottom of this page, I have a YouTube video of 3 of my sax students' incredibly fast progress. None of them had ever played saxophone, You can do that too! It’s easy and fun. No boring scales, exercises and dumb tunes. Just a simple, easy way to becoming a great sounding sax player in 1/10th the time. This method has worked for over 1000 students and works 100% of the time if you commit to practice.

I guarantee if you commit to practicing 30 minutes 5 days a week for 4 months and you don't see the success in the video I will give you ALL of your money back. I have 3 Grammy nominations but the proof of what i can do for you is in this video. Search this title on Youtube:
"Demo of My Sax Students Improvising Progress- 5th lesson to 16th lesson" or just click the video at the bottom of this page.

Photos and Videos

Demo of My Sax Students Improvising progress. Proof of How Fast the Method Works!


Owner and CEO
Feb 1997 - Present
Rossi Music Inc

I started a Live Band and Entertainment Agency to be able to put together and perform with my own bands for corporate events, weddings and parties. We are one of the Top 5 most respected music agencies in Los Angeles and most highly respected for our jazz bands.

Freelance Studio Musician and Performer in Los Angeles
Apr 1987 - Present
Musicians Union Local #47

Rick Rossi has been nominated for a Grammy Award three times, winning one in 2000. His distinctive style and versatility have kept him in high demand for studio work. He has composed and arranged music for film and television, and appeared numerous times on national television, (The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, David Letterman, Regis and Kathie Lee, Conan OʼBrien, MTV, and VH-1 to name a few) and was featured on the Grammy-Award winning multi-platinum CD with The Brian Setzer Orchestra. He has played in the most famous venues around the world with legendary artists such as Frank Sinatra, Natalie Cole, Tony Bennett, Stanley Clarke, Bobby Caldwell, Cher, and Shakira. His most recent film work includes the Hollywood features, Benjamin Buttons, The Wedding Crashers and Monster-In-Law (starring Jane Fonda and Jennifer Lopez).


Masters of Music MM
Aug 1981 - May 1983
University of Akron
Bachelor of Music
Sep 1977 - May 1981
University of Delaware

Languages Spoken

Fluent / Native Proficiency


Composing and Arranging Program Certification
Jun 1988
Dick Grove Music School

I completed a one year intensive music course studying Arranging and Composition with Dick Grove at The Dick Grove Music School. It was without the hardest AND best training that I've ever had in my life in music. We had usually 2 weeks to learn all the characteristics of a particular technique and then produce and pro level arrangement, copy all the parts for the live band and recorded each arrangement and composition. Dick Grove was simply the best music educator I've ever studied with and I've studied with what i would consider to be a lot of great music teachers. He was heads above everyone in the way he was able to break down what is considered a very complex thing to teach. I was amazed at him every day I studied in his classes. I learned things that took everything I had been studying for years and his approach made me look at with a new clarity and gave me the confidence to write things that I never thought I was capable of. Simply the best!! He had an innate knack for simplifying even the most complex ideas, styles and techniques. I can't say enough about how thankful I was that I was able to study with him and see his genius on a daily basis. So inspiring! He died a while ago but he left a bunch of his classes on video. Check him out!!


3 Grammy Award Nominations
Dec 1999
Grammy Award Foundation
Best Band Member of the Year
May 1983
University of Akron


American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers
Feb 1988

The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) is a membership association of more than 480,000 US composers, songwriters, lyricists and music publishers. The ASCAP is committed to nurturing music makers throughout their careers.

California Teachers Association
May 1987

Founded in 1863, the California Teachers Association has become one of the strongest advocates for educators in the country. CTA includes teachers, counselors, school librarians, social workers, psychologists, and nurses. These educators in the K-12 school system are joined by community college faculty, California State University faculty, and education support professionals to make CTA the most inclusive and most powerful voice of educators in the state.

American Federation of Musicians
Apr 1987

A labor union representing professional musicians in the United States and Canada. Founding in 1896 as the successor to the "National League of Musicians," the AFM is the largest organization in the world representing the interests of professional musicians.

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Ken C. Apr 2, 2017
· Saxophone · In home Rick really helps me understanding the concept of the saxophone.
Ken Mar 16, 2017
· Saxophone · In studio Rick is my best music teacher I had so far!!!
mike Feb 20, 2017
· Saxophone · Online I'm a senior citizen without a shred of innate musical talent. LOL The idea of being able to improvise the blues on a saxophone was a wild and unattainable fantasy….until I met Rick. I had already checked out lots of other jazz saxophone teachers online so I knew within the first few lessons that Rick​ was unique. He was able to simplify my problems and help me make great progress right away. With enthusiasm, this celebrated musician took me through all the baby steps - first to get a respectable sound, and then through his ingenious system of improvisation. I'm moving at what I would say is warp speed in learning to improvise, already reaching levels of soloing that were only in my dreams. But the real bonus on top of Rick's fantastic teaching method and system is Rick the man, and the relationship this star musician forms with a student. His humility amazes me at every lesson. Knowing how valuable his time must be, the fact that he encourages me to send recordings between lessons, and sends feedback on each one, is testament to how much he truly cares about a student's progress. It's a gift he generously gives. He is also a genius at how much criticism and how much encouragement a particular student needs. Could there possibly be a better teacher than Rick Rossi? I don't think so.
Kevin Oct 3, 2016
· Saxophone · In studio I am saxophone player at an intermediate to advanced level and Rick’s lessons helped my sound and improvisation tremendously in a very short amount of time. What really sets Rick apart is that his method is unlike any other teacher I've studied with I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn how to improvise better. Let me start from the beginning.
I’ve been playing music for the past 15 years. I’ve taken lessons in drums, clarinet, and piano, while self-teaching myself piano, guitar, and bass guitar. Through the years though, I always had a desire to learn the saxophone. Never truly playing a solo instrument with jazz improvisation at its core, I started my quest for a teacher who could teach me how to improvise. I bounced around several local music shops and music conservatories, looking for a teacher that could unlock the mystery of improvisation, but I was subjected to hours upon hours of method books without ever actually being given the chance to start improvising over jazz standards. Of course, the basics are essential when improvising, but I always found myself over thinking things. I took a break for a few months, but when I was approached by my family to play saxophone for my grandparent’s 50th anniversary celebration of over 200 people, I decided that I needed to find a teacher who actually adjusted his lessons based on his student and their interests, rather than a cookie cutter lesson progression. During the first few lessons with Rick, he said that instead of focusing on the specific fingerings on the sax or the specific scales and notes I had to be playing, to really listen to the beauty of the music and just play what I hear in my head. Once I got comfortable and stopped thinking about what the “right” notes were, I stopped thinking and just played. A wall that I’ve tried to overcome for the past 5 years, was finally behind me after only a few lessons. After I got past my own thinking, Rick gave me very simple but effective methods to incorporate into my playing to create a more cohesive solo with stylistic tricks and motifs to really impress the crowd and love what you’re playing. I can without reservation, having studied with some of the top saxophone teachers/players in the Los Angeles/Orange County area, say that Rick changed my saxophone playing life and truly has the secrets to improvising on the saxophone. On top of that, even though he is a Grammy award winning artist, is one of the most humble people I’ve ever met. He is always so willing to impart knowledge from his immense amount of experience but never makes you feel like he is looking down on you or is frustrated with you. He teaches because he loves to do it, and to see his student’s eyes light up when they play their first improvised solo on saxophone, is the very reason he teaches so selflessly. That is what stood out the most to me.
Joshua Sep 23, 2016
· Saxophone · In studio What a difference! Like night & day. Josh is going to survive his first performance of the year thanks to Rick! Looking forward to next week.
Elad S. Sep 17, 2016
· Saxophone · In studio I've been taking lessons with Rick Rossi for a few years now, both through Skype and face to face. He is a true professional, extremely knowledgable, and cares deeply about his students and teaching.
He has a unique approach to learning improvisation which is as appropriate for veteran players as it is for complete beginners, and he has been a tremendous help for me in terms of technique and improving my sound.
In an era where a lot of great players can't teach, where so many teachers take a dogmatic, cookie-cutter approach, Rick Rossi's student-centered style stands out. He is serious about your learning, he doesn't try to sugarcoat or shortcut anything and gives more if you're willing to, like giving you honest progress feedback on recordings you send him, and working on particular solos and stylistic issues (bop, blues, rock, smooth jazz, pop, etc) that are individually useful and relevant to your level and goals. I'm really grateful to have found a teacher like Rick Rossi in LA.
Holly Aug 4, 2016
· Saxophone · In studio I am a teacher in the LAUSD and I know a good teacher when I encounter one. Rick is unbelievable. After his first sax lesson with Rick, my son’s tone was so rich, full, and bright. He made more progress in that first lesson than he had after months with his previous teacher. Rick has developed a system to teach his students how to improvise. My son now is able to solo at such a high level. He plays in the Jazz Ensemble at his school and the band director now refers to him as a “Monster.” The best thing about Rick is that he gets excited when he sees the growth and progress in my son. He loves to see him succeed and that’s why he works so hard to find the most direct and effective way to bring out the best in his students. I know how challenging teaching can be. Rick is one of a kind and his students are very fortunate to have him!
Jimmy Jul 11, 2016
· Music Performance · In studio Rick is a fantastic improv and just overall music teacher. As a professional guitar player I have found Rick's deep understanding of both music and the art of teaching to prove most valuable. His methodical approach taught me not only what kind of notes to choose from, but how to use my ear to decide how I want to play. I would highly recommend Rick's method for any instrument at any level!
Abby S. Mar 4, 2016
· Saxophone · Online Rick made my daughter feel comfortable and at ease, in spite of her performance anxiety. He took his time and did not rush (even went over time to finish) and my daughter learned new things the very first lesson. Very excited to see how lessons progress! Thank you!
YUKI Sep 9, 2015
· Saxophone · In studio Rick is a great saxophone and jazz improvisation teacher. I started with him from scratch a year ago. In just a couple lessons he helped me get a good sound and all my basics happening. He has a lot of experience teaching; it really shows in how clearly he is able to explain how each thing we work on works and how to practice it. I always leave each lesson with recordings of him discussing exactly what I’m supposed to work on for the week along with examples he plays on his sax for me to follow. He really cares about my success and progress each week. In fact, he coaxes me to send him recordings every night while I’m practicing so that he can help me if I’m getting something wrong or to give me the confidence of knowing that I’m doing it right or some suggestions on how I can improve it. In other words, I can get feedback every time I need it if I send a recording. That’s helped me avoid a lot of wasted time. I’m progressing so fast and I really have fun at my lessons. I joined "The Big Phat Band" Band Camp this summer and had the best experience of my life playing in the band. Rick helped me in so many ways to prepare for that and it's made me inspired to practice even more. I highly recommend taking a lesson and see for yourself what an outstanding saxophone teacher he is.
Rick Rossi
Rick R.

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