Matt Oakley
Endicott, NY
Matt Oakley

Matt O.

Endicott, NY
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Teaching Locations:
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The bass is so under rated. Musicians may crack jokes about us, but you know what we bassists have? Gigs. Bassists get gigs.

People talk like the bass is so boring because we play repetitive bass lines, but guess what? Outside the solos, all the other instruments play repetitive things too. So don't let that push you away. Bassists may think they don't get the spotlight often because of a lack of solos, but, most bassists don't play like they are in the spotlight. Go watch Steve Harris, Flea, or Joe Dart command the stage, even with their repetitive basslines.

The bass and drums are two of the best instruments to learn if your goal is to play with a group. Drums and bass are almost exclusively support musicians, rely extremely heavily on rhythm and are the ones really driving a band.

With most modern music (pop, rock, blues, metal, folk, rap, etc.) there are only a handful of basic patterns and chord progressions that get used. Like no matter what kind of building is erected, all are built on a solid foundation. Bassists and drummers are the foundation of a band.

I talk about how music comes in "waves" that we feel. Bassists and drummers are the ones creating the waves that the other musicians solo on.

Maybe you have no interest playing with a band. Well, any instrument is awesome to learn for personal enjoyment and relaxation after a days work. If that's where your coming from, then skip on down to my bio to get a better idea of how I approach music, or If i already got your attention, just shoot me a message already!

About Matt O.

Aside from being proficient at a craft, a good teacher needs the skill of communication. Being the best physicist in the world doesn't make you the best physics teacher. Knowing how to do something and knowing how to make other people understand it are two very different skills.

Lets be honest, you already know how to play most instruments. For the piano you hit the keys and it makes sound, for guitar or bass you pluck the string and it makes sound, and the drums ya just gotta hit 'em... So why is music so tricky?

Timing. Its not what note to play, its when to play it. There are only 12 notes in western music. Beethoven to Guns n' Roses. 12 notes.

Music comes in "waves." It's why blues gets our toes tapping, funk gets our hips swinging, and metal gets our heads banging. My job here is to teach you how to "surf" those "waves." Music is extremely closely related to dance. In dance we move in rhythm with our entire bodies (For the record, I do not dance). In Music we create those rhythms with our fingers. Playing Music is like dancing with your fingers. It relates to my favorite quote: "Art is how we decorate space, Music is how we decorate time."

My background with music started not in school but as a toddler... Singing in bathroom stalls in restaurants as loudly as I could. Sorry Mom. My musical journey ended up leading me to college for classical piano and vocal and after moving to a new city I picked up other instruments to play with cover bands for extra money on the weekends. I fell in love with the bass and now have about 600 gigs under my belt ranging from singing in Operas to killin it with rock bands. I play piano and bass quite well, and if your a beginner I can show you the ropes on the guitar or drums. I have also recently started playing the Harp, so I understand the frustration of learning a new instrument!

I'm well rounded, fun, and I don't believe in a lesson plan for all. I adapt to each student. My first question to every student every day: "What do you want to do today?" One day we might learn a riff from some song you like, another day we might talk some simple theory, another day might be how to tune by ear, another day might be talking about tone from pedals and the knobs on your guitar. Its up to you, I will give options and guidance if your lost for a direction but it is ultimately your lesson.

Music is a craft, a hobby. Enjoy it. If its a chore to pick up that guitar or sit at that piano, then don't do it. I tell my students to "practice less and play more." The day you know exactly how to play something but lack the physical skill to do it, the practice will come naturally.

If you have read this far, message me! What do you want to do today?


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