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Nicole D.
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Start Recording Independently
Recording in a home studio has never been easier, and with a computer and a DAW (digital audio workspace), you're halfway there! If you want to start making music without renting studio space or paying a producer, it's best to learn how to do it yourself. I have been working in Logic Pro X and GarageBand for four years, and can teach you the basics to start recording audio and MIDI. I have made countless demos for my own music, school projects, and collaborations. If you want to learn how to make beats, arrange, or write songs using a DAW, I am happy to assist you. You don't need sound panels or a fancy microphone to get started. In addition to the true recording skills, I can show you how to export a DAW file so you can upload it or share it.
About Nicole D.

Hi, I'm Nicole! I am a Berklee College of Music vocal graduate, with a major in Songwriting and minors in Musical Theater Writing and Musical Theater performance. I have been teaching voice, piano, ukulele, guitar, songwriting, and musical theater (in person and virtually) since 2020. I have extensive experience writing and performing pop, rock, singer-songwriter, and musical theater, but I am also experienced in classical, jazz, folk, and other genres. As a teacher, it's important to me that my students enjoy what they are doing as well as learn a lot. I am happy to focus on anything my students are most interested in learning!