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Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
First of all, my classes are fun and interesting. I adapt the content, strategy, mood, activities and level according to the student´s needs and age level. They are student centered, meaning the student participates almost just about as much as the teacher, in other words, they are very dynamic. I utilized a hands-on communicative approach intertwined with mixed strategies for the purposes of inclusivity, as every person is unique, whatever is your strength in learning, I will cover it. I work on the pronunciation to try to get the learner to pronounce as close to a native speaker as possible. My classes are in a spirel shape which go forward and backwards to reinforce the previous learning, and steady evaluation. I tell the student about the Hispanic culture and history and the similarities among the English language or other languages that I have knowledge. My classes are curriculum based, they follow a pattern of real-life functionality combined with grammar to produce effective language communication. My classes start with a short activity to catch the student´s attention. Then, there is a warm-up acitivity, which could be related to the day´s class, previous class or both. Follows an activity that introduces the objective of the class. Immediately, the body of the class combined with productive activities (the student produces language: written or oral). At last the closure: an activity that allows the student to produce what he or she learned during the class.
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I focus in getting the student happy, meaning, quality of classes provided and a good relationship. That said, I do an assessment of the student´s needs and objective for taking the Spanish language classes. Following that, I develop a custumized curriculum according to those needs. Every student is unique, therefore, I adapt to that student after having a few classes. Then, I provide that specific mood and ambience for the classes. I am a native Spanish Speaker. I posses the soft qualities needed for a teacher to be successful, specially in the language teaching arena. I am sociable, patient, detail oriented, cooperative, flexible and creative. While was pursuing my Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, I worked for a language institute teaching Spanish and English. I taught students of all age levels. Two years later after finishing my Bachelor´s degree, I obtained a scholarship to pursue a Master of Arts in Management. Immediately after I graduated, I work as a Bilingual (Spanish-English) Educational Assistant for Saint Paul Public Schools. With these business knowledge on hand and the experience of teaching English and Spanish, I developed published an eBook named: Business Spanish Language Course for beginners. I have developed substantial educational teaching experience in the language arena, in language institutes, technical business institutes, corporate training, and high school teaching, as is shown on my resume. I have just finished working as a Spanish, Life Skills and Speech and Debate Teacher for Jefferson Preparatory High School, from Aug. 2019 to May 2020. I taught Spanish I, II and III from 9th to 12th grade with a strong focus on student-centered classes which resulted in high engagement. I promoted the parents’ involvement and I am willing to establish a Spanish Club as an extracurricular activity. Also, I worked as a Spanish Instructor at Northern Arizona University for 2 years, from 2017 to 2019. Before this, I worked in Obair, I trained a communicational-business goal for Corporate Executives. First, we diagnose the customer. Then, we plan an integrated communicational business goal according to the customer’s needs. Some of the training were: negotiations theory and practice (utilizing business cases, in audiovisual equipment), making presentations, and written communication. I posses the educational background and the teaching professional experience to meet and exceed your Spanish language learning.


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Master of Arts in Teaching Spanish: linguistics, pedagogy and literature
Aug 2017 - May 2019
Northern Arizona University
Master of Arts in Management
Jan 2002 - Dec 2003
Hamline University
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