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Prefeti A.
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Become an expert from an corporate experienced IT professional
I can help students understand how to use power point and make them well versed in this tool so that they start using it in very often as needed. I have about 17 years of IT experience and still ongoing. Have enough knowledge of the tool and teaching experience to help assist you.
About Prefeti A.

Hi, This is Prefeti, have been teaching students of all ages since 2005. I am originally from Jaipur in India and am fun loving easy going no frill simple person.I like teaching Hindi to both children and adults, have experience teaching elementary subjects to students . I also have experience and like to teach science and math's . Apart from offering Hindi and elementary subjects, I also offer Cooking classes. Hindi is the language that we speak at home .I help both kid/adults learn Hindi writing and be conversational at the same.I customize my lessons to suit students need. I help develop their liking towards the language, depending on student I use several methods- pictures, audio or just verbal. Teaching by using pictures and videos, I familiarize them with the hindi vocabulary. I use creative ways to stimulate young minds and keep revising their understanding as well for lesson practice. Learning Hindi can help communicate with relatives/friend/cousins who are In India or communicate with older relatives sometime when they are not very fluent in English. At the same time I can also teach you about Indian Culture, Style, kind of Tourist guide if you are interested. Cooking is one of my other passion as well and I have deep interest in cooking and teach healthy vegetarian Indian food in a very hygienic method. As I am a working IT professional , I have enough experience and knowledge of teaching Microsoft tools - Office, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Windows or help with any of your project management skills. I teach Math as well as it is my favorite subject and I prefer teaching elementary math and science subjects until K- 5.

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