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Morgana D.
Teaches Online
Beautiful and Simple Hand-beaded Jewelry Designs
Have you ever wanted to make your own jewelry? I have and spent a good bit of time looking into styles and designs for hand-beading jewelry. I owned my own jewelry company for a few years and went to various festivals and have done some demonstrations on how to put together simple projects. In classes you will explore color theory and gemstones as well as various patterns of sowing beads together to make jewelry you can appreciate and wear for years to come.
About Morgana D.

Hi everyone! I'm Morgana and I live near Washington, DC in the United States, and I guess I am what you would call an eclectic teacher. I'm into music, art, humanities, and have a background in fine art and accounting, as well as I'm a big foodie and love to cook. Regarding music, I have played the violin since I was 10 years old and have experience playing in various orchestras in middle school and high school. I was also classically trained to sing and play guitar. My current passions regarding music are songwriting and assisting students to be more confident in their performances and passing along information regarding live streaming services and social media. Regarding art I went to school for photography and graphic design, but haven't been practicing in these areas for some time. I also owned my own jewelry company and hope to be offering jewelry making classes soon. For humanities studies, that has always been a passion of mine and have been getting into studying my own ancestry. So if you are a fellow philomath (lover of learning), I would love to see you in one of my classes and share our mutual love of learning.

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Jewelry Design
Teaches Online
Teaches Online
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