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Niles, IL

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Rafeh teaches: Ages 5 and up
Special needs
Teaching since: January 2009
Last sign in: Within a month


There is no such thing as talent. You simply need love and passion for what you want to achieve. My main focus is to get you excited about learning new things!

I am a professional software and web developer who is a chess expert and competes in table tennis tournaments on the weekends! There are many things I love doing but I am most passionate about meeting new people and getting them excited about learning new skills. I love waiting patiently and experiencing that moment with my student where they have their "aha" moment!

I have mastered skills in many different fields. My best skill is my ability to clearly communicate my ideas with the student and help guide them through their problems patiently. I have been coaching most of my subjects for over 6+ years now.

Whether your goal is to improve academically by getting A's in your classes, land that perfect job, or improve in sports, I am able to help you in your academic, professional, and athletic pursuits.

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Top 4 Reasons Why You MUST Learn Computer Programming.


Chess Instructor
Jan 2014 - Present
Private Company

I teach chess to elementary school kids. My main goal is to keep them entertained and curious about the game of chess. If a kid loses interest in chess, I take that as a personal failure. I teach classes with up to 110 students in one class.

High School Chess Coach
Aug 2013 - Present
High School

I help coach the chess students. I teach through lectures and many one-on-one lessons with the kids and we have placed top 10 in the entire state for the last 4 years.

Freelance Software and Web Developer
Jan 2012 - Present

Some clients hire me to help them with their jobs. While many others have hired me to help them or their kids improve their grade, confidence, and or skill. I also help develop websites for my clients based on their needs using technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript, Wordpress, and even Flask (A python framework). I have helped many clients establish their businesses by helping them build their website, create business cards, market their work, and by teaching them about SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. SEO is especially important because it helps you rank better on Google Rankings which leads to more traffic -- translating to more sales for you.

I take a holistic approach when it comes to creating a solution for my clients. While many developers take pride in their expertise in one specific technology, I find that the pragmatic approach is to be well versed and well rounded. This generally helps me create solutions for my clients that otherwise might not have been possible when trying to only use one tool for the job.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Apr 2016 - Present
The University of Illinois at Chicago
High-School Diploma
Sep 2008 - May 2012
Niles North High School

Languages Spoken

Fluent / Native Proficiency
Fluent / Native Proficiency


Principles of Computing (Part 2)
Nov 2015
Coursera Course Certificates

An online programming course offered by Rice University.

Principles of Computing (Part 1)
Oct 2015
Coursera Verified Certificates

An online programming course offered by Rice University.

An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python (Part 1)
Apr 2015
Coursera Verified Certificates

An online programming course offered by Rice University.

May 2014

I am a Cisco Certified Networking Associate and can handle small to medium sized networks.


3rd Place at Chicago Class USCF Chess Tournament (Under 2100)
Jul 2013
United States Chess Federation
1st Place at State High School K-12 Championships
Feb 2012
United States Chess Federation
1st Place Overall at Knights/Square Table Scholastic Chess Tournament (Rating Group 1400-1599)
Jun 2011
United States Chess Federation
1st Place in National High School K-12 USCF Championships (Chess Rating 1600-1699)
Apr 2011
United States Chess Federation
1st Place at West Chicago Invitational Scholastic Chess Tournament
Mar 2010
United States Chess Federation
1st Place at State High School K-12 Championships
Feb 2010
United States Chess Federation
3rd Place at Naitonal Youth Action K-12 Bughouse Championships
Nov 2009
United States Chess Federation
1st Place at West Chicago Invitational
Mar 2009
United States Chess Federation


United States Chess Federation
Jan 2008

The United States Chess Federation (USCF) is the official, not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) US membership organization for chess players and chess supporters of all ages and strengths, from beginners to Grandmasters. Our mission is to empower people through chess one move at a time. Our vision is to enrich the lives of all persons and communities through increasing the play, study, and appreciation of the game of chess.

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Miles Jan 15, 2017
· Python · In studio Qazi is a serious tutor; I like that about him. He is also very intelligent. What I like about Qazi is that he balances the simple and the complex very skillfully. We reviewed terminal commands and started with Python. He knows his stuff but he doesn't brag. He lets the results speak for themselves. I am proud to be his student.
no N. Aug 30, 2016
· Computer Programming · Online As a complete beginner in computer programming I had no idea where to start. Rafeh was able to help me gain a better understanding of the numerous languages and point me in the right direction. Awesome teacher and nice guy.
John Aug 24, 2016
· Computer Programming · Online I have been working with Rafeh for 6 months and the results are far better than I could have imagined. When I started, I was a total programming novice. I began an online Coursera class in R programming and Rafeh’s help was the only way I could have completed it. He is a flexible and patient teacher. I found that he was committed to my full understanding of foundational concepts. He was not merely concerned with getting the answers right and getting through the class. Together, he guided me through several online courses using both Python and R. He has given me enough of a programming base to be accepted into a master’s program for analytics. This wouldn’t have been possible without his help.

Rafeh is a pleasure to work with. He has a friendly demeanor and is flexible with his scheduling. He is very knowledgeable in computer science, yet is able to explain to a total beginner. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone.
Bridget B. Aug 16, 2016
· Microsoft Word · In studio This was the best experience!! Rafeh was professional, on time and know his stuff.
Alexandre G. Jun 12, 2016
· Video Production · Online Very helpful, above my expectations.
Tyler Vu May 25, 2016
· Python · Online Rafeh is the greatest instructor you could have. He walked me through every step and taught me. He also showed me how to learn python on my own time when he is not teaching me. Most other instructors before him would probably have just given me code and never taught me. Then they would ask for more money to do another lesson. However, Rafeh shows me courses and websites that would teach me how to learn deeper into Python. Most other instructors out there would probably just keep me in the dark about those websites, so I would become dependent on them.
Tova K. May 7, 2016
· Chess · In home Rafeh came to our house to teach my nieces and daughters how to play (ages 8, 6, 6 and 4). He has great energy, really nice person who is passionate about chess and explained things in ways that we all could understand. He is a fantastic. Would highly recommend him to anyone interested in chess. Best-in-class.
Kevin O. May 7, 2016
· WordPress · Online Rafeh was very unprofessional. Was told by Take lessons that he is one of the best, so I booked him for 3 sessions to help me with a Wordpress website I am already building.

He was very engaging up until my payment was made, I also have a business and teach Photography, so I understand customer service and professionalism in this sector.

I needed just some tweaks as I already have been working on the site myself. These tweaks would help me in bettering my business website. When I booked, the only day he had available was a week out. That was not good for me, so I emailed him about this. No response for three days, so emailed him again, no response. At this point my lesson was three days away, so I just figured he wasn't going to get back to me until my original session. The night before my paid session still nothing, so I emailed him again on how this lesson will be taking place. Rafeh finally sends an email back for me to download something to take the lesson, but with no info, He just wrote "download this"

Day of my lesson I waited with again no word from Rafeh, so 15 minutes before the lesson was suppose to start I emailed him asking whats up.

Rafeh sends an email back telling me that he is very busy with school finals and could we postpone this.

We sure did, indefinitely with a call to the company about how unprofessional he is. Now Take Lessons tells me that he has done this to others as well. Thanks for the info guys.

Refah, I'm sure your going to read this. As a professional photographer with many international awards and publishings over the past 40 years, clients don't really care about all your awards when they hire you as a business professional to help them.

Talk is cheap man
Inessa Apr 24, 2016
· Chess · Online Coach Rafeh Q. is amazing! From day one I felt that he is very experienced himself and that he has a great talent to teach kids! Not everyone has it and I was very happy that we found him for our son! From day one, we have been practicing playing online and he was explaining everything about the moves and the best moves that could have been done. He gives homework and checks it. While sitting at my classes with son, I also learned a lot. I highly recommend him for kids and adults lessons.
Lucas Apr 18, 2016
· JavaScript · Online My son loved his first session and is excited to continue.
Rafeh Qazi
Rafeh Q.

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