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New Brunswick, NJ

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Levels Taught:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Students can expect to develop a greater self-awareness, a keen sense of truth, a heightened ability to "behave truthfully under imaginary circumstances", an ability to authentically connect with other actors and the circumstances of the script, and understanding from an artist/teacher who has considerable acting and directing experience and therefore knows what it means to be an actor.
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Othell delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Ages 12+

Teaching since:
August 1998

Othell J. Miller is a passionate & innovative professional artist/educator dedicated to meeting humanity's need for enlightening, empowering, and entertaining art. He has been seriously engaged in the art and craft of acting since a teen. Subsequently, he pursued two theater related degrees, the most recent being a MFA in Acting from Rutgers, Mason Gross School of the Arts.

He has taught Acting & Public Speaking for the last eighteen years, both on a collegiate and secondary school level. Moreover, he's acted in or directed numerous high quality theater productions.

Mr. Miller's primary objective as an artist/educator is to foster in others both self-awareness and a greater understanding of the human condition. He believes meaningful, technically sound arts' instruction aids in self-reflection & offers profound revelations about life.

He is most concerned with aiding orators and actors in delivering authenticity on stage or on screen. Therefore, his work pushes the orator or actor to develop a greater self awareness, a strong sense of truth, an ability to actively listen, and a bravery to connect with other actors and the circumstances of the script. Mr. Miller is also invested in the development and use of both precise diction and a natural, confident, and compelling voice.

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Theater Arts Educator
Oct 2005 - Present
Plainfield Public Schools District

*Currently provide rigorous theater arts instruction for students in grades 7-12 at the Plainfield Academy for the Arts & Advanced Studies.

Public Speaking Instructor
Sep 2002 - May 2005
Middlesex County Community College

*Taught Public Speaking-Introduction to the theory and practice of public address; the study of representative public addresses and the preparation and delivery of short speeches.

Aug 1998 - May 1999
University of Florida

*Taught Oral Performance of Literature-Introduced the presentational mode of interpreting literature with emphasis on the improvement and application of acting/vocal skills.


MFA in Acting
Sep 1999 - May 2002
Rutgers, Mason Gross School of the Arts
BS in Speech Communication & Theater
Jan 1994 - May 1998
Tennessee State University

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Othell J. Miller

A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry

Josiah's Kidd by Tylie Shider
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Rachel Jun 15, 2016
Acting ·

Othell brings a mature artistry and a professional approach to his teaching style. He maintains high expectations for students and motivates them them to achieve their goals. Not only have I witnessed Othell's success in helping students to grow in theatre/acting, he inspires students' personal growth and confidence. As a director, his productions are thoughtful, relevant, and ambitious. I can only imagine how useful, effective, and enjoyable his one-on-one sessions would be!

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Keyshawna J. Jun 13, 2016
Acting · In studio

Mr. Miller has a passion for acting and teaching and it is clear he loves doing both. He has been my acting instructor for 6 years and under his direction he has crafted my raw talent into a full fledged artistry. With him as my instructor he has helped me craft audition material that, after my execution, turned into an acceptance from two college level conservatories. I highly recommend Mr. Miller, his passion combined with his qualifiation will take your talent to the next level. You just have to want it!

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Ann Jun 10, 2016
Acting · In studio

Mr. Miller is an extraordinary teacher, mentor and communicator. His ability to engage, motivate and challenge young people is highly regarded. He encourages students to find their own voice through acting and public speaking. I have known him to support, guide and inspire students throughout high school and college; and in all areas of life. Mr. Miller is a phenomenal individual.

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Irene Jun 7, 2016
Acting · In studio

Mr. Miller is an outstanding teacher. He taught me so much about acting. Especially in my case, learning to find my voice and to look deeply into character motivation. I am a poet and playwright so he also helps me prepare to present myself as a spoken word poet and to prepare for when I am in the spotlight at various events with large audiences. He is kind and genuine in his analysis of my work. I recommend him to anyone looking to perfect their craft!

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Landon Jun 7, 2016
Acting · In studio

Othell is a gifted and passionate communicator, teacher, mentor, and artist. Othell is able to explain concepts in a simple and concise way that has made it easier for me to understand and improve upon my craft as an artist and individual. From my experience with him he is always sharing valuable information about life and always emphasizes ways to build character and better oneself. Under his guidance I have been purposefully challenged and sincerely encouraged.

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Pam Jun 7, 2016
Acting · In studio

It has been my pleasure to witness Othell Miller do what he does best. He has the incredible ability to capture the attention of young people, motivate through communication and take words off of paper and make them come to life on stage. He is a forward thinker with the ability to articulate wisdom and truth. He is a gift that will touch the lives of the young and the old for generations to comes.

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Gerald Delk Jun 6, 2016
Acting · In studio

I really appreciate Othell's authentic, insightful leadership. He is a very inspiring director. I have attended several performances led by him and am impressed with the quality of the performance by students. Their ability to perform beyond their "years" is a testament to Othell's leadership. His depth of knowledge and passion is impressive.

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Aishah Jun 3, 2016
Acting · In studio

A great instructor who has helped me evolve as an actress. Under his instruction I had the opportunity to learn what a true actor is in the world of theater.

Elhajj Jun 2, 2016
Acting · In studio

During my soptmore year in high school, I decided I wanted to be an actor. So I took an acting class under Othell and after spending Three years of under his guidance, I started to realize a major consistent growth. I had a far better understanding of acting techniques, and phonetics which is the study and classification of speech sounds. While training under Mr. Miller at the Plainfield Academy for the Arts and Advanced Studies, he gradually guided me through the process of character development, speech, and script analysis. Othell is not only a great instructor, but he is also a great mentor. When I graduated high school I was only accepted into one college drama program which was not one of my top choices. Othell encouraged me to find some new audition materials and come back to see him so we can work on the scripts. Almost every day we worked on the audition pieces, and he helped me find a genuine connection to my characters. When the hard work was done I performed my audition pieces and I got accepted into my number two school of choice; Pace University BFA Acting. Speaking from experience I admit that Othell miller is a very wise as well as knowledgeable instructor. Whether you spend thirty minutes or an hour with him, I guarantee you will leave with some food of knowledge. I personally always consult with Othell miller when I’m in need of guidance.

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Samantha Jun 2, 2016
Acting · In studio

Mr. Miller is an expert in his field. He enjoys assisting students with reaching their potential as both actors and individuals and excels at demonstrating how students can apply the skills they hone in his courses to their work on the stage and in their daily lives. He provides constructive, thoughtful, and encouraging feedback to his students, and he demonstrates an exceptional knowledge of his craft. Mr. Miller is willing to work with any student and is enthusiastic about his work. I would highly recommend Mr. Miller as a teacher. Students who are enthusiastic about Acting or Public Speaking and willing to challenge themselves will take away a good deal from working with this instructor.

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Stefanie Jun 2, 2016
Acting · In studio

Othell Miller is an asset to student development. He is passionate, hard working, compassionate, patient, and kind. Othell works hard to bring out the BEST each student has to offer. It's always a pleasure to be in his presence. I love to see him work!

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Rayman Jun 2, 2016
Acting · In studio

Mr. Miller is an amazing mentor, leader, father-figure, advisor, and coach. He is a well rounded human being in all aspects of his life; emotionally, physically, and personally, just to name a few. Personally he has enhanced my talent and gifting in a way no one else could. If you're looking for someone to magnify your talent beyond your own mentality, Othell J. Miller is the man for the job!

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Melanie Ford Jun 2, 2016
Acting · In studio

Mr. Othell Miller is a consummate professional with a wealth of experience and training in the performance arts. He is an artistic genius when it comes to acting, directing, play selection, character development and production quality. Moreover, his methodology in preparing and showcasing young artists is brilliant. As a result, students and audiences alike, walk away from his productions inspired, uplifted, in awe and forever changed for the better. Over the years, I've been fortunate to attend many of his productions in which he has either produced, directed or starred in....and I must say, they all maintained the highest quality of artistic excellence. Mr. Miller is a teacher's teacher. His knowledge, expertise and hands on approach, coupled with his compassion and dedication to the arts and his students is AMAZING!!! We need more teachers like Othell Miller.

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Montague Jun 2, 2016
Acting · In studio

Othell is a very passionate and motivating instructor. I recommend him to anyone that wants to participate in acting or public speaking. *huge thumbs up*

Nikkole Jun 2, 2016
Acting · In studio

Othell is a passionate and meticulous instructor who uses the spirit of honesty and love to guide his students to manifest the best versions of themselves in the work. He is wholistic and specific in his approach, recognizing that learning styles vary from student to student, and curates various points of entry to the work. You'd be hard pressed to find someone more supportive, committed, thorough and experienced than Mr. Miller.

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Tylie Jun 1, 2016
Acting · In studio

Othell has worked diligently over the years to aide me in workshopping and producing my plays in the NJ/NYC area. He works first as a dramaturg to build a relationship w/ the playwright/script in order to dissect the script line by line. This sort of grassroots work puts him in a position to guide/direct the actors in analyzing their script. By the time actors are on their feet they've already began to create nuanced work from his direction. It is his experience on stage and in the classroom both as teacher and student that continues to fuel his effective instruction.

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Katara Jun 1, 2016
Acting · In studio

Mr.Miller is a wonderful instructor, who exhibits a tremendous amount of love for his students. I will always have a life long appreciation for Mr.Miller not allowing personal or outside emotions or/and factors to affect his teaching style.

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