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nupur teaches: Ages 10 and up
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I am an expert in Biology, biochemistry, cell biology, immunology, microbiology, molecular biology, and life sciences. But I can teach you basic math and Chemistry up to undergraduate level.

I have a graduate degree in Molecular Biology, a masters in Physical Chemistry, and a bachelors in science (India).

I am currently involved in researching how diets can affect our health

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The amazing world of cells! How cells are not created equal!


Visiting Assistant Professor
Dec 2016 - Present
Washington State University

I am working to develop a course in Immunology and contribute to developing a curriculum for a minor in allied health and molecular biology.

Assistant Professor (Ad Hoc)
Sep 2016 - Present
Clark College

I am teaching general chemistry to premed and prenursing students.

Research assistant Professor
Jan 2010 - Present

Summary of my research Interests: Many a genetically complex diseases such as cancers have ineffective chemotherapeutic treatment options. Decades of research has gone into determining the cause of each different type of cancer, and develop therapies to effectively treat them. However, it is well recognized that diets rich in green leafy vegetables and hence diet derived phyto-nutrients influence disease development. I am interested in developing a preventive strategy to minimize cancer occurrence. I think that a knowledge based useful dietary regimens for enhancing the efficacy of current therapies will better outcomes for patients.

To address these concerns my lab currently focuses on autophagic cell death, a highly regulated PCD pathway, regulated by kinase mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR; also known as FRAP1), mediated by complex intracellular membrane/vesicle reorganization and lysosomal activity. It can either be involved in the turnover of long-lived proteins and whole organelles in a generalized manner or can specifically target distinct organelles (mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum) imposed by limiting metabolites. Although autophagy mostly allows cells to adapt to stress, massive autophagy can also kill cells. Various phytonutrients affect autophagy and apoptosis in cell culture cancer model such as ovarian cancer. To determine the contribution of each of these mechanisms by which cruciferous vegetables might be utilized to decrease ovarian cancer risk and used as ligands that enhance the efficacy of current day therapies.

The genetic variation in cell lines are often unknown confounding applicability of results: Our preliminary analysis of the EOC and prostate cancer (PCa) cell lines (GST variants unknown), treated with SFN in a time course of varying SFN doses showed 1) varying sensitivity of cells to SFN close to physiologic concentration ( ≤ 10 µM/L); 2) varying induction of key autophagy marker mRNA and proteins; and 3) differences in HDAC inhibition timing and extents. Further we determined that beclin-1, an autophagy essential protein, may be a key molecule targeted by SFN with si-RNA screen. As GST SNPs in EOC may create metabolic deficits, it is reasonable to investigate whether the interaction of known GST SNPs alter SFN mediated HDAC inhibition and PCD signatures to impact cell survival in vitro. If successful we will inform future studies aimed at developing personalized diets to enhance the health of women who might reliably benefit from an individualized dietary strategy to help prevent disease and prolong health through dietary intervention.

Our overall working hypothesis is that genetic variation ( SFN metabolizing GST genes) may affect SFN mediated HDAC inhibition leading to measurable PCD signatures in benign and cancer cells. We further hypothesize that SFN induced beclin-1 is the key molecular basis of PCDII induction, and communication between PCDI and II through PI3K-Akt-mTOR pathway.


Sep 1992 - Sep 1997
University of California Irvine
M. Sc.
Jun 1986 - Jul 1988
Lucknow University

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American Chemical Society
May 2014

ACS is a congressionally chartered independent membership organization which represents professionals at all degree levels and in all fields of chemistry and sciences that involve chemistry.

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kirsa Aug 5, 2016
· Science · In home
FIVE STARS: My experience with Nupur was awesome. She was kind, knowledgeable, punctual and flexible in her scheduling.She was also willing to work evenings and Saturdays in order to meet my challenging schedule. She was always present in mind and spirit. I am very happy to have found her.
Peter May 13, 2016
· Biochemistry · In home
Dr. Pande changed my perspective on Biochemistry. I will be taking my MCATs with a sense of confidence I did not have. She is simply awesome!!!! Her concepts are very clear, she works with me to solve problems and challenges me to learn. I will highly recommend her.
regina Feb 27, 2016
· Biology · Online
this woman pretends to know the subject she teaches. stay away from her.
nupur pande
Nupur P.

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