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Matt B.

Chicago, IL
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We know that starting lessons is a big step and we want you to feel confident booking with us. If you are not completely satisfied, we'll help you find a new teacher or you can receive a refund for any unused lessons within the first year from the date of purchase.

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Matt delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
and Ages 8+

Teaching since:
April 2000

I earned a Bachelor's of Music in Classical Guitar Performance from Capital University in Columbus, OH.

I currently teach private guitar lessons, sing and play guitar in the Chicago rock band Dead Parade, and transcribe music professionally for a wide variety of clients. Occasionally, I write articles or do interviews that appear in magazines such as Guitar World. In the past, I worked for 8 years as a guitar teacher, transcriber, consultant, and free-lance writer for a popular subscription guitar site. I also served as a guitar instructor/lecturer at Capital University's Community Music School under the direction of renowned music educator Dr. Rebecca Johnson. Over the duration of my 16 year teaching career, I have taught over 200 students of all ages and levels of experience.

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Apr 2012 - Present
Dead Parade

I am the guitarist and vocalist for the Chicago-based band Dead Parade.

Private Guitar Instructor
Dec 1999 - Present
Freelance - From My Home

For the past 16 years, I have offered private lessons from my residence.

Mar 2007 - Sep 2015
JamPlay LLC

I was involved in creating site features such as chord and scale libraries, teaching live group lessons, filming lesson tutorials, developing curriculum for filmed and live lessons, and served as a general music education consultant.

Private Guitar Instructor
May 2006 - Aug 2007
Capital University Community School

I taught private guitar lessons of all styles to all age and ability levels.


Bachelor's of Music in Classical Guitar Performance
Sep 2002 - May 2006
Capital University


Fluent / Native Proficiency


Best Alternative Act - Nominee
Jan 2013
Chicago Independent Music Awards

Photos & Videos

Me playing a classical guitar arrangement of Beethoven's Ode To Joy.
Me playing Eric Clapton's 1st solo from Cream's "Crossroads".
Me playing the solo to "Of Wolf And Man" by Metallica.
Here's a lesson on all of the guitar parts to Aerosmith's "Eat The Rich".
Live at Beat Kitchen - 2013

Live at the Melody Inn (Indianapolis) - 2013

Live at Subterranean - 2013

My practice/teaching area.

Photo by Matt B.
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Sarah B. Apr 23, 2017
Acoustic Guitar · In studio

Very patient! I learned so much just the first lesson. He was prepared and adaptable to my strengths and abilities.

Stacey M. Apr 23, 2017
Acoustic Guitar · Online

Matt is very patient and encouraging!!

Ed Ciccone Apr 19, 2017
Blues Guitar · Online

Matt is just the best that there is..he becomes more awesome with every lesson.He is a brilliant guitar player,and even more so a teacher.He is patient,and does not tell me when I have done something incorrectly..he shows the correct way to play.
He communicates so well..cannot imagine having a different instructor..Thank Matt!!

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Laura Apr 14, 2017
Acoustic Guitar · In studio

I can't say enough good things. Matt was incredibly patient with my 12 year old son. I'll have to say that I was pretty amazed with how quickly he progressed! He had a blast taking lessons too, so that was a huge bonus!

Jerry Apr 14, 2017
Acoustic Guitar · In studio

I almost never feel compelled to leave reviews for businesses, but I had an exceptional experience with Matt. He went way beyond what I expected to help me learn. For example, he allowed me to call and do quick Skype sessions between lessons if questions or problems came up. I feel like most other businesses would charge extra for that sort of thing. Another time, I needed to take my guitar in for a repair, but Matt fixed my guitar right after my lesson free of charge.

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Dawson & Hailey M. Apr 10, 2017
Acoustic Guitar · Online

Matt is a very patient, encouraging instructor. He was very cool and made my kids feel comfortable learning a new instrument.

Ruben Apr 6, 2017
Acoustic Guitar · Online

Shawn Mar 27, 2017
Acoustic Guitar · Online

West Foster Feb 27, 2017
Acoustic Guitar · Online

Rob Feb 10, 2017
Guitar · In home

In my humble opinion, Matt is the best rock guitarist and teacher in Chicago. I took lessons with three other teachers in the city before working with Matt. All paled in comparison in both the playing and teaching departments. He truly makes playing and improving fun and easy! His playing speaks for itself. His teaching seems to be perfectly tailored to your goals, whatever they may be. He's literally an encyclopedia of musical knowledge.

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Matt Dec 23, 2016
Blues Guitar · Online

Can't say enough good things. I've always been more of a rhythm player. The whole subject of lead guitar is really intimidating. I never knew where to begin, so I never have. I started taking lessons with Matt to see if I could get a structured approach to learning to improvise, play memorized solos, etc. He's made something that was totally intimidating very easy to understand. It really helps to have a professional teach you a logical process since there is such an overwhelming amount of information to learn and apply.

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Darren Dec 21, 2016
Composition · In studio

I take songwriting/composition lessons with Matt every once in awhile. Prior to lessons, I thought songwriting was just a talent that some people have and some people don't. Like Matt says though, it's all about learning as much theory as you can, and working as hard as you can.

Matt is excellent at explaining complicated theory in a very simple way. Then, he always explains how this information can be applied directly to writing music. He also has an encyclopedic knowledge of songs and pieces that use various compositional techniques. So, he's always able to reference specific songs in lessons on the fly. Not to mention, Matt is an absolutely killer guitar player!

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Walter E. Sep 7, 2016
Guitar · Online

Great teacher - has a program to teach you but is not adverse to exploring your particular likes.

Mike C. Aug 11, 2016
Guitar · Online

Had great first lesson !

Christa Sharp Feb 25, 2016
Acoustic Guitar · Online

I have had 6 lessons so far, and I highly recommend Matt as a teacher. He is very knowledgeable and he has challenged me to go beyond chord playing and learn to face new challenges and techniques. I have started learning to read music for the guitar (although I had the option of tab) which will greatly expand my ability to play. He was also flexible with me when I ran into scheduling difficulty early on when my small biz got crazy. If you are interested in taking your playing to the next level and learning a lot about music along the way, Matt is a great choice. I am purchasing another set of lessons and am very happy with the ease of Skype lessons.

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John Carnevale Jan 8, 2016
Guitar · Online

Matt quickly assessed my knowledge and experience playing guitar and got me started on exercises that are certain to improve my playing.

Zach Nov 12, 2015
Guitar · Online

I have seen Matt develop as a guitar player for many years. I have seen him play in a variety of settings: classical and rock. We grew up playing together. I played bass.

But, when I decided to pick up the guitar over the last couple of years, I turned to Matt. He always gives me sound advice, techniques, and insight on how to be a better musician. He has provided tabs when I could not figure out a certain part of a song on my own. Moreover, I have watched his videos to learn songs.

He is a great teacher with sound theory! He loves music, and it shows... want a top-notch teacher, Matt Brown is your man!

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Heather Nov 10, 2015
Guitar · Online

I'm a stay at home mom. It's pretty awesome that I can take lessons with Matt over Skype without ever leaving my home or my kids. Matt really goes out of your way to make sure you have an effective and enjoyable learning experience. He sends me videos of him playing everything that I'm working on so I can watch them for reference during the week. It's SO helpful when it comes to learning a new technique or a tricky part of a song.

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Shane Oct 29, 2015
Blues Guitar · Online

Excellent guitarist and an even better teacher! Matt really knows how to help you get from point A to B in the fastest time possible. I signed up for blues lessons at first, but I eventually started playing a variety of styles. If it can be played on guitar, Matt can teach it to you!

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John Oct 27, 2015
Acoustic Guitar · Online

I can't say enough good things. I take lessons every once in a blue moon when I get stuck on something new. Like Matt is always saying, "if you pay attention in lessons and practice enough, you'll always reach your goals." That might seem overly simple, but I've always found that guarantee to be true.

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James Oct 22, 2015
Acoustic Guitar · In studio

I took lessons with Matt for about a year and had a great experience. I probably would have kept going, but as we all know, lessons aren't cheap. In that year though, I think I developed a strong sense of the fundamentals, at least enough that I feel like I'm able to progress on my own now without picking up any bad habits. Two thumbs up for Matt!

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Craig Oct 20, 2015
Acoustic Guitar · In studio

I took lessons with two other instructors before I started taking lessons with Matt. The difference in playing and teaching quality is like night and day. The other teachers didn't seem to be as experienced and didn't seem to care as much. I receive a PDF with my homework notated out for me after each lesson. I can also film Matt and myself during lessons so I can see how something should be played during the week. The videos are also great way to see how I've improved. It's hard to imagine anyone putting more effort into a lesson than Matt.

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Jason Oct 20, 2015
Blues Guitar · In studio

Matt's a really laid back guy, but he doesn't shy away from offering constructive criticism. He's an amazing teacher! I can't recommend him enough!

Brenda Sep 18, 2015
Classical Guitar · In studio

It's hard to imagine taking lessons with anyone else. Matt actually learns how to play EVERY piece that I work on so that he is as knowledgeable and helpful as possible with helping me improve. Also, he films himself playing during the lesson so that I have a reference video to watch between lessons. Matt also provides the option of filming your own playing in the lessons. I never noticed some of the things I was doing wrong until I could watch myself. It's also a really fun way to see how you have improved from week to week! I can't imagine anyone else being as dedicated and effective as Matt.

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Scott Sep 18, 2015
Guitar · In studio

Previous to taking lessons with Matt, I took some lessons with other local teachers. The other teachers didn't really seem to be invested in teaching or to enjoy it. Matt really seems to care about teaching and genuinely seems to love helping people learn. I've been taking lessons with Matt for about a year now. My friends and family are always very impressed with how much I've improved over the past year.

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Jarrelle S. Oct 14, 2014
Guitar · Online

Matt was the first teacher I ever took private lessons with.. and will no doubt be the last. There is not one thing I bring to Matt that he doesn't know.. Ear training, theory, song writing, he knows it all. You can definitely tell that he's been playing for most of his life.

Besides this, lessons with Matt are always enjoyable, he's an easy to talk to, chilled out guy who always takes the time to explain things properly, you can tell from the get-go that this is a guy that just really cares about the progress of his students, he sends me extra stuff to work on outside of our lessons and I can 100% say that i have vastly improved my music knowledge since taking lessons with him, which in my book is the most important thing, because not everyone that can play really well can also teach really well.

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Dale M. Oct 11, 2014
Acoustic Guitar · In studio

At first I was a bit shy about taking private lessons, but immediately overcame this when I met Matt. I had been taking lessons online (youtube, etc.) for a year and thought I was progressing well on my own, but decided to try out private lessons to change things up. I am so pleased with this decision and I have progressed faster than I ever could have imagined.

Matt clearly has the expertise of a well seasoned music instructor. He seems to know exactly what to teach and how to effectively convey how to learn it - it is clear that he has taught many students and has years of experience. He is comfortable to be around and his lessons are well structured and curtailed to my level and skill. I am very pleased with the way Matt teaches, the pace in which we learn, and most of all, how much fun I am having! Before I felt like an decent guitarist, now I feel like I’m well on my way to be an excellent guitarist.

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