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Mark S.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
As an alternative to traditional piano teaching, I offer non-notation themed lessons often utilizing lead sheets and photos to any students who prefer to learn with out the constraints of a course book.
About Mark S.

Learning music, especially at a young age, can have a positive impact in life. From simply playing at home to performing for large audiences, the goal I have for my students is the same: the enjoyment of being a proficient musician. I have written a bit about my experience and how I can use this to help you to become a great musician. I began studying music when I was 8 years old. My early lessons taught me not only about music but about music teaching. Now as a music teacher myself, I vow to construct my lessons in a way that offers my students interesting material, multiple teaching methods, and realistic objectives set in an entertaining meaningful dialogue. In high school, I played in bands with my friends. Thus, I can never stress how important it is to play with other people. I always encourage my students to form an band, join music groups in school, or just find a friend to jam with. Not only does this raise the level of musicality, it is a great motivational tool. After high school, I studied music at Colorado State University, where I focused on jazz and classical performance, theory, and pedagogy. I earned a bachelor of arts in music from Colorado State University in 2000. In 2011, I earned a Master's degree in Music Theory form Temple University. I have been a professional musician for 19 years in diverse genres such as rock, pop, classical, jazz, and electronic. I have performed in the U.S. and Europe, and I have won various awards in performance and academics. Although I enjoy a busy career in music, I am committed to teaching the young and casual learner as well as professionally oriented individuals. I am also enthusiastic towards the education and development of talent. My home studio is equipped with guitars, basses, keyboards, amplifiers, and digital recording equipment. I am knowledgeable in audio and midi recording through the use of software. I look forward to sharing these skills with you or a member of your family. *** Lesson Details *** Although the procedure can vary depending on the instrument, my lessons often take the following steps: Warm-up Performance of an assignment Instruction and Practice Performance Instruction on a new assignment In a typical lesson, we may take a look at a piece of music through an audio or video recording. After a brief listening, we discuss and examine the music. For example, this could be as simple as asking, "What do think about this part?" or more technical - "What's the time signature?" Next, we focus on a specific part to learn. The student makes attempts, observes demonstrations, ands listens to suggestions and instruction. I try to incorporate many different teaching methods while being mindful of different learning styles to ensure that the student is successful in assimilating and understanding the material. Finally, when the student has become sufficiently proficient on a piece of music, we'll play it together as a team. Sometimes, I accompany a vocalist on guitar instead of piano to get a different feel. For my guitar or bass students, I trade between lead and accompany roles. I may bring percussion instruments into the lesson. The idea is to change things up and have fun playing music. People often ask if I am strict or laid back. I say I am neither. Through enthusiasm, focus, and motivation, the lesson time whizzes by before we know it! Lastly, I never ask my students to copy anyone. I encourage my them to be original. The music I give them is only a guide. I want them to do what is in their hearts. *** Studio Equipment *** Two 12 x 12 rooms Piano - Casio CDP 120 weighted Guitar - Fender Telecaster, Ibanez AX, and Takamine Dreadnought Bass - Epiphone Thunderbird and EB-0 Amplifiers - Vox AC10, Fender Blues Jr, Ampeg, Acoustic 200, Computers - Mac Book Pro Microphones - Blue, Sterling, Recording software - Cubase, Logic Pro, and Garage Band Keyboards - Korg Microkorg, Alesis Vortex *** Travel Equipment *** If students do not possess the instruments they want to play, I will provide all the necessary equipment for them. *** Specialties *** I teach rock, blues, jazz, classical, broadway, Disney (film), and pop music.

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MA Music Theory

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Teacher's Studio

Very knowledgeable and patient teacher.

Posted Jun 10, 2015
Student's home

Mark has been great! I don't fit easily into a student level because I have had some piano training before -- but not in a long time. He has picked up very quickly on my skill level and has been very good about letting me pick my own music and helping me to learn. I feel that I am progressing as fast--or eve faster--than I had hoped. I highly recommend him for piano!

Posted Feb 28, 2015

Mark you are a excellent singing instructor. I could not ask for a better teacher. I want to thank you for every thing. I know this is getting me ready for bigger and beter things.

Posted Sep 30, 2011
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Music Teacher
Oct 2014 - Present
South Philly Music
English Language Teacher
Sep 2009 - Oct 2014
Global Language Training
Global LT offers interpretation and translation services in addition to foreign language training.
MA Music Theory
Sep 2011 - Dec 2013
Temple University
BA Music
Jan 1996 - May 2000
Colorado State University
Fluent/ Native Proficiency
Master's degree in Music Theory
Dec 2013
Temple University
Concentration in electronic music
Creative Performing Musician
Sep 1996
Colorado State University

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