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Rae L.
Teaches Online
Tutor with Master degree in Language and Learning and speaks Mandarin Chinese
I tutor beginners who are learning English as a second language.
About Rae L.

I offer online sessions for standard Mandarin Chinese. There are two types of sessions that I provide. One is homework help, test preparation, etc. You can send me the documents that you want to work on. The other type of session that I do is structured lessons with vocabulary, sentences, dialogues, and so on. I follow a set curriculum and use textbooks for the sessions. You can order the textbook online. I teach both everyday Chinese and business Chinese. I am a native Mandarin Chinese speaker from northern China where Mandarin Chinese is born. I graduated from a Chinese university and learned to teach a second language from a graduate school in the US and graduated with a 3.88 GPA and scholarships. I have been tutoring Mandarin Chinese since 2018. I have worked with students from 14 to 80 years old, ranging from K-12, college, working and retired adults, and homeschooled students. Right now I am specialized in beginner Chinese. My passion is to be a language teacher. I think it would be great if I could help you learn Chinese while doing what I love. I am patient, easygoing, and punctual. I can be flexible with the schedule, too. I am in the Eastern time zone. My availability can be found on my profile. Looking forward to hearing from you. 大家好! 我的母语是中文, 我能够准确地使用普通话和简体字。我教过中小学生中文, 辅导过大学生的中文作业, 也帮助过职场和退休人士提高汉语水平。我在本科毕业后移民到美国, 并获得了语言习得专业的硕士学位。我对语言教学很有热情。如果可以在你学习汉语的过程中助你一臂之力, 那将是我的荣幸。中文并不像大家想的那么难学, 而且学起来会相当的有趣。选择一个好老师很重要。所以赶快联系我吧!如果可以,请告诉我你曾有过的任何和中文相关的学习经历,你的学习目标, 以及你想要上课的时间。我会尽我最大的努力来满足你的需求。

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