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Hip Hop & Rap

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Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
I have been studing Rap & Hiphop Lyricism for over 10 years, have full knowledge of hiphop history, causalities of all of the subgenres, usually I teach all of the basic things we admire in artists like Lil Wayne, Big Pun, Immortal Technique, Eminem & Royce, Biggie Smalls, Afroman & Tech N9ne, as well as all of the other artists which I've studied every song of.

I have recorded with over 15 different artists, created over 6 mixtapes, produced beats for over 10 years.. I also have a page full of classes (just google advanced lyricism to learn some of the things I could teach you) I usually dive into the advanced stuff first, because I learned that being a beginner is no fun, but watching someone understand a piece of something great and skillful that was done is always more rewarding and stays with you & is something you can build upon.

I also aim to make a world record and want to create the first album that is fully forwards and backwards compatible, done by backwards freestyling/writing with my sole. I have studied it over and over for years now and have a lot to explain about it.. but this is only one marvel of being a hip hop pro.

Delivery, Flow, Pronounciation, Saliva Usage & Hydration's Uses, Multisyllables, How to make Traps (mumble rap phenominon, a very technical skill), Ways to Produce your Music, Practice Techniques (techniques that I've developed from every day)
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Ages 1+ and special needs

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I have been around music all my life since I was born, started with a synthesizer at age 4, later played guitar, bass, drums, flutes, and all forms of instruments, and settled my expansion in the vocal area, started making remixes in my teens, and writing raps & producing my own beats. I've made probably 5000 beats lifetime, and about 600 songs atleast. I remember making 100 songs in my 2nd year of recording, 2008. My main name is Kronik J, but I plan to delve into other names as well, as I teach variety. I want an artist that is eternal and lasts. I want to teach you a skill that is eternal and lasts, true lyricism. Lyricism involves chiseling down materials when whiddling down isn't serious anymore.

I have over 50 videos on YT with tons of teachings that are just some select ideas that i've introduced, every single thing that I teach you has an idea direction to spin out from, so you'll be able to write a song, make an album, or go a whole different full direction with anything that I give you. I will develop a perfect practice regimen for you. I want you to feel like you have graduated from a class when you're finished learning with me.

We can do video/skype/messenger to do a lesson, or we can meet in person. It's all up to you.

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Dec 2007 - Present
Kronik Muzik Productions

I have been making music for almost 10 years now, recording, making beats, designing cd covers, releasing cds and selling them on foot, songwriting, ghostwriting, and training other aspiring artists to fruition. I have developed 2 or 3 artists so far, but the work I was doing I was not getting paid for. To get paid for it, will probably give a better result. You can ask me for references

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Lesson about moisture & temperance, and how to use 102 letters and write in 4 more directions
This is a lesson about lane aligning & how stacking words can generate more references and keywords
Syllable copying method that I came up with to preserve/entertain information as it's written with more emphasis
Lesson on using your body to be a note tracker to create a song delivery and tempo
Lesson on word manifesting and how things are introduced
This is a mixing trick that I learned on how to get more out of words and phrases by realigning what's h eard
This is another lesson about repopulation & how music directs traffic
This is one of about 55 lessons on my youtube, this is a formula I came up with. I have alot of lessons that are like this
Lesson about fading out speech and low muttered utterances and how to amplify those

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