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Reseda, California
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Music has been a part of my life since I was 5 years old, when my father would record my brother and I singing. I always loved singing and learned many of my favorite songs as a child. I started playing the trumpet in the 4th grade, which has led me all the way to receiving my degrees in Trumpet Performance and Music Education! I was lucky enough to attend one of the nation's top music schools, The Peabody Institute, and I earned a Masterr of Musical arts with a specialty in Trumpet performance at The Bob Cole Conservatory at California State University, Long Beach. I've been blessed to perform in a wide spectrum of musical settings, from big-band trumpet sections to principal trumpet in the orchestra, leading brass quintets and brass ensembles, and much more! While I was learning songs as a child, I decided I wanted to join a band! Now years later I've had the fortune of performing as a lead singer, trumpet player, and even guitar in bands across the country, and I still record in studio for various projects I've also been playing the guitar for over 20 years. Playing the guitar has been both a complete joy as I carry on my father's legacy, who himself has played guitar for nearly 60 years and writes his own music to this day, but also a fantastic learning experience. I have been learning songs of my favorite artists and even written my own material outside of playing with bands, and having the opportunity to immerse myself in both my original music and that of my favorite artists has continued expanding my musical horizons, as well as musicianship. Whatever instrument or style may be the focus of our lessons, I love all things music and my #1 objective is to for my students to have a positive experience while learning and cultivating their own musical passions. I cant wait to learn together while we jam. Thanks so much for reading this far and I look forward to working with you! *** Lesson Details *** For starters, understand that you're going to have a blast! Within months of working together, I'll have you playing your favorite songs, or feeling prepared for that upcoming audition. I remember what it was like to have second thoughts about auditioning and performance, and I'll make sure those thoughts are a thing of the past for you! During our lessons, I enjoy addressing the material you have to work on, whether in school or just for your own enjoyment. At the same time, I will present music and materials of my own, and I encourage you to do the same! I have always enjoyed learning from my students as they have learned from myself, and I could only hope to express how rewarding it is when I see a student of mine progress from week to week and achieve their own goals. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, you can be guaranteed we'll make steady progress and we will achieve your goals. Get ready to wow your friends and family! *** Studio Equipment *** Metronome Post-it Notes Manuscript Paper Music Stand(s) Chairs/seating Computer/Internet 96 key Keyboard Guitar(s) and amplifiers Electric Drum Kit Studio Monitors/flat screen TV Various Hand Percussion Equipment *** Travel Equipment *** (N/A at this time) I would provide utilities including music stand, metronome, some external source of pitch. I expect the student to bring any and all assigned music/material they wish to work on. The student will also begin the lesson prepared with basic necessities, including a pencil (please, no pens) and all music assigned from prior lesson (if this is a first-lesson, bring any/all music you currently have and/or are working on). Vocal students will bring a bottle of water. Trumpet students will have their own valve oil and mouthpiece (if not originally included with your horn). *** Specialties *** Trumpet methods include (not limited to) Arban's, Clarke, Sachs, Plog, General, Thibaut, Rubank, Getchell, Adam, Schlossberg, Colin, Bai Lin. For instruments outside the trumpet, methods will address school curriculum, unless student has advanced beyond provided materials. I strongly encourage students of voice, guitar, and piano to pick material of their choosing. Classical, pop, and rock are the genres in which I've had the most training and experience

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