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Laila B.
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Combine the everyday talking to the classic speaking. Arabic made easy with Laila!
I am fluent in Arabic. I came up with a way to teach Arabic for children combining everyday language with the classic Arabic that most children find difficult. I am familiar with the different Arabic regions dialects and can determine how to start the learning process depending on the students interests and their needs to learn this language. Children and adults will also learn how to speak, read and write . Our sessions will depend on conversations more than boring grammar rules. In addition, the student will learn about the culture of the different regions. I traveled and lived in several countries and very familiar with the traditions and the heritage. Sessions will be personalized depending on each individual's interest. I can also teach the different Arabic dialects and I can teach the Middle Eastern cuisine. The Arabic culture is very rich and my online sessions will be a one of a kind experience.
About Laila B.

My name is Laila. I am a mother of four children. I have BS in Computer Science and MA in Accounting. In addition, I've been a reading therapist for more than 12 years. I am an owner of a reading clinic that offers help to people of any age or ability struggling with literacy. I'm bilingual English/Arabic, and while I was raising up my children, I gave them Arabic private lessons for many years. They never liked the traditional methods their tutors used. Because of my experience with teaching children and my fluency in both languages, I came up with an interesting way of teaching children the language through fun activities, conversations, books, apps and many more. Learning Arabic will not be boring, but rather fun and easy. I have helped both adults and children become passionate about the language and the culture, as well as learn how to read and decode the language easily.