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Patrick delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Ages 18 to 70

Teaching since:
October 2002

Levels Taught: Beginner, intermediate, advanced and corporate level executives, managers and directors.

About Patrick
Patrick teaches: Ages 18 and up to the executive level in corporations

Teaching since: September 2002


My name is Patrick, and I was born and educated in Paris, France. My native language is French. I am proficient in Italian and Spanish as well and I have been teaching French since 2002.

My primary goal is to provide the highest quality language to my learners in a fun, nurturing, and culturally-rich environment.

My students' ages vary. I have taught beginners to advanced as well as adults who work with corporations sending managers, directors, and senior executives to France. I have successfully taught adults in the business field to comfortably speak conversational French.

I design my lesson to varying students' goals . I can help with accent correction, pronunciation and fluidity. I also teach grammar, assist with readings, writings, translations and interpretations. I find this approach works for varying situations. Everyone learns at different paces. My goal is to challenge you, and make you comfortable as I present the material in a way that you will find it interesting as you grasp the language. I hope you will understand French, feel comfortable in using it in the classroom, casual business interaction, or in general conversation if you are planning a pleasure or business trip to France.

I enjoy French literature and I incorporate it into my lessons. I find that students can relate to different things, such as artwork, history lessons, or even ordering in a restaurant. Incorporating literature makes the experience enjoyable, and the rate of success in learning the language has a higher retention rate among my students.

In a tutoring session, I will find out what you really need, and I will help you to achieve your goals. We will work together to discover what areas on which you wish to concentrate; (literature, essay and writing help, pronunciation,reading fluency, grammar, etc). I will create lesson plans to guide you through your learning process. I believe everyone has the potential to achieve success. I can give you my word that I will help you make that happen.

The international exposure to the corporate environment gave me an insight into the importance of cultural awareness and communication skill in various languages. This inside view of the corporate world also enables me to understand exactly what is needed by a corporate client.

I only teach what I know best: the French language and French culture. I have lived and worked in the United States for several years. I can help you compare both countries and establish linguistic and cultural bridges between them.

I emphasize providing professionals with the essential communication skills needed to handle a French corporate environment. The course specifically deals with areas such as telephone conversation in French, a letter, an e-mail, and presenting to a French audience. In addition, I teach communication for corporate meetings in French, French business etiquette, French diplomacy, legal French, travel logistics, and essentials of the French culture.

The course will provide you with the ability to interact more confidently when visiting a French-speaking country or dealing with French-speaking nationals.

Taking my course will help build rapport, and strengthen relationships with French-speaking colleagues and clients. Also, it will help you demonstrate goodwill and facilitate international communication at both the personal and organizational level.

I am a member of the French-American Chamber of Commerce in New York.


I also offer guidance and assistance in preparation for examinations, including the TCF, DELF and DALF.

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Jul 2011 - Present

I have been teaching French for many years, but in 2012 I decided to concentrate my efforts on teaching in the private sector. With my experience, I was able to incorporate my prior knowledge into my approach in working with students in today's world. Working with U.S. companies is one focus, and teaching them conversational French is another. With students, things are different in 2016 than they were in 2000. Finding ways to keep it current but useful, and keep the student engaged is always a challenge.

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Jul 2007 - Present
Techno Recruiting Solution Group, Inc.

At Techno Recruiting Solutions, through training and coaching, we help French and U.S. based companies find the best and brightest talents for their organizations. In order to obtain positions most of the people have to become fluent in French and this is the service we provide, as well.

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Oct 2001 - Apr 2015
Techno Solutions Group, Inc.

Recruiting, coaching, communication. We worked mainly with US companies and French companies doing business in the US.


License in French literature.
Oct 1973 - Jun 1974
University of Paris, La Sorbonne.
Bachelor of Science
Sep 1970 - Jun 1973
University of Paris


Fluent / Native Proficiency
French, Italian, English
Fluent / Native Proficiency
Professional Proficiency


French Language and civilization
Jun 1975
University of Paris La Sorbonne.

License in French literature
Jun 1974
La Sorbonne, Paris

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Photo by Patrick R.

Photo by Patrick R.

Photo by Patrick R.
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Tina Feb 4, 2016
French · In studio

Best French teacher I've ever had.

Jennifer Jan 27, 2016
French · In studio

My boyfriend is French. We live together and have discussed moving to France in the future. I need to know the language to get a job so I started taking lessons with Patrick. He is a wonderful teacher and while I have been taking lessons for only a few months now, I have made noticeable progress. I tried to learn French before (in group classes or with a teacher who is a non-native speaker) without any results and a big hole in my pocket from money not well spent! Having one-on-one lessons with Patrick, a native French speaker, has been extremely helpful to me, especially for pronunciation and cultural knowledge. I really like the text books that we are using as well. Learning a new language is not easy, but if you do the work and put in the time, Patrick will help you achieve your goals. I'm shy, I get embarrassed when I make mistakes, but Patrick makes you feel comfortable and slowly I have become more confident and willing to try and speak French. Speaking, having conversations is the only way to learn and remember. I am still new, so I am focused on vocabulary, verbs and sentence structure now-- the basic foundations. I plan on continuing my lessons with Patrick and look forward to learning grammar, complex writing/speaking and business culture in the future once I have a more solid foundation / comprehension / confidence speaking. My boyfriend is very happy with my progress so far and Patrick's easy-going, friendly personality keeps you positive and wanting to learn more!

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Jackie Jan 8, 2016
French · In home

Patrick is a great teacher who has helped me progress in my French. He will help improve your pronunciation dramatically! My French friends are impressed with how much I've improved with Patrick's help.

Patrick is a real pro. He's punctual, makes the journey to my apartment rain or shine, and he’s generous with his time. Beyond that, Patrick makes lessons interesting with conversations about French culture, slang, politics, music or whatever you fancy. This is important because native French speakers will of course discuss these things and it's good to know the related vocabulary. I enjoy his company as a person and look forward to my lessons each week.

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Thanos Jan 6, 2016
French · In home

Patrick is an excellent tutor, authentic French speaker with insight into the French language and culture. Balancing properly work with fun, co-operation with him guarantees best results.

Janine Dec 29, 2015
French · In studio

Patrick was one of the best teacher's I've every had and made learning French easy and enjoyable!

Kelsey Nov 25, 2015
French · In studio

It was always my dream to speak French fluently and after just three lessons, I am already speaking with my friends and coworkers like a natural.

Patrick is a fantastic teacher but more so than this he is a patient and kind person; one who works with my-and all of his students'-busy work schedules. You will not regret choosing Patrick as a your professor.

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Lisa A. Nov 10, 2015
French · In studio

Patrick is a very good and patient teacher. I will recommend him for anyone considering private tuition.

Nick Oct 15, 2015
French · In home

During a five-week visit to New York, I had a weekly French lesson with Mr Ricciuti. This improved my more or less intermediate French significantly, and it was a real pleasure. A happy customer.

Steffen Sep 9, 2015
French ·

Patrick provides excellent French language training for all proficiency levels. Whether or not you has any prior knowledge or experience speaking and/or reading French, Patrick will help you significantly enhance and expand your skills.

Linda Powell Sep 5, 2015

Patrick is extremely professional and helpful. I highly recommend his services.

Louis Sep 4, 2015
French · In home

I have known Patrick for years. We would argue politics (politely) regularly, but he could do it in three languages. He usually won the argument. In order to be a great language teacher, you must first be a "people" person. Patrick is that and much more. Be ready to learn a lot and enjoy the passion of speech.

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Stewart Sep 3, 2015
French · In studio

Patrick's joie de vivre animates the learning of the language in ways that must be experienced rather than described. French is more than a language and more than a culture, it is living life to the fullest with that certain je ne sais quoi that makes Patrick an exemplar of all things French. Rather than being a chore, learning from him is like participating in a celebration of life. Bonsoir, mon ami.

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sonia Sep 3, 2015
French · In studio

I have a basic knowledge of French and with Patrick, it's an easy, comfortable procession of learning and conversing.

Emmanuel Sep 3, 2015
French · In studio

Patrick is a great instructor! Does a excellent job with putting me at ease and helping picking up the French language.
Parick is the Best!!

Robin Sep 3, 2015
French · In home

Patrick is a fantastic language instructor. He speaks French, Italian and English fluently. He is very patient but passionate about culture, languages and travel! I've learned a great deal from him. I highly recommend him as a language instructor!

john Aug 25, 2015
French · In studio

Patrick is a great teacher , he is passionate about France its culture its history and its culinary art . His classes are very interesting as he talks about everything "with his cute little accent" .His patience with the students is endless.

In short an awesome teacher with the right skills which makes you want to go back.

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Karen Aug 24, 2015

Patrick's delivery of material is wonderful. His pleasant demeanor and sense of humor made my experience quite enjoyable. He was knowledgeable, kind, and extremely patient with me.

Justin E. Aug 21, 2015
· In studio

I was traveling to Paris and hired Patrick to help me brush up on my French. He was patient and made the sessions interesting and fun. I would highly recommend Patrick as a language teacher to anyone who is looking to learn or sharpen their French. Italian, or Spanish.

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Kristina Harrington Aug 20, 2015
French ·

I had a wonderful experience with Patrick as my teacher. He really knows how to connect with the students on their own level. I learned so much from him. I look forward to continue to learn from him

Joannah Bell Aug 20, 2015
French · In studio

Great teacher! I liked that he has real world business experience which is difficult to find in a language instructor. He was able to provide a cultural context for language learning, and was very patient. I would highly recommend him.

Stephen Aug 20, 2015
French · In studio

Excellent instructor! Very patient and easy to follow. I would recommend him to anyone wishing to learn French

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