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Lisa teaches: Females 5 and up
Males 5 to 18
Teaching since: January 1984
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After graduating from college with a degree in education I was determined to change the course of the education for my own family. I was the first on either side of my entire family (all generations) ever to go to a university and graduate. I came from very humble hard working (yes bullheaded Irish) people. As a naturally highly creative person the school system was not a nurturing place at all for me. As a deeply right brained visual person the left brained system was toxic for my creativity and I struggled to thrive and be myself.

For the past 21 years I've dedicated my time, energy, creativity to home schooling my own two children in their academics as well as the necessary skills for every day life. Thankfully, I had the opportunity not to put either of them in day care one day. My focused sacrifice has been intense, serious, determined. planned, and obvious in my passion to educate them both in a left brain manor with a massive amount of creative liberty.

The ignorant, verbal, flack I encountered during this was insane but I didn't waver. I believe in one on one education customized for each child and knew from the start what I wanted to accomplish with both of them! I wanted them to learn how to learn with their personalities, natural strengths and talents but I had to observe and implement very different parenting and teaching techniques with both from birth.

Yes, my hard unwavering work has paid off and is continuing to pay off. Both of my children walked into their first college courses at age 14. Yes, real college classes on real college campuses! Both are honor students and my first will finish his degree in English Lit/Creative Writing at UNC Asheville in Dec 2016 at age 21!

Private piano lessons are nothing more than home schooling. I bring the same customized passion I used for my own children to teach yours! Not only do I have an education degree I have a proven track record of teaching children how they uniquely need to learn whether it's visually, audio, or kinetically etc. I know how to challenge them and make them work...even the super smart lazy ones!

After each lesson I take a few moments to consult the parent(s) about the lesson and what needs to be accomplished during the students next practice week. You need to be aware of their education because they grow rapidly and there is much to accomplish before they attend college! Do some research on the benefits of learning and playing music if you are not a musician yourself. It's incredible what it will do for the development of their brain little brains!

Apparently, I'm not allowed my customary studio "meet and greet" with Takelessons. I have studio rules that must be followed and if they aren't I will not continue to teach your children. You must have a piano or keyboard for them to regularly practice on and believe me I know when they don't practice. I know what method books I like to teach from so I'll be happy to share that information with you. If you don't have any I cannot start the lessons without them. They must be purchased before hand.
There are other rules so please message me first so that we can discuss them first so that there is no confusion about the studio policies. This isn't a hobby this is serious valuable education for your child.

I don't have the time nor the energy to deal with unprofessional parents because my time and energy goes fully towards teaching amazing students.

At this time I've been pre-approved, by the head of arts education in Guilford County, to teach music education and chorale education in the Guilford County School system. I'm waiting for openings and interviews. My time educating my own children is over with so I must move on to teach other incredible human beings!

I look forward to passionately educating you or... those you love!


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My little student started at age 4 with me. She is homeschooled so she could already read quite well. We had a great first year!


Home School Teacher
May 1990 - Sep 2011
My own school

For 16 years I committed my time and energy to nurture, support, and educate two other human beings. They were never in day care one day and I was serious about creating their education environment. Because of my intense determination and devotion both of them were able to walk into their first college classes at age 14. They both are honor students and highly creative.

Music Teacher
Aug 1983 - May 1985
Warnicks Music

My first job ever was teaching 18 students a week at our local music store in Decatur Illinois. Was a great experience!


B.S. in Music Education
Aug 1985 - May 1990
Bob Jones University

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Amy May 1, 2016
· Piano · In studio
Excellent teacher for my high energy little boy who loves music!
Sierra May 1, 2016
· Piano · In studio
Lisa is an amazing piano instructor. She has taught my 6 year old daughter since she was 4 years old and my daughter has learned so much. Lisa is very professional, nurturing, and loving. My daughter loves her and can't wait to come to her lessons each week. I highly recommend Lisa to anyone who is looking for a piano instructor.
Lisa Overly
Lisa O.

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