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Lori D.
Teaches Online
Write eloquently with a professional writer and teacher
Need your paper or document edited? I'm here to help! Experienced editing university and business documents. I do not change the message, just the structures. Excellent spelling, grammar and "wordsmith". Let your message shine. We can work together so your skills develop or I can edit independently.
About Lori D.

I love teaching! I have a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Education and have been teaching ESL online to business professionals around the world; particularly in the high-tech field. I have taught English internationally in China, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kurdistan and Mozambique for more than 15 years. I love to teach adults. I also really enjoy teaching reading or writing with students at all ages. Over the last two years, I have taught a lot of pronunciation / accent reduction for my freelancing employer, as well as private students. I'm very flexible and understand that you want to work on your own goals. I guarantee you will make lifelong progress when you work with me. I have also provided quite a bit of instruction to help non-native English speakers edit their own writing. They're great writers, but may still have some awkward ways of putting sentences together. I can help with that! My students feel proud and satisfied when we are finished editing. You are welcome to ask me for references. My past and present students are happy to work with me and feel confident to let me know what they want to work on and what changes to make if needed. We have a lot of fun together; I'm able to capture what they've said so we can work on real-time sentence, vocab and pronunciation improvement. I'm not like the other teachers -- I'm flexible, connected with my students, and willing to try new things. We'll have fun together in every class as you learn new vocabulary, sentence structures, and pronunciation to practice. Let's give it a try!

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