Megan Rose
San Marcos, TX
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Megan Rose

Megan R.

San Marcos, TX
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Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
Levels taught:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
I have trained with some of the top artists in the fine art industry and learned many of their secrets to share with you. My methods combine classical and modern art techniques in a fun, interesting and friendly way. Take a look at my portfolio images to see examples of my work . In private watercolor classes I will show you the basics of watercolor, a variety of techniques and how to paint animals, faces or landscapes. Water colors are wonderful for illustrations , expressive art or realism . Water color is a relaxing and meditative medium perfect for a busy life to slow down and appreciate the creative flow.

GROUP CLASSES: I also offer group classes for friends , student and co workers .

About Megan R.

My background:
When I'm not in my art studio creating oil paintings, I enjoy teaching others what I have learned in over a decade of schooling. I have trained with some of the top artists in the fine art industry and learned many of their secrets to share with you. My methods combine classical and modern art techniques in a fun, interesting and friendly way. Take a look at my portfolio images to see examples of my work in acrylic, oil, charcoal, graphite pencil and watercolor.

Thanks for considering me as your online or in person art teacher, I look forward to talking with you about your aspirations in painting or drawing!


Acrylic, oil, charcoal, graphite pencil and watercolor. I also specialize in Creative Coaching sessions. During your custom lesson you will watch the easy to follow steps on my webcam and get real time feedback on your artwork, I can't wait to meet you as an online student!

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Who are these lessons for?
Anyone who has the desire to learn! Do you want a creative hobby or are you returning to art after a long break? I have the education and experience to guide you in your creative journey no matter what your background is.


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70 Reviews
Sandy C.
Profile-location-online Online

I loved it it was challenging

Posted Jul 27, 2021
Jeremy F.
Profile-location-online Online

Megan is a wonderful instructor with a friendly, nurturing attitude to help students learn their goals. She possesses a strong knowledge in surrealistic and realistic art and my time with her has been nothing but positive.

Posted Jul 5, 2021
Profile-location-online Online

I learned about the composition of various paints, how to paint with water plus color and how to mix paints. In previous classes, I was not taught this Megan explains clearly. She will have you paint along with her to create a picture that demonstrates each lesson. For a virtual lesson, it was done well

Posted Jun 3, 2021
Trina L.
Profile-location-online Online

She is very descriptive and is very good at teaching how to blend paint and use various techniques to master painting. I look forward every week to my lessons!

Posted May 28, 2021
Profile-location-online Online

Love Megan's teaching!!

Posted May 20, 2021
Betsey H.
Profile-location-online Online


Posted Apr 20, 2021
Lance P.
Profile-location-online Online

It was great she was very informative

Posted Mar 29, 2021
Profile-location-online Online

Very thorough and pedagogical. Had great impact on my painting.

Posted Mar 10, 2021
Judith Kravitz
Profile-location-online Online

Megan was very organized and knowledgeable.
She is an excellent teacher. Very patient and explains things well.
I learned some new techniques and enjoyed her class.

Posted Feb 11, 2021
Profile-location-online Online


Posted Feb 4, 2021
Profile-location-online Online

Megan is an amazing teacher!

Posted Jan 6, 2021
John D.
Profile-location-online Online

My girlfriend and I took a class from Megan as a birthday celebration. It was a ton of fun! Megan was very helpful and instructive, and tailored the class to our experience

Posted Dec 24, 2020
Chana B.
Profile-location-online Online

We paid for two lessons. We still have not heard back from the instructor regarding our second lesson. It's been over a month. When we logged on for the lesson it said it didn't exist. Wondering why.

Still haven't he

Posted Dec 20, 2020
Gigi T.
Profile-location-online Online

We enjoyed working with Megan so much this evening and can't thank her enough. We are receiving very positive feedback from our teachers. They were able to relax and enjoy and just have fun. Thank you again!!

Posted Dec 17, 2020
Judy Y.
Profile-location-online Online

Wonderful teacher. Learned a lot in our hour together. Will book more classes with her.

Posted Dec 1, 2020
Ruth M.
Profile-location-online Online

Megan has an amazing ability to tailor the lessons to what I need and where I am at. And she is lovely to work with!

Posted Oct 22, 2020
Profile-location-online Online

She's really a fantastic teacher. Every single lesson gets more and more customized as she gets to know your painting style and what issues you might have. And she gives fun projects! I would highly recommend for for anyone looking to get more information on tones, shading, coloring, sketching paintings, and even more. Looking forward to continuing!

Posted Oct 8, 2020
Profile-location-online Online

Megan was outstanding. Warm, creative, knowledgeable and met me where I am. I am so delighted to have found her and look forward to working with her for many years to come, Ruth Mayer

Posted Oct 6, 2020
Jaime B.
Profile-location-online Online

I totally enjoyed my watercolor lesson with Megan -- a birthday gift from my kids. Although I've dabbled in watercolors previously, Megan taught me a few formal techniques which I used to create a small finished piece and which I will be able to use going forward. I got a lot out of our two hours together!

Posted Sep 11, 2020
Janet S.
Profile-location-online Online

Megan does a great job of pacing the lesson with good examples.

Posted Sep 8, 2020
Janet S.
Profile-location-online Online

Megan paces the lesson very well.

Posted Sep 1, 2020
Profile-location-online Online

Megan is fantastic! I have an art and design background but never studied painting itself. I came to her with two example artists whose styles I love and wanted to work towards. We did weekly classes for a few months - she was able to take me through the basics quickly, progressing more and more into advanced techniques needed to emulate specific effects as we deciphered these artists' works and their processes. She's an active listener, is always prepared, and adapts immediately to your needs as an artist and where you want to go. I'm taking time now to churn out some works and will absolutely be back for further lessons and critiques. 

Posted Jul 19, 2020
Sofía García
Profile-location-online Online

Megan is really good and talented teacher

Posted Jul 17, 2020
Sofía García
Profile-location-online Online

The class was great. It's just that the take lessons page is not very specific with the information of the classes and the schedule.

Posted Jul 17, 2020
Profile-location-online Online

Enjoy very much

Posted Jul 15, 2020
Profile-location-online Online

Really good teacher, learned so much in just an hour.

Posted Jul 7, 2020
Meg & Mal P.
Profile-location-online Online

Kids enjoyed doing watercolors with Megan and both reported back enthusiastically that they loved the teacher :) The summer flowers look beautiful! Thanks Megan for your instruction - looking forward to our lessons.

Posted Jun 16, 2020
Profile-location-online Online

She was great with our two girls! Great way to take a lesson with friends--

Posted Jun 10, 2020
Profile-location-online Online

Excellent lesson planning. Makes you feel comfortable in learning at any level. It was my first lesson and it felt like I have been taking lessons from her for quite some time. Good balance of theory and actual hands on work.

Posted May 13, 2020
Profile-location-online Online

Amazingly patient and brilliantly talented !!!

Posted May 8, 2020
Profile-location-online Online

Thank you. The lesson was fun, informative and tailored to my specific needs. :)

Posted Apr 22, 2020
Hope O.
Profile-location-online Online

first lesson was great. It's a perfect way for my niece to get her art credit for school each week. thank you

Posted Apr 1, 2020
cari R.
Profile-location-online Online

This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Megan is an excellent teacher

Posted Mar 26, 2020
Joneah Johnson
Profile-location-online Online

she is inspiring, nice, caring, and gives you time when you need it

Posted Feb 20, 2020
Katie Miller
Profile-location-online Online

Megan was a wonderful teacher! I had 1.5 hours for a lesson and felt I learned so much. I am a beginner and she taught in a clear and concise way. I would recommend.

Posted Feb 13, 2020
Thora Inna N.
Profile-location-online Online

I've had four lessons now and I'm learning quite a lot!

Posted Feb 11, 2020
Profile-location-online Online

Had a great lesson with Megan. Got the basics of watercolor down to where I could actually paint a picture. Looking forward to seeing if I can create many more!

Posted Jan 8, 2020
Profile-location-online Online

We had a basic first lesson in atmospheric perspective and painted a mountain landscape. Lesson was excellent!

Posted Dec 19, 2019
Carolee Johnson

I really enjoyed my first oil lesson. Megan is very knowledgeable and teaches in a way that is easy to understand. I feel like I can achieve my goals under Megan’s teaching skills.

Posted Oct 25, 2019
Profile-location-online Online

My 10-year old daughter is a pretty passionate artist and wanted to be able to continue drawing lessons after we moved to a remote area. She's three lessons into drawing people (faces, specifically) with Megan, and loving it. Megan has been clear, patient and inspiring and my daughter feels proud of her work.

Posted Sep 13, 2019
Profile-location-online Online

Megan was delightful and I learned so much! I highly recommend taking a class with her.

Posted Sep 6, 2019
Profile-location-online Online

I had a great lesson with Megan, she is o kind and patient .

Posted Sep 3, 2019
Profile-location-online Online

The technology worked well, and Megan did a very good job. The first session exceeded my expectations.

Posted Aug 22, 2019
Morgan C.
Profile-location-online Online

Megan is wonderful working with my teenage daughter. She is fun and entertaining and the perfect fit!

Posted Jul 18, 2019
Profile-location-online Online

Megan was very prepared. In one hour only she walked my daughter through creating an entire acrylic paint beach scene. My daughter enjoyed it very much.

Posted Jun 29, 2019
Profile-location-online Online

Megan was engaging, genuine, and had an extremely well-prepared lesson for us to start with. I felt like I gained a lot of important perspective about art, in both a technical sense and regarding the mentality of creating art. Great teacher. Looking forward to another lesson.

Posted Apr 17, 2019
Profile-location-online Online

Megan is kind and patient, enthusiastic and well spoken. I’m looking forward to our next lesson!

Posted Apr 8, 2019
Profile-location-online Online

We loved our experience working with Megan. It was exactly what we were looking for, and I was amazed by how much my daughter got out of just one lesson. Will definitely look forward to working w Megan again.

Posted Jan 21, 2019
Stu N.
Profile-location-home Student's Home

Amazing! I'm excited about finally being able to draw photorealism!

Posted Dec 10, 2018
Vivienne V.
Profile-location-home Student's Home

Megan is a fabulous teacher, dedicated to helping us explore and learn her art and the nuances of painting. She also has a very pleasant and sweet disposition - something that makes 4 self-critical new painters more at ease with the process.

Posted Oct 30, 2018
Profile-location-home Student's Home

Megan is very patient, easy going and super talented. The perfect instructor. I am an amateur and learned so much in just one lesson. Definitely booking more appointments.

Posted Oct 12, 2018
Leanne H.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Megan certainly tailored the lesson to my personal goals. She is very gentle and patient as well as skilled as an artist and as a teacher.

Posted Jun 5, 2018
Profile-location-online Online

Megan was both professional and kind - clearly knows the subject well. I thought the approach to discuss the pillars of the content was a great idea and I am looking forward to the next lesson.

Posted Apr 14, 2018
Samantha P.
Profile-location-online Online

I made a last minute lesson with Megan as I panicked about a university project that I was in no way prepared for. She is a calming and professional energy that guides you along the first few movements. At the end of the class she summed up what the next steps would be, making sure to set me up for success. I will definitely be signing up again!

Posted Mar 13, 2018
Gerry C.
Profile-location-home Student's Home

Megan was great . We did a "group " lesson with my 90 year old mother who has painted her whole life, but has not in the past 5 or so years along with my 7 year old daughter who loves art. A great experience for granddaughter and grandmother to bond.

Posted Feb 6, 2018
Manifa T.
Profile-location-home Student's Home

She is great! I have learned a lot and had so much fun with her.
She refreshed my mind after 17 years of not touching any brush neither doing any sketching....
I highly recommend her and can't wait for her upcoming classes in her own studio!

Posted Jan 23, 2018
Profile-location-home Student's Home

Outstanding teacher! Took lessons with my kids. Megan is wonderful!

Posted Dec 12, 2017
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

I had three other painting instructors before I came upon Megan's class and I will say she is the best painting teacher I have had and that does not come easy because I am a professional sculptor that has taught and taken many classes in the art field. Simply put Megan is at the top of her game and her style of teaching is one that most anybody will benefit from her classes.

Posted Jun 14, 2017
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

This was one of the best classes I have ever attended, in any subject, for the past 30 years. Megan is a brilliant and compassionate teacher. She made me feel like an artist. Thank you, Megan! --Katherine

Posted Jun 13, 2017
Profile-location-online Online

Posted Aug 11, 2021
Profile-location-online Online

Posted May 25, 2021
Poorva P.
Profile-location-online Online

Posted Jun 16, 2020
Profile-location-online Online

Posted Jun 11, 2020
Profile-location-online Online

Posted Dec 7, 2019
Profile-location-online Online

Posted Nov 8, 2019
Carolee Johnson
Profile-location-online Online

Posted Oct 23, 2019
Amanda Chambers
Profile-location-online Online

Posted Jul 16, 2019
Profile-location-online Online

Posted May 3, 2019
Profile-location-online Online

Posted Jan 11, 2019
Robert W.
Profile-location-online Online

Posted Jan 9, 2019

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Jan 2017 - Present

Megan Rose Art Classes

Online art classes and art coaching. Teaching oil, watercolor , acrylic, graphite, charcoal and gouache techniques.

Jan 2018 - Feb 2020

Private company

Art classes in Topanga Canyon California. Teaching private, beginner and advance art classes in traditional mediums.

Adult Painting Class Director
Mar 2017 - Dec 2017

Alyce's Art Studio

Creating curriculum and teaching painting classes at this Art Studio.

Private Painting Tutor
Feb 2017 - Oct 2017

Novel Education Tutoring Company

Teaching oil painting classes to high profile clients in the entertainment industry.

Painting Instructor
May 2013 - Nov 2015

University of Texas in Austin

Taught a class based on Modern Masters of Impressionism, Expressionism, Surrealism and Cubism.

Business Owner
Jan 2011 - Aug 2014

ATX Art Classes

Opened an art class business in Austin Texas. Created drawing and painting classes for the general public.


Classical and Modern Painting Technique and Theory
Apr 2009 - May 2013

Sub Rosa Atelier

Web Design and Interactive Design
Sep 2007 - May 2010

Austin Community College

BFA Painting
Aug 1999 - May 2004

Texas State University



Fluent / Native Proficiency


Portrait Painting
Jun 2012

Teaching Studios of Art

Contemporary Art Education
Jan 2012

SubRosa Atelier


The Edge of Realism
Jul 2014

Abend Gallery

Amsterdam Artist Residency
Aug 2013

BK-49 Artist Studios

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