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Max P.

Richardson, TX

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Mixed Martial Arts

Levels Taught:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Taekwondo, Karate, Upper and Lower body striking skills. Self Defense.
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Max delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Ages 3+ and special needs

Teaching since:
July 2014

I've been learning Taekwondo since I was 8 years old. I have a really strong background in olympic style taekwondo (Form and Sparring). This is the world taekwondo federation style rules that are learned in 186 different countries. I am 26 years old and work great with kids and adults as well.

I've competed in many Junior and Senior nationals and have also competed in U.S Open and International tournaments. I currently am an instructor and manager of Pro Martial Arts in in Dallas Texas. Before that, I was the head instructor at White Tiger Martial arts in Sachse/Wylie Texas for four years. I am professional and fun. I will accommodate to what you want in martial arts lessons whether it be competition, fitness, or character education and personal safety for the kids.

I am confident in my lessons and I will even offer your first lesson free.

Please call Takelessons! I live in Richardson Texas and I am willing to meet with you to discuss any of your questions.

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Head Instructor
Nov 2015 - Present
Pro Martial Arts Lakewood

Chief Instructor

Program Director
Mar 2013 - Jun 2015
Pro Martial Arts Frisco

Program Director/ Head Instructor

Head Instructor
Feb 2011 - May 2013
White Tiger Martial Arts Sachse

Head Instructor


BA Emerging Media and Communications
Aug 2013 - Jun 2015
University of Texas at Dallas
Associates of Science and Arts
Aug 2011 - Jun 2012
Richland Community College
Aug 2008 - Jun 2010
Baylor University


Professional Proficiency
Limited Proficiency


Third Degree Taekwondo Kukkiwon Certification
Jun 2013
Kukkiwon Certification Taekwondo Korea Head Quarters


Photos & Videos

Texas State Tournament 2015
Studio Classes.
Photo by Max P.
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Lily Dec 12, 2016
Taekwondo · In studio

I have observed and learned a lot from Max. Through observation, he has a great connection with all kids, adults, and parents. He is able to mentor the kids through his teaching techniques. Both kids and parents are not afraid to communicate with him about how they are feeling because of the connection they have. This allows him to better help his students. As a student, he gives clear instructions on how to execute techniques. Whether you're a fast or slow learner, he will get you to where you want to be.

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Derek Jun 17, 2016
Taekwondo · In studio

Max is a great teacher. He is patient with my childeren and they absolutely love him. I would recommend him highly to anyone looking for a trainer for taekwondo!
I will be back regularly.

Bria Jun 17, 2016
Taekwondo · In studio

Extremely helpful and great with kids!! Made my experience easy to catch onto and fun!

Tristina Jun 8, 2016
Karate · In studio

Max is an excellent teacher and great with the kids. I love how he's fun, but with just the right amount of strictness. I also appreciate how he makes a point to interact with the parents after class. We're new to martial arts and my boys have been thoroughly enjoying class.

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Sher Jun 7, 2016
Karate · In studio

My son has been learning karate with Max for about a year now. Max is great with kids. He is patient and makes the lessons fun. My son had some bullying issues at school and Max took time out aside and sat with him and discussed how to deal with bullies. He appears to be truly concerned for his students well-being. Max is a compassionate, knowledgable and patient teacher. I strongly recommend him.

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Malen Jun 5, 2016
Taekwondo · In studio

Max is truly a one of a kind instructor. It's not hard to be blown away by his Taekwondo skill level when he takes a few steps, jumps 5 feet in the air, turns his body while simultaneously kicking and punching, and lands on two feet making it look effortless. All of the kids in his class and the parents watching collectively gasp and say "Whoa"! But the skills Max possess are not what impress me most about this young man. It is his approachability, kindness, willingness to engage with each child as if he/she was the only child in the room, and his unique ability to make Taekwondo fun. Our son is lucky to have Max instruct him.

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Vi Jun 5, 2016
Taekwondo · In studio

One of the most passionate and hard working person that I have ever encountered! He is very patient and kind to his students and I know they all adore him very much!

Jas Jun 3, 2016
Taekwondo · In home

Great instructor, my boys love to practice with Max.

A. Brown Jun 3, 2016
Karate · In studio

As a colleague of Max's, I witnessed an instructor who cared about each of his students and took the time to make sure they had a smile on their face from start to finish. Your child will be in great hands with Max!

Naomi Jun 3, 2016
Taekwondo · In studio

Great instructor and highly knowledgeable. Very kind and patient

Kelly Milazzo Jun 3, 2016
Karate · In studio

When you first meet Mr. Peng you immediately become aware of how jovial he is. This is a huge asset because it immediately eases any nervousness a student (or parent) has when beginning instruction. Once he starts training this casualness is replaced by an all business demeanor that commands respect. His honed skill and vast knowledge in martial arts is unmatched and his patience is infinite. In teaching my daughter he showed her he valued her as a person and ingrained in her a sense of pride. Mr. Peng makes a personal investment in his students and is clearly passionate about martial arts and teaching it.

As an adult who is a visual learner I can also tell you that he teaches the mechanics of martial arts in such a way that I can 1) grasp the meaning of the move and 2) see how moves build upon each other. He is also a great motivator for those of us who are, er… out of shape and less inclined to follow through with a workout on our own! It is a true privilege to learn this graceful art under the expert hand of Mr. Peng.

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Stacie Jun 3, 2016
Taekwondo · In home

My 3 and 4 year old sons also love Max! Instructor Max makes kids feel comfortable while teaching and most importantly the kids have fun while training. It's obvious Max genuinely loves kids and loves what he does!

Wendy Jun 3, 2016
Taekwondo ·

Max is a great instructor, highly trained and very knowledgeable. Not only is he a great mentor for kids, but he also builds great relationships with people of all ages. Max is very serious about Taekwondo and teaches the true art form. His teaching goes beyond this because he truly wants his clients to succeed in every aspect of life, whether it is extracurricular activities or school. Thank you for your dedication and showing me what Taekwondo is really about!

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Kayla Jun 3, 2016

My Uncle Max is the Best teacher ever! He taught me when I was little for a little while and I loved it. He is super nice and patient and he understands Children😀

Alex Jun 3, 2016
Taekwondo · In studio

Max and I used to train together, and he helped me out a lot when we were on the Baylor collegiate team. Definitely one of the best Taekwondo practitioners I've had the honor of knowing and an excellent teacher all around. You can't go wrong learning from Max!

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Angela Jun 3, 2016
Karate · In studio

Our 5 year old daughter was advised to take martial arts lessons by her school teacher to build confidence in class and at the playground. We were worried she would not take to it as she is very girly and into ballet. To our surprise, after a couple of trail sessions with Max, she became very enthusiastic about karate lessons and transitioned to a regular class full of boys seamlessly. Max has given our daughter a lot of attention to her personality needs and tremendous encouragement in class. He knows what motivates children and makes the class fun. He truly does care for the children's well being. He checks in with the parents to see how he can help with any issues. Kids look up to Max and it is wonderful to have him set examples.

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Jon Jun 3, 2016
· In studio

Max is attentive, experienced and very friendly!

shayna Jun 3, 2016
Karate · In studio

Max is amazing! I've known him for 3 years now and he is wonderful with children and an amazing teacher. Lots of fun !

Jasmine tran Jun 2, 2016

Also greatly recommended for grammar toutoring...finally taught me how to spell Eiser it helps me a lot to spell the rest of the words like missisippe

Jasmine tran Jun 2, 2016
Taekwondo · In studio

great teacher....makes learning taekwon(dough) so much Eiser to learn! Highly recommended

Cliff Jun 2, 2016
Taekwondo · In home

Great and patient with kids and very knowledgeable and experienced in his craft. Highly recommended to anyone who's kids want to truly learn tkd the right way as he is a great instructor.

Cliff Jun 2, 2016
Taekwondo · In home

Great and patient with kids and very knowledgeable and experienced in his craft. Highly recommended to anyone who's kids want to truly learn tkd the right way as he is a great instructor.

Sophia Jun 2, 2016
Karate · In studio

Max is by far my favorite instructor. He pushes you to do so much more than you know you can do. He's helped me become not only better at karate but better as a person. I want to work harder than I've ever had before, push myself past my limits and keep going. Max believes so much in his students and that's what i think is what makes him so amazing. He invest so much of his energy and love in which makes it so easy as a student to give it our all and more for him. Anyone that learns from Max will not regret it I promise!

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Jeff Jun 2, 2016
Taekwondo ·

Fantastic taekwondo instructor. His work on conditioning, sparring and kicking is top notch and he's a blast to learn from!

Andrew Jun 2, 2016
Taekwondo · In studio

One of the best instructors I know. Great with both kids and parents. A master in his craft and a great teacher.

Jackie Jun 2, 2016
Taekwondo · In studio

Max is awesome!

Cara Jun 2, 2016
Taekwondo · In studio

Max is an outstanding instructor of martial arts. My entire family studied under him for years and so I can speak both as a first hand student as well as a parent-observer. With kids he shows patience, kindness and teaches to their level. He demands effort and respect but returns those with praise and love. To the adults he shows utmost respect but he also stretches us farther than we thought we were able. Max is a gifted instructor and someone we count blessed to have known.

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Angela Jun 2, 2016
Karate · In studio

Max is my 5 year old daughter's favorite instructor. We turned to karate when my daughter's teacher at school expressed that she needs to build up her confidence amongst her peers in class and in the playgrounds. I was so worried that she wouldn't participate at all in karate as she is very feminine and loved ballet. To my surprise, after two sessions with Max, she was enthusiastic and unafraid to join the big class. Max is detail oriented, very knowledgable in the craft and knows what motivates young children. He cares so deeply for his students and has so much patience. We are very lucky we found him. Karate is now my daughter's favorite activity.

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Chris Jun 2, 2016
Taekwondo · In studio

Max is a great instructor who deeply cares about his students. Both my son and I were students, and very much enjoyed our experience with Max.

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