Mario Sanchez
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Mario Sanchez

Mario S.

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I know what it's like scrolling through endless amounts of "learn to master the guitar" or "this trick will improve your guitar playing!" videos on YouTube, most of which are confusing, overwhelming or just useless! At the age of 12 I put my self through the same scenario, wanting to learn the fundamentals of guitar but learning nothing. If you're serious about wanting to learn the guitar, of putting time, effort, and hard work on solely learning the fundamentals then I'll guarantee putting in 110% of my time, effort, and hard work in making sure you learn the basics! Who am I? I'm the 12 year old baffled kid who now, 19, has led a worship band in a Chicago suburb church for 4 years. I play lead guitar and am lead singer! I volunteer to play 3 days a week at my church, and have been invited to play to different events and churches in the Chicago area. I know what It's like being in school, being pilled with homework, and having a part time job. My curriculum is made to fit in your busy schedule, while still learning and advancing to the intermediate level! Everything I've learned in 7 years has been compiled and simplified to your convenience. We will learn basic chords, bar chords, triads, chord inversions, the songs you want to learn, the order of songs, scales and their different positions, picking, rhythm, strumming, and so much more! You'll have your personal practice schedule, made by you, available to you, whenever. Join me, to discover YOUR true potential.

About Mario S.

Hello! I'm Mario. I've been playing guitar for seven years now! Since my journey began I've had my ups and downs in learning to master the guitar. Although, I may not be a master (and i don't think anyone is because there's always something new to learn) everything I've learned from my years of experience, that has benefited me, will be passed on to you! You will learn the basics, the fundamentals of playing the guitar in order for you to branch off to what ever genre you wish! in addition we will be learning most of your favorite guitar songs, we'll even learn some signing tips!

I was raised with the cultural view of my parents which is, "always give your 110%, never give up, and always take the path that will give you more knowledge and experience." I've applied that same view in my life, and especially in my journey of "mastering" the guitar! I've put in countless hours into practicing, learning new topics, scales, chords, inversions. I've learned other instruments in order to help better appreciate and understand the guitar. Iv'e took lessons with professional, but never satisfied with their ways of teaching, so I decided to take my own path, something clear and understandable, something that doesn't require me to learn music theory, or buy books and read them. I've created a way to simply just strap on your guitar, and start learning! Weather it be electric or acoustic guitar, this course is best fit to suit anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort to achieving their goal of starting your journey in guitar playing.

I've been the student who goes to school, 8 am to 3 pm, gets home tired, has piles of homework, but still managed to fit in 30 minutes of practice everyday! I'm currently the college student who has insane amounts of homework, who works, who's a father, husband, and volunteers at church, but I still manage to get my 30 minutes of practice, every day! As a parent, I can relate to wanting your child to exceed, to be the best. I understand. That's why my curriculum will bring out the best of your child, allowing him or her to express their own way of playing and interpreting music. I want to teach you the way you want to be taught! I will help you understand and apply the material we learn in your way.

At 19 years old, I am the worship leader in a church in the Chicago suburbs. Iv'e been the leader for 5 years now! I've been invited to play in different Chicago churches and different events. Hard work and dedication is key!


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