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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Ndiya delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Ages 16 to 25

Teaching since:

I am an aspiring polyglot (a person who speaks several languages) and my dream is to help others reach that goal as well! Being a native English speaker and a fluent conversation level Spanish speaker, I love meeting new people and improving their language skills as well! I work with any teaching style, and if there is something you prefer, I can quickly adapt to best fit your learning needs!

My goal is to get you to a conversational level of speaking English, an English/neutral accent, and a full comprehension of English speakers. Forget about homework, drills, boring vocab and grammar - we'll have fun! And in my eyes, that's the best way to learn. :)


Doctor of Medicine (Medical School)
Sep 2018 - Present
Caribbean Medical University
Biochemical and Biophysical Science
Aug 2017 - May 2018
University of Houston


Fluent / Native Proficiency
Fluent / Native Proficiency

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Me and one of my old Spanish partners/friends! We both also gained trust in each other and are now in a deeper relationship.

¡Saludos! My Spanish partner and friend from Colombia says hi! He has increased his English proficiency score with me. ¡Bien hecho, amigo!


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Sarah Apr 14, 2019
Spanish · Online

Very prepared, patient and knowledgeable.

Susan Apr 12, 2019
Spanish · Online

My lessons with Ndiya was very useful. I needed to prepare for an important travel and she gave me a lot of great tips and advices not only about how to speak correctly in Spanish but what is better to say and what is not and also so helpful slang words. Overall, Ndiya came across as a friendly, funny and easy going person who can help you improve your speaking skills. Highly recommend her.

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Marzia Dec 22, 2018
Spanish · In studio

Ndiya is a very professional and organized teacher. I am stunned by the fact that she herself isn't a Native Spanish speaker. Even so, she has proven herself a great teacher in the fact that she taught herself Spanish in a matter of a short time frame. Imagine with what wonders she could teach others seeking to learn. She is very friendly and kind. She will teach her students at their own pace and use different techniques that could effectively help each individual student learn more efficiently. Her plus factor for the English speakers is the fact that she herself speaks English so it is great when you have trouble understanding Spanish in the beginning. I highly recommend Ndiya to teach any subject there is because of her amazing nature and professionalism.

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Alex Dec 22, 2018
Spanish · Online

I found Ndiya to be precise and extremely focused on working hard to help learning. She made learning fun, interesting, serious and relevant. I'm a slower learning, but Ndiya uses a wide variety of teaching strategies and media to keep the classes interesting, making feel comfortable and confident. I highly recommend Ndiya for any classes she offers. You won't find a better Spanish instructor anywhere. Have fun and enjoy her gift of teaching

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Benson Dec 22, 2018
Spanish · Online

I recommend her with my eyes closed. She is someone, who although is young, teaches like if she had a lifetime teaching, however Ndiya is going to make you understand any doubt you have, from the smallest to the biggest that you could ever had. She is very responsible and open. Ndiya is always attentive to what your deficiencies are and if you have nothing to start with, she already has one. Finally, the best patience, I learned a lot with her. Things that I had never understood before, she made me understand quickly and that I did not have any mistakes. 1000 stars

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Gabriel Dec 22, 2018
English · Online

Las mejores clases las tuve con ella. Es una persona muy enérgica, siempre hace que estés atento y prestándole atención haciendo las lecciones muy dinámicas e interesantes. Te prepara muy bien cuando se trata de una duda y la pone en práctica hasta que entiendas, se encarga muy bien de que hayas comprendido todo. Me ayudo mucho en mis pruebas finales de inglés donde tenía muchas dudas obteniendo la mejor nota.

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Ángel Dec 22, 2018
English ·

Siendo realistas tengo que decir que me ha nencantado las clases , he conseguido aumentar mi nivel de Inglés muchísimo y ahora estoy esperando los resultados de mi examen de nivel C1 ( Advance level) . Además de eso me he dirvertido mientras aprendía , la verdad es que Ndiya tuvo mucha paciencia conmigo 😂.

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Daniel Dec 21, 2018
English · Online

Muy recomendada. Flexible y considerada a la hora de comprender y organizar la disponibilidad de tiempo, mucha seriedad y responsabilidad en la parte de enseñar dando la mayor importancia para que de verdad si aprendas y no tengas dudas o fallos ocacionales. Por último y lo mas importante, se encarga de enseñarte por un y mil formas hasta que entiendas, se aprende muy rápido con ella. Se recomienda muchísimo si quieres avanzar bastante

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Alexander Dec 21, 2018
English · Online

Tutoría por excelencia! Persona responsable y enfocada en dar la mejor atención para enseñar. Toma muy bien en cuenta donde están debilidades, los problemas o errores que mas frecuentas y perfeccionar lo que ya tenías como conocimiento previo. Además de brindar muy buena atención, paciencia, carisma, respeto cuando esta enseñando. Es como si se tratase de una amiga de toda la vida que te esta enseñando

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Andrés Dec 21, 2018
English · Online

Ndiya es una maestra única! Con ella puedes aprender de forma divertida... lo mejor es que he mejorado mi nivel de inglés desde que estoy tomando clases con ella😁

Damaris Dec 21, 2018

Ndiya es una persona bastante inteligente además de amigable y responsable. Ella siempre hará su mejor esfuerzo para enseñarte. Se asegurará de que tu pronunciación sea buena y además proporciona ejemplos muy útiles.
Es dedicada, y siempre obtendrás respuesta a tus dudad, entonces ¡¿qué estás esperando para pronto ser fluido/a en inglés?!

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Laura Dec 21, 2018
Spanish · In home

Ndiya is a great tutor because she is organized and friendly! Ndiya will be prepared and excited for every lesson. Since she worked hard to learn Spanish, she knows how it feels to need extra help with a language. Because of this she will happily break down the information and explain it however many times you need.

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