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Teaching since: January 2011
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Hello Everyone,

My name is May, and I have been teaching students Korean since 2011. I have many experience teaching both young kids, teens, and adults through various method depending on their skills and need. For every lessons that I conduct, they are made to be very easy to learn and understand in order to match my student's standard. I also use a textbook for my class, as well as providing my own notes, PowerPoint, online test, and practice worksheet.

In our class, we will be using Skype to do our session together. This can be either voice chat or video chat. It is all up to you, to which you are more comfortable with.

The level of Korean that I teach are Beginner and Intermediate. However, I also accept Advance students.

Beginner Korean: Learn the Hangul, be able to read and write. Uses past, future, present tense form. Use beginner daily life expressions.

Intermediate Korean: Be able to demonstrate each different polite tone and use causal tones. Introduce to more grammar.

Frequent Questions and Answers:

Q: What is teacher schedule?
A: Mostly everyday, please contact me for more accurate schedule. I try my best to match my schedule with my students.

Q: Where will we meet?
A: We will meet on via Skype or in person.

Q: Are group session available?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you offer outside assistance for learning the language?
A: Yes I do. I offer online homework, test, quizlet, and notes to help you throughout the course. I also offer email/text assistance if you have any questions in your homework or about anything.

Q: What's the class cancellation policy?
A: Canceling class must be notify within 24 hour prior to class. If you are late to class, there will be no make up time unless I am notify beforehand. First class cancellation without notice will be mark as a warning. You will be charge for the class that you did not attend. This is a courtesy to both of us, our time are both priority.

Q: What if I am late?
A: If you are late to class, there will be no time extension, as I may have a class time after you.

Q: Can I make up for a class that I miss?
A: Yes, if you let me know 24 hours prior to class and you'll also be able to make up for the FIRST CLASS that you miss with no show, no notice, or last minutes notice. for the first class that you miss. You will get only get ONE freebie.

Q: I have other question.
A: Email me!


Online International Tutor
Mar 2011 - Present
Self Employed

I have taught both Korean and English via Skype since March 2011. I have taught through a company website for a couple of years. However, I have stop working there, and started getting more and more by students referrals.

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Fluent / Native Proficiency
Fluent / Native Proficiency

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Amy T. Dec 7, 2016
Verified Student · Korean · Online
May was a great teacher unfortunately, that was her only saving grace because we only met up one time due to her canceling classes three times in a row (with all kinds of reasons that are starting to sound like excuses) in the measly hour before class starts. I'm writing this review while I'm waiting for her to come on Skype for our second lesson, and it's been almost 20 minute with no teacher to be found. I cannot learn any Korean at this rate...
Erica L. Oct 17, 2016
Verified Student · Korean · Online
She was clear and patient. Off to a wonderful start
Brandy S. Oct 13, 2016
Verified Student · Korean · Online
May was very patient and very kind. can't wait for my next lesson with her.
Marlene A. Sep 19, 2016
Verified Student · Korean · Online
I just finished my first lesson with May and it was fabulous. I can't wait for my next lessons. She was going a bit quickly but slowed down when I needed and was very observant to anything I needed to work on. She listens when I have a question and explains the answer accordingly. I'll be fluent in Korean in no time thanks to May.
Ismael Sep 18, 2016
Verified Student · Korean · Online
This was my very first time ever taking any online tutorial classes with a live person, so naturally I was very nervous, but after a few minutes with May I totally relax. She’s very friendly, patience, and caring about my goals.. She keeps me updated with things that I need for the class and very quick replying with e-mail and phone txt any time I reach out with questions. I definitely see that with her help I will be speaking, writing, and reading in no time.
Chee K. Sep 16, 2016
Verified Student · Korean · Online
Very professional and experience. Great teaching material, very informative.
Margaret B. Aug 24, 2016
Verified Student · Korean · Online
For my very first lesson it was great. I look forward to my next lesson.
Sufian Aug 19, 2016
Verified Student · Korean · Online
May is a very involved teacher with a lot of passion for the subject, and a lot of patience with the student. She pushes the student greatly, but with proper guidance and direction. The result is a sustained pace of learning.
To give a concrete example, I started class with her almost no knowledge of the Korean language. A week later I was reading Korean, when previously I couldn't make heads or tails of Hangul. Seventeen days later I was writing a psuedo Korean poem for a friend's birthday, and have finished reading a children's book written for five year old Korean children. And its not like I have all the time in the world to study. I work over fifty hours a week, maintain a healthy social life, spend time with the family, work out four times a week and practice martial arts 3 times a week.
In short, she has high standards for students, but teaches, guides and provides direction to reach those standards. The workload is also not so overbearing either, and the amount she does assign helps immensely. That is nothing less than five stars.
Yaneth R. Jun 29, 2016
Verified Student · Korean · Online
I love how flexible she is. I myself have a hard time scheduling but she always understands and finds the right times for me. I love how much I learn in every single lesson. More people should give her a try!
Bella Clark Mar 29, 2016
Verified Student · Korean · Online
I'm 4 lessons in and I really love the course material and working with 선생님 May <3 she's super helpful, patient, knowledgable, and very down to business. like our Skype calls are v dense with nothing but practicing the language. i'm learning rather quickly and i'm really excited to continue taking lessons from her :) i highly suggest this teacher!
May K.
May K.

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