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Melody teaches: Ages 7 and up
Teaching since: July 1993
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I started music at age 5. My parents were both professional musicians.My father was a professional jazz piano player and my mother a classical guitarist. So it is in the blood. I played a few instruments but my favorite guitar and piano. The bass is cool too. I went to Nassau Community College for Drama/Music.
I toured in theater groups and also was in a few bands while living in NY. I could not make up my mind so I did both. I love both So. Florida here I come in 1991. Since I was new to the area I starting performing regular basis and became well known in the music community.I also went on a song writing spree which was good! I was able to do dinner theater in between the music. I met these two guys now my friends and music teachers from going to the open mics. They encouraged me to go out and start teaching and do what I was supposed to do. How it happened ? I placed one small ad, got a call and from there it grew into over 80 students.I just was referred to everyone it was a chain reaction.
In between teaching I was also in a duo and made time for the touring, local gigs, etc....released 3 CD's.
I was very busy that I decided to open up my own music school to handle the over flow of students. I had my business for 9 years.
I produced a lot of talent from there.songwriters with published songs, singers with contracts, bands the guitarist in the now defunct band Hey Monday with Cassidy Pope. Students that were in American Idol- featuring Emily Booke 2 years in a row top twenty then top ten..
America's Got Talent featuring Amy Profaci, Cassidy Pope.
Played for the Boss in RPB with Odd Man Out, Teen Punk Band since disbanded. Had them out and playing gigs at age 14 the youngest oldest 16 at CBGB's. In NYC. They were on the Regis and Kelly show. Students that started with me at age 5 and stayed for years. A lot are off to college or done with school grown up sort of. When they bump into me and say hey Ms. Mel I'll never forget you teaching me music lessons or do you remember that or I loved that band class you did. You changed my whole life.
I really appreciate it and I did make a difference in their lives.
I also write for TV and Film and have over 30 professionally published songs. Songs playing on commercials, TV and overseas in England. They seem to love it over there a lot of fan mail.

Ok this is as follows.
*** Lesson Details ***
Cancellations : 24 hour notice. Make up lessons are at my discretion
How long will it take depends on YOU!!!!1
Practice is the answer not a question. I am not mean and I am not laid back. You must be prepared to work to do the work If you do not understand it we will do it until you get it. My Adult students this goes for you too.
Mom and Dad got you these lessons!! It is important that you practice. Cut down on video games and TV.
I suggest no TV or Video games especially before the lessons are about to start. Very distracting for the kids.
I expect you to be practiced and ready to go when I get there. If you want to be a rock star that's what it takes, discipline.
Its great when a parent can sit in while I'm teaching your child. Remember I am teaching you as well.
You will be helping your child practice during the week until the next lesson.
For the guitar there will be complaints of hurting finger tips.
I cannot do anything about that it comes with guitar playing.
For the like piano, the fingers will not hurt.
After 3 to 6 months for the older student I expect all 6 strings to be complete and chords and strumming on guitar and learning songs of your choice.
Piano - Sight Reading and being able to play with 2 hands in the key of "C" with ease.
This will only happen with practice, And learning songs of your choice if you choose to.

Small ones as much time as they need depends upon how long it takes for them to learn it and how much time mom can help practice.

*** Studio Equipment **
Right up Piano,
Small 15 Watt Amp

I do not supply instruments for any student. Parents you are
expected to purchase a 61 key keyboard of your choice and finances.Same goes for guitar. We will figure out the size you or your child needs. You must purchase your own books. I use Bastiens Primer A red book, Bastiens A Pink Book, along with these books they also have a theory book , performance book and technic book. Bk 1,2,3 also have a series of book πŸ“š to work with.

Guitar 🎸 I like to use Fast Track Bk 1 w/o CD. Then again they are becoming obsolete

*** Specialties ***
Song writing/Vocals
Beginner Piano/Intermediate
Beginner classical/intermediate guitar
Folk style guitar
Blues beginner/intermediate
Theory beginner/intermediate/advanced note reading
Piano beginner /intermediate young beginner young adult to the older adult this goes for piano.

*Please note those who need special songs for auditions while taking voice lessons let's discuss options. Vocals lessons are just as serious you must practice.

Photos and Videos

Original Song by Melody Stuart


Music Teacher
Jan 2012 - Mar 2014
Royal Palm Beach Cultural Center

I taught a 7 week group guitar lessons at the center. At the last session I made sure we did a recital for all the parents to see and for the kids to get experience performing in front of people.

Artist Resident
Apr 2003 - Jun 2012
Palm Beach County SD/Boomers Music

Taught guitar and piano class for grades 9 through 12. Has over 40 kids in my guitar class in each period and 20 in my piano class. I work for the District for 4 years.
I was a business owner of Boomers Music in Wellington , Fl for 9 year. I taught music lessons there as well as music production and song writing development.


Music Design for Visual Media
Sep 2012 - Jan 2017
Academy of Arts University - San Fransico Cali
Sep 2011 - Jun 2012
Academy of Art University

Languages Spoken

Fluent / Native Proficiency


medical assistant
Mar 1992

Certified Medical Assistant


Music Choice Awards
Feb 2017
Achievement award
May 1980
Wantagh High School


Jan 2017

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13 Reviews on Melody H.

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Joseph D. Oct 19, 2016
· Classical Guitar · In home
Very Experienced. Helps me overcome a variety of problems I have playing my guitar. She lets you learn at your own pace and gives helpful advice to correct my playing problems. I strongly recommend her as an excellent classical guitar teacher.
Samantha P. Jul 11, 2016
· Singing · In home
great first lesson.
John L. Mar 28, 2016
· Guitar · In studio
Very good instructor. Stays with a project and know her stuff! Highly recommended
Maria F. Feb 10, 2016
· Guitar · In home
Was very good
Milan Jan 30, 2016
· Singing · In studio
GREAT FIRST LESSON...My 12 year old daughter had her first vocal lesson. She loved it... she is looking forward to her next lesson, She is eager to pratice the drills that Melody gave her.
Neal G. Oct 20, 2015
· Singing · In home
Melody is an outstanding teacher and person. She has a special gift for tailoring her teaching to the needs of the student--which requires extra work on her part to isolate every key that suits the stydent's best workable voice with EACH SONG we add to the repertoire-- studying and painstakingly hand-writing modification to the published chord progression. It doesn't get any better than that!!!!
Neal G. Sep 15, 2015
· Singing · In home
I was admittedly so nervous beforehand, feeling that honestly I was just not one of those people who could sing. Melody had a very calming influence. And I knew she was being honest. I don't have unrealistic expectations. But I know with her help and hard work I can improve and hope.
Kaitlyn K. Aug 18, 2015
· Guitar · In home
Great first lesson with my 9yr old daughter. She is very excited to continue!
Yelena S. May 9, 2015
· Piano · In home
Mrs. Melody is a great teacher. She is very good with little kids, she explains paitionatly all the hard parts and makes sure child will get it. I recommend her to anyone who wants to learn how to play a piano.
Myles M. May 7, 2015
· Piano · In home
Melody was very patient and kind
Melody Hipsman
Melody H.

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