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Learn to play the flute with an instructor with 30 years' experience.
Learn the basics to begin playing the flute which include holding the flute properly, hand positions and proper embouchure to get a beautiful sound. If you never had any experience in music reading or production, the basics of note reading, rhythm and musical symbols are covered. You can begin to make beautiful music on the flute!
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I am located in the Tampa, Florida area and I live in Lutz. In addition to providing lessons in your home, or in my studio, I am now available for online lessons through the TakeLessons Classroom! I have enjoyed teaching and helping students of all ages for 30 years in achieving their goals in learning to play their instruments. Educated at Columbus State University with a Bachelor of Music Education degree, I teach many instruments including piano, guitar, including Classical style, banjo, saxophone and clarinet. If you would like to start on the trumpet or trombone, I can help you as well. I specialize in working with the novice player, giving them a solid foundation in instrumental technique and musical knowledge. I can also help those who have some experience on their instruments who are looking to advance. *** Lesson Details *** My goal for every student is to experience learning their instrument in an environment that is both encouraging and rewarding. I exhibit patience with the student knowing what it takes to develop new skills and I work hard in helping each student feel at ease in expressing themselves. I have used many different materials and methods over the years, depending on the individual student's needs and desires to play their music. I do stress learning to read music notation so that you can approach with confidence any piece of music that you would like to play. With the proper dedication, every student can enjoy making music in a short period of time, progressing all the while in their musical journey. *** Specialties *** I have used many of the published methods for all of the instruments over the years. I am always open to any approach that will work for any given student.

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