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Learn how to tap dance in supportive and encouraging environment!
~For this class tap shoes and a hard wood floor or board to tap on are recommended- however if you want to try it out for the first time, sneakers work as well.~ This class is for you if you want to try something new- no former experience needed and want to learn the basics, or if you have a little bit of experience and want to brush up on your technique. You can either suggest a song, that I will be choreographing to, or we are just working on specific areas, that you choose. Class is always about you. Learn in an encouraging and positive environment. Lessons are customized to each student depending on your goals and needs.
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Hey everyone! My name is Miri and I’m a professional dancer and choreographer originally from Germany, but living in the US. I trained both in Europe and in the US for about 10 years and have been teaching for over 8 years mostly in Hip Hop and Street styles and Tap dance. Additional Classes I offer are: Kpop Choreography -learn the original dance from your favorite Kpop band Audition Prep Weddingchoreography Streetjazz Choreography Flashmob Choreography Yoga Stretch & Strength Chakra Balancing Sessions Please feel free to reach out via the question tool, if you are interested in any of the above mentioned classes. Positive environment in all classes, encouragement, and no pressure. Whether you have experience in dancing or are brand new and just want to try something new for the first time. You are in the right place. Classes are about you!! If you have any questions don't hesitate and contact me through the "ask a question" tool. I can't wait to dance with you! Love, Miri Credits include: various music videos Manhattan Movement & Arts Center- Choreographer Marc Jacobs - NYFW 2020 performance as a dancer Assistant at Broadway Dance Center in NYC for Tap Classes

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