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Learn how to play Piano or Guitar professionally from expert & a legend with over 30+ experience
Learn how to play Accordion professionally from expert & a legend with over 30+ experience
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Music touches the mind, body and spirit. It is a compelling, meaningful, and powerful force in our lives. The serious study of music is vital to the appreciation and understanding of our culture and the cultures of the world. Through listening, performing, and composing, I create opportunities for those who love to learn music to have a deeper understanding of music with full enjoyment and fun ways to learn fast. I am Known as Mr. B and had been playing music professionally internationally for +25years. Graduated from conservatory institute of music. I am able to sing in more than 5 languages! I play Piano, classical, flamenco, Electric Guitar and Bass Guitar, Pan Flute, and accordion. Also plays Oud which is an oriental instrument like a guitar but with no Frets that will let you play any oriental scale that you wish for any culture and country. Besides, I enjoy playing and teaching Pan Flute and saxophone as well. I have my own recoding Studio, where I have produced lots of records for legend famous singers, Where I performed with them internationally. Being a great composer, and gifted instructor, I enjoy sharing my talent of music to all ages who love music. I was rewarded the most talented musician in Washington DC area by the International TV channel, ART America. Also, performed at the Library of Congress, Greek, Italian, and international festivals, fashion shows, and business conferences. I had performed all around the world; including at the Cathedral of Saint Anthony Church Doncaster, United Kingdom, the opera house of Cairo Egypt. I had been teaching Piano, Guitar, Saxphone, for all different ages at Music and Arts and Guitar center in both Oakton and Sterling Virginia for the past 10 years, and has also been teaching guitar at Harmonia school in Vienna for the past 15 years! I have the gift of sharing my love of music to others through teaching them their favorite songs, styles with adding the musical theory at the same time so the learn experience will be full , fun and enjoyable to all ages.

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B.S. in Music Jazz and sound production