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Reece H.

Austin, TX

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Reece teaches: Ages 4 to 80
Special needs
Teaching since: January 2013
Last sign in: Last week


Hi there! My name is Reece. I have been playing drums and swimming through the waves of music for 22 years now! I currently work a dream job at a recording studio and work as an instructor at this wonderful organization.
I live a purely creative world and try to dive in to a pool of music daily. What you could expect from my sessions is learning to not only count out the beats, but to really be able to flow and adapt to the art of the music. I cater to all learning styles, and would love to unlock your specific kind. I am so excited to meet and create music with you!

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16 note standard beat count!


Drum Instructor
Jan 2016 - Present
Girl Guitar Austin

I feel so incredibly blessed to be part of an amazing all women organization! I am able to fulfill my dream of purely supporting female musicians and spreading empowerment and confidence daily. :)

Music Producer
Jan 2014 - Present
Westfall Recording Studio

I am knowledgeable with the awareness of song structure and the art of adjusting elements that fit the particular song aura. I have precise ear training and product development.

Drummer of Evolution Trip
Mar 2009 - Feb 2011
Evolution Trip

I played drums for a professional band. Played shows, recorded our first album.

Drum inspector/drum associate/drum instructor
Mar 2007 - Oct 2009
Guitar Center

I am knowledgeable in a high mastery of elements and sound effects of drum wood/hardware/and cymbal diversions.

I have pure sensory of the rigorous form and flow of percussion as a whole.


Music Production
Mar 2014 - Present
Westfall Recording Studio
Drum Instructor
Jan 2006 - Present
Dec 1993 - Present
Played drums since I was 7

Languages Spoken

Fluent / Native Proficiency


Completion of Instruction at Girl Rock Camp Austin
Jul 2016
Girl Rock Camp

Teaching young women empowerment and confidence through music. Instructing every element and flow of percussion.

Music Production
Jun 2015
Westfall Recording Studio

Music Production


Girl Guitar Austin extended percussion instructor
Mar 2016
Girl Guitar Austin
Evolution Trip
Mar 2013

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Leigh Nov 24, 2016
· Drum · In studio First off, Reece made me feel super comfortable. I had a lot of fears going in and she made them all go away. She is very encouraging so I never felt pressured and always had fun. She made a customized lesson for my particular learning style (ADD af.) each time that depended on how I did the previous time. Can't wait for more. Feels good to feel myself get better and better!!
Courtney Oct 25, 2015
· Drum · In studio Reece is more than just an excellent drummer and instructor. She is an amazing human being. I've worked with her for years on musical collaborations and she has a magical way of communicating about an art (music) that can be difficult to put into words. She is extremely humble and makes you feel comfortable in any situation. Of any musician that I know, hands down, I would choose as a percussion instructor. I CAN NOT RECOMMEND HER ENOUGH!!!
Gavin S. Oct 7, 2015
· Drum · In home Reece was excellent! She had prepared for my child, who is sensitive, then was open to follow his lead during the lesson. He connected with her quickly and they were able to accomplish a great deal together in just the first lesson. Thank you! We are already looking forward to our next one.
Kenny Sep 28, 2015
· Drum · In home My daughter recently developed an interest in playing the drums. I was a little apprehensive at first, due to her young age and her vibrant personality, and felt bad for whomever would have to teach her. Without a doubt it would require a lot of patience and ability. Well, thanks to Reece, my daughter is now excelling and more and more excited about this new-found talent! Thank you Reece for your expertise and teaching ability!
Sam Sep 14, 2015
· Drum · In home Reece is really patient and knows her stuff, great instructor!
OV Sep 8, 2015
· Hand Drums · In studio She really knows what she is doing! Thanks a ton!
Cristin Sep 8, 2015
· Drum · In home Awesome!
kay Aug 28, 2015
· Djembe · In home Reece not only taught me how to play drums, she taught me how to feel the music and lose myself within it. I find myself hearing music everywhere I go now. It's amazing. She's amazing.
Reece Herrera
Reece H.

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