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Levels Taught:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
30 years of experience playing all styles, and over 13 years of private drum and percussion instruction. If you have specific goals on your instrument and need some polishing and a fresh approach to your instrument I have just the curriculum for you! Newbies are also a specialty of mine as the majority of my longest running students, some of whom have been with me for over 8 years, started from scratch. Not only do you get a very qualified and respected teacher, but you get a friend and mentor in the local music scene as well. I have performed professionally in over 25 bands of all instrumentation, size and style you can think of! If there is a specific style that you are into, chances are I have performed many live concerts in that genre and will be able to directly help you achieve the same respective goals. I am more than happy to help you or your son or daughter hone their skills through real world application of Rudiments, Chart Reading, Speed and Endurance drills and Creative Concept Building to greatly increase both comprehension, chops, and ultimately Confidence! My methods are tested and true! Hope to hear from you soon so we can get your drumming skills ready for anywhere that your musical endeavors can take you!

Sincerely, Mike M
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Mike delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Ages 7+

Teaching since:
March 2002


I'm a professional drummer, percussionist, and composer here in Denver offering a fresh new approach to drum instruction. I teach at two separate locations complete with dual drum sets and a complete sound system that allows for both my students and I to play simultaneously and at full live volume!

As a Graduate of the California Institute of the Arts, I've been lucky enough to have studied with some of the most diverse masters of drumset and percussion from several continents around the globe. I've been a player of the drums for over 26 years now, and I'm still practicing and perfecting the art, gaining new friends, students, and live stage experiences on the way.

Let me start by saying that I highly value the freedom that I've been able to enjoy by passionately perusing music as a career. Any field where you get to socialize, interact with other musicians, and have fun performing with your friends, is a dream gig by any measure, but it does take hard work, sacrifice and tenacity to achieve that level of recognition. Fortunately I have the background and skills to not only make our lessons interesting and exciting!, but to also get you up to speed so that you can enjoy the life of a musician as well!!

My Complete Education:

Born in Santa Monica, California, I lived in and around Los Angeles in several areas before moving to Denver in 1990. I began on the Piano at age 4 and slowly gravitated towards playing the drums by my 9th birthday.

My first teacher, AND first mentor in music: Mark Foster (Metro College of Denver & Colorado Symphony Orchestra), At a very early stage he introduced me to Jazz and Latin and gave me a solid understanding of Classical Percussion as well.

My second instructor and Mentor: Jimi Bauchet, whom I took Rock, Progressive Rock, and Fusion lessons from, was a session and commercial artist in Los Angeles during the eighties and nineties.

Upon High School Graduation I left Denver to study percussion with Dr. Pennington at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. It was here that I would get my first taste of performing music on a high art level, as Dr. Pennington was one of Michael Udow's young prodigies when he attended the University of Michigan, a nationally regarded school for the percussive arts.

Two years at Fort Lewis College provided me with the perfect spring board to transfer and I then returned to my home state to earn a degree at the prestigious California Institute of the Arts (CIA). It was here that I had the honor to study with the likes of John Bergamo (Master Percussionist), Randy Gloss (John's closest disciple), Joe Labarbera (Jazz Drumset Master), David Johnson (My Mallet & Orchestral Mentor), Alfred Ledzekpo (African Percussion Tribal Leader), Wenton Welojo (Balinesian Gamelan Master and Celebrity), and Swapan Chardui (THE Tabla Guru, Truly an Honor). The Multi-Focus Curriculum allowed me to study a wide array of disciplines while still receiving a degree based heavily in Classical Percussion. My BFA is essentially a custom built degree with a strong background in Theory, Composition, Jazz Drumset, Tympani, Mallets, and a variety of pitched percussion instruments from around the world.

*** Lesson Details ***
My Personal Philosophy:

In many parts of the world there is no separation between music and culture, and to that end I strive to bring my students closer to the outside world through the strength of their own musical bond. Having music be a part of my life has brought me great opportunities to meet other players and fans of the trade, through which I have experienced some of my most rewarding moments with, as well as making some life-long friends along the way. So to me, MUSIC IS SOMETHING THAT YOU ARE!!!, not just something that you do, and that concept is the fundamental reason why my lessons will often go far beyond just the common practices of instruction, to not only show you WHY you would want to use a certain rhythm or technique, but also HOW to apply it in a real situation in the most musical way. Through the deeper understanding of music, there is an equally deeper understanding of ones self..........

My Approach:

Drumming is a very root level based instrument. It is primal in its nature and very emotionally driven. This is great in many ways, for playing the drums can be meditative, or used to relieve stress and pent-up energy, but the bottom line is that drumming is expressive and FUN!!!

So keep in mind that while there is a student-teacher relationship that I must keep, in order to get my points across, you really should enjoy each and every lesson while you're learning. It's proven that you'll retain more of the information that I'm teaching if I can get you to leave with a SMILE on your face!!

OK, so the real trick to what I do as a teacher that sets me apart is my approach. I don't have a "cookie cutter" format for stamping out drummers that all sound the same and have the same library of beats to pull from. If you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, I will custom tailor a lesson, or a set of lessons in order to maximize our time together, all while allowing you to develop your own individual voice on the instrument.

For beginners, I will set up a more structured program to get you up to the level where we can begin to experiment a little more and be able to play along with some popular songs. Using a few time tested books, some rudimentary exercises, and few hand written examples, you will begin to see results immediately. Together we will keep a binder of notes that contain all of your previous and current exercises, and from lesson to lesson you will be able to see the progress that you are making through your collection of notes and music. With this method I have taught everyone from 5 to 65 how to navigate their way around the drums, so you will be in good company if it's your first time on this instrument.

As far as the intermediate to the advanced player is concerned, well, we are going to have a great time jamming together and sharing amazing contemporary concepts. I will still offer the structured program to anyone that is interested, but for the drummer that already has years of playing under their belt, I really have something special to offer you. Odd time, Mixed Meter, Four Limb Independence, Ostinatos, Displacement, and even Polyrhythm

*** Studio Equipment ***
Pearl Drumsets, Ludwig Drumsets, Sabian cymbals, Istanbul cymbals, DW drum pedals, Various reading materials, a stereo, mixer and isolation headphones for playing along with music tracks at full live volume. Comfortable thrones to sit on while playing. Various instructional DVDs that can be borrowed from time to time.

*** Specialties ***
Music, Drum set, Orchestral Snare Drum Technique, Hand Drums, World Percussion
Moeller Technique, Multi-Fulcrum Technique, Four-Limb Coordination and independence, Odd time, Polyrhythms, Mixed Meter! Capable of teaching drum set Reading and Notation! Also capable of teaching ALL STYLES of music. If you can think of it, I have played it. Too many to list here.

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25 Pro Bands from 1997-Present
Sep 1997 - Present
More than will fit here

If you can think of a type of music that exists, most likely I have performed in that style live on stage proffesionally


BFA Multi Focus Percussion & Jazz Drum Set
Sep 1998 - Dec 2001
California Institute of the Arts (CAL ARTS)


Fluent / Native Proficiency


Outstanding Musicanship in Jazz Drum Set
May 1993
Mile High Jazz Festival Association
2nd Place Colorado State Marching Championships Cherry Creek High School 92-93
Nov 1992
Colorado Marching Association

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Greg Mar 22, 2018
Drum · In studio

Mike is going to be great instructor. He was able to quickly assess my level of experience and we already have the next few lessons planned out. I'd recommend him for any age or style you want to learn.

Margaret Feb 15, 2018
Drum · In studio

Mike is an exceptional teacher. I’ve been a teacher, my parents were both teachers, we pay a lot of tuition to put our children in schools with (theoretically) well-paid and highly qualified teachers: IOW, I am really picky about teachers! Mike is the epitome of patience and clearly devoted to music and instruction. He is professional and conscientious. He kept my son challenged, engaged, and motivated to practice and improve. Truly, Mike is the kind of teacher you wish populated every classroom.

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Christopher Aug 31, 2017
Drum · In studio

Mike is awesome! Super down to earth and easy to talk to. He is understanding and patient and seriously takes the time to help you grasp new concepts and increase comfortability with new styles. He is an incredible musician and really understands the deeper meaning behind any drum style or technique that you are trying to learn. I have been a self taught drummer my whole life and I moved to Denver to attend CU for music after getting out of the Army. Mike helped me to prepare for my entrance exams and my drum kit audition, which I knocked out the park. I am now a full blown music student and officially on path to my dream career. Thank you Mike!! I'm looking forward to more lessons and to continue improving!

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Bruce Aug 21, 2017
Drum · In studio

Mike is very knowledgeable on the drums, and take his students' learning styles into consideration when teaching. Mike is goal and progress oriented in his teaching methodologies. His lessons are always fun, and I've never walked out of a lesson without having learnt something or accomplished something new.

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Bruce Jul 14, 2017
Drum · In studio

Great space, great lesson. First lesson is always a bit tenuous, but Mike just jumped right in and fast forwarded through the bits he could tell I was familiar with, assessing as he went. Mike has an easy teaching style which is very comforting. The hour felt like five minutes - I'm looking forward to future lessons.

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Chance Jan 7, 2017
Drum · In studio

Very knowledgeable and personable; makes the lessons fun; great in-depth experience. One one lesson in but better than could have imagined first impression.

Brendan Dec 10, 2016
Drum · In studio

Mike's an awesome drum teacher. Every lesson is fun and well thought out. I've also thought that the pacing and structure is perfect. He takes you beyond learning HOW to play and teaches you WHEN and WHY to play the beats you're learning. Mike's a great drummer and a really fun guy to spend time with, I recommend his lessons!!

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Jessica Nov 27, 2015
Drum · In studio

Mike is a true musician who loves his craft and loves teaching it. My daughter is having FUN learning drums!

Chris S. Oct 23, 2015
Drum · In studio

Mike makes drum lessons fun while still teaching the key fundamentals.

Aaron S. Jun 10, 2015
Drum · In studio

Thanks Mike, so much great info!

Ande W. Dec 31, 2013
Drum ·

First Time Student

My son has been taking drum lessons with Mike for several months. He had never played drums prior to his first lesson and Mike has been nothing but patient and very professional with him. My son really enjoys the lessons and is learning so much more than I expected. Super happy with Mike and his knowledge of the drums along with his patience and communication. Would highly recommend him!

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Stefan B. Nov 19, 2013
Drum ·

Excellent Teacher

Mike is a great Drum instructor. I am a beginner and felt he did a great job with my skill level. He has a lesson plan but is very flexible in learning the style of music you want to hear. He helps you achieve the goal you have with drums whether it is to be in a band or just for a hobby.

Lessons are fun and detailed without being boring.

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Eileen W. May 5, 2013
Drum ·

Mike is very excellent at teaching the drums

Mike creates a fun environment when he teaches drumming,i would definitely recommend people who have an interest in drumming to go learn from Mike. He's very talented and admits he's a bit weird but the way he teaches is just fun. he's always telling you what he liked about how you're drumming and how you can improve.

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SamP1 Feb 27, 2012

I am having a great time learning the drums with Mike. He is down to earth, totally patient with a rhythmically challenged guy like me, and had me playing right from the first lesson. My son is also taking from Mike and it has been great for us to learn the drums together, as Mike challenges and teaches us.

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JohnL3 Apr 27, 2011

Glad I Signed Up

I am a month in to my lessons with Mike and find him patient, knowledgeable and especially good at explain the concept (without getting too deep). Mike had me playing at the first lesson which I thought was definitely the way to go as I came to him to learn to "play" the drums, not just learn "about" drums (though, again, he teaches concept as well). I would definitely recommend Mike to anyone in the Denver area looking for a drum instructor.

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PaulaN Feb 13, 2009

Mason's lessons have been going great. Mike is very thorough and easy to talk to.

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