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Norristown, PA
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Microsoft Excel

Levels Taught:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
I have been using Excel since college and even at home and at my current job as well. I can show you the functions step-by-step on how to use Excel to your full advantage.
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Mathew passed a background check that includes a SSN verification, national criminal record check, and sex offender registry search. Learn More
Mathew delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Ages 5+ and special needs

Teaching since:

I have been coaching chess for 2-3 years. I have been passionately studying the game of chess for 13 years. I am currently a 1939 USCF player (Class A player). My highest rating was 1983. But I am committed to go to 2200+ USCF player (National Master player). I have won several chess tournaments as well.

I am currently coaching 7 students to go above and beyond their expectations. If you hire me as your coach, I will take you above and beyond your expectations in the game of chess. My coaching style is hands on, which means that I provide move by move feedback. My coaching philosophy is grounded in encouragement and meticulous game review. My one student that I have been coaching for 2 years went from never playing chess to a 1350 USCF chess rating.

I graduated from Kutztown University of PA in 2013 with a B.S. in Biology: Molecular/Micro/Cell with two Minors in Mathematics and Biochemistry. I have such a passion for math, science, and chess. And I try to live with that passion everyday and show that passion to people everyday.

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Clerk Typist 2
Dec 2017 - Present
Commonwealth of PA

•Compose letters, memorandums, and other documents
•Type letters, memorandums, and other documents
•Sort, file, and check material and provide information
•Used “CIS Transactions” Computer Program to verify employees’ income
•Used “ImageTrust” Program to organize peoples’ data

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Aug 2017 - Present
Ursinus College

•Serve Drinks for Events to Guests
•Serve Food for Events to Guests
•Setup Food Stations For Events
•Breakdown Food Stations For Events

Private Chess Coach
Jan 2015 - Present
Martello Chess Academy

• Improve the analytical thinking of the students
• Improve the strategy on how to attack complex problems
• Improve the students’ grades with their math and science classes
• Improve the students’ chess game
• Hosting Chess Camps

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Personal Driver/Personal Assistant
Aug 2017 - Oct 2017
A-Sharp Music School

•Drove Owner to His Music Students
•Helped Fix His Computer Issues, Improving His Business Online

Independent Business Owner
Mar 2016 - Mar 2017

•Learned How to Run my Own Business
•Received Mentorship From Uplines and Crosslines
•Presented Products at Meetings
•Managed Downlines with Their Business
•Sold Products From my Providers
•Gained a lot of People Skills

Microbiology Technician
Aug 2014 - Dec 2016
Institute of Envrionmental Health

•Analyzing Samples Using Conventional and Molecular Techniques
•Receiving and Logging Samples into the “LIMS” Computer Program
•Sending Reports Using LIMS
•Preparing Gel Pictures with the “GIMP2” Computer Program
•Using Real-Time PCR to Analyze Data
•Using SDS-PAGE PCR to Analyze Data
•Evaluating and Interpreting Data
•Using Aseptic Technique to Perform all Analytical Procedures

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Production Technician Level I
May 2014 - Jul 2014
Sharp Clinical Services

•Execute packaging of clinical supplies as determined by the company’s SOPs and cGMP Regulations
•Complete support documentation that is related with the packaging operation(s) being performed
•Keeping packaging areas cleaned and maintained by using company’s SOPs and cGMP Regulations
•Operating with packaging equipment

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Nov 2013 - Jul 2014
Shannondell at Valley Forge

•Making Drinks for Customers
•Opening the Bar, Closing the Bar, and Keeping Inventory
•Interacting with Customers, Staff, and Management

Jun 2012 - Aug 2012
Monell Chemical Senses Center

•Project: Interactions Between Trigeminal Cells and Taste Cells
•My role for the Project was to assist my mentor with Treating the Tissue and Cell Samples
•Learned about the molecular and cellular biological processes of taste and smell
•Learned how to use the cryostat; observed cells and tissues under microscope

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Jul 2011 - Aug 2011
Montgomery County Coroner's Office

•Assisted the Autopsy Technician with some duties
•Observed all aspects of the practice


Biology: Molecular/Micro/Cell
Aug 2009 - May 2013
Kutztown University of PA
High School Diploma
Aug 2005 - Jun 2009
Norristown Area High School


Limited Proficiency


1st Category: Class A Chess Player (1800-1999 USCF Rating)
Nov 2015
United States Chess Federation

I achieved 1st Category: Class A Chess Player by getting above a 1800 USCF Rating.

2nd Category: Class B Chess Player (1600-1799 USCF Rating)
Mar 2014
United States Chess Federation

I achieved 2nd Category: Class B Chess Player by getting above a 1600 USCF Rating.

4th Category: Class D Chess Player (1200-1399 USCF Rating)
May 2013
United States Chess Federation

I achieved 4th Category: Class D Chess Player by getting above a 1200 USCF Rating.

3rd Category: Class C Chess Player (1400-1599 USCF Rating)
May 2013
United States Chess Federation

I achieved 3rd Category: Class C Chess Player by getting above a 1400 USCF Rating.


2015 National Chess Congress U2000 Section: 4th Place
Nov 2015
Continental Chess Association
2015 Greater Philadelphia Chess League: 2nd Place Team
May 2015
Masterminds Chess Club
2013 National Chess Congress U1800 Section: 1st Place
Nov 2013
Continental Chess Association
2013 Philadelphia Open U1600 Section: 4th Place
Apr 2013
Continental Chess Association
2013 Liberty Bell Open U1500 Section: 1st Place
Jan 2013
Continental Chess Association
2012 Delaware State Championship U1600 Section: 2nd Place
Dec 2012
Delaware Chess Association


Phi Sigma Pi
May 2010

Phi Sigma Pi is an Honor Fraternity for students in four-year collegiate institutions and Phi Sigma Pi Alumni, founded upon a basis of superior scholarship with the avowed purpose of advancing academic, professional and social ideals. Phi Sigma Pi exists to meet the needs of close fellowship among students of like ideals who are interested in the same end.

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United States Chess Federation
Jan 2007

The United States Chess Federation (USCF) is the official, not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) US membership organization for chess players and chess supporters of all ages and strengths, from beginners to Grandmasters. Our mission is to empower people through chess one move at a time. Our vision is to enrich the lives of all persons and communities through increasing the play, study, and appreciation of the game of chess.

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Photos & Videos

Space Advantage vs. Material Advantage
Me with IM Kassa Korley at the 2017 World Open in Philadelphia, PA.

Me with a fellow Philadelphia Chess Syndicate at the 2017 World Open in Philadelphia, PA.

Me with fellow Philadelphia Chess Syndicate members at the 2017 World Open in Philadelphia, PA.

My draw against NM Stan Busygin
Me with a strong 2200 New York blitz player at the 2017 World Open in Philadelphia, PA.

Me with chess traveler Adia Onyango at the 2017 World Open in Philadelphia, PA.

Me with my chess coach NM Peter Minear at the 2017 World Open in Philadelphia, PA.

Chess Coaching Testimony From Dougie Forlano
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17 Reviews

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marion Feb 7, 2018
Chess · In home

Matt is amazing. My husband and I never played chess before and after only four lessons we knew all the basics and could play a game. We were so delighted with our progress that we signed on for more. Matt is fun, friendly and a pleasure to learn from.

Katherine C. Jan 31, 2018
Chess · In home

Mathew has been teaching my family and I chess for the past few weeks. My daughter has recently joined the chess club due to Mathew's teaching. She started off as a beginner and continues to flourish. Mathew has helped my husband and I improve our technique and game.

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Leah C. Jan 31, 2018
Chess · In home

Mathew is a fantastic teacher. I started off as a beginner and throughout the past few months, I have been introduced to many new skills. Mathew continues to encourage me and help me work towards improving my game. He teaches in a straightforward manner that translates easily for new players, making the game of chess easy to learn.

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Anthony C. Jan 31, 2018
Chess · In home

I was a beginner chess player before Mathew started instructing me. My skill has improved significantly in the last several weeks since I started taking lessons. I have had a great experience with Mathew. He is a patient teacher and creates interesting lessons.

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Richard I. Jan 9, 2018
Chess · In home

Extremely patient and personable. Great combination for teaching beginners.

Mrs. G. Jan 5, 2018
Biology · In home

My son was tutored by Matt in Biology. Matt's subject matter expertise and enthusiasm for the subject had a positive impact on my son's academic performance in 9th grade Biology.

Matt partners well with parents, is very responsive and flexible with scheduling and is an overall pleasure to work with.

You or your child will have a great experience in working with Matt.

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Steve Atlee Aug 4, 2017
Chess · In studio

Matthew is very knowledgeable of the game. He is easily approachable and has the ability to connect with students of all skill levels as well as multiple generations. My teenage son was comfortable with him immediately and he is not always receptive to learning if the setting feels awkward to him. As for my own experience I received valuable insight into my own games after reviewing score sheets from tournament games and isolating those ever present blunders that seem to lurking on every chess board just waiting to be discovered. Anyway I give a hearty two thumbs up to my millennial friend.

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Rachele Jul 26, 2017
Chess · In home

Great teacher!

Matt is honest. If there is something he doesn't like about your chess game, he will definitely come out and say it. His criticism allows you to focus on that part of your game. You will be able to improve your flaws on and off the chess board.

Matt is also very competitive. If you beat him in a game of chess, it's like you've beaten him in a game of life. The day you've accomplished this, you will know the grasshopper has become the master.

If you're new at taking lessons, you need to start here, with Matt. I would highly recommend him to any chess player who is seeking to improve their game, beginner or advanced.

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Jake Jul 26, 2017
Chess · Online

Matt is more than a teacher and mentor. He is like a brother to me. Over the course of the last two years, I've taken weekly lessons from Matt. I have not only developed a strong teacher-student relationship with Matt, but I have also developed my game through his guidance. Matt's approach to teaching is fun and engaging. I would recommend him to any aspiring chess players.

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John Jul 8, 2017
Chess · Online

I have learned quite a bit about chesh from from you Matt and have improved because of that thanks a lot

Dennis Jun 29, 2017
Chess · In home

Mathew has trained me to think from both sides of the chess board and strategize .

Ira Jun 29, 2017
Chess · In home

Matt has patiently and attentively worked with me for two years boosting my chess rating from approximately 900 to mid 1300’s. He’s taught me tactics, general strategy, theory and a love of the game. Win or lose, I love the game and credit Matt’s instilling his love of the game in me.

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Steve Jun 29, 2017
Chess · Online

Matt is a great person both intellectually and personality wise. I have known him for around 4 months and he has a unique approach to the way he teaches. He uses real world scenarios to provide another angle to approaching the game. I have increased my level 100 points since working with Matt. Matt also took the time to analyze the games we had played and provided great feedback so I can understand where I was weak and when I was in a strong position. The only downside is that Matt lives 4.5 hours away. I know in person would provide even greater experience. Matt is also very positive and genuine. I believe you will become a better chess player if you work with Matt.

Steve "with an S"

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Alex Jun 28, 2017
Chess · In studio

Tough opponent clearly told me my mistakes and how to correct them. Taught my some tactics traps and openings

Michael Jun 28, 2017
Chess · In home

Matt was very helpful, and continues to be, in my improvement as a chess player. His balanced approach, his patient humble approach, has taught me some restraint from rushing to be flashy or trying to be too complicated. He exemplifies fundamentals, patience, and big picture playing his teaching and his chess play. He has really helped me improve.

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Ron Jun 25, 2017
Chess · In studio

I engaged Matt's service and knowledge to improve my game. I wanted to be able to compete and hold my own against players in the 1600 to 1900 range. Matt instilled in me that you have to have a mental toughness and you have to concentrate on every move if you want to play at a higher level. My game has stepped up. Recently I played a 2300 rated player...and though I lost a tough game, my opponent complimented me saying " you are good but you made a mid-game that cost you." I think with Matt's help I will avoid these mistakes in the future and my game will get even better.

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Patrick Jun 23, 2017
Chess · In studio

Matt’s coaching has helped me improve my mid and end game play tremendously. I had the tendency to make moves that would sabotage my strong board positions and lead to slow, but sure defeats. Much of Matt’s coaching has helped me see how to leverage my pawns and structure my board for better end-game closings.

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