Kipp Kahlia

Kipp K.

Long Beach, CA
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
Levels taught:
We work on proper breathing (absolutely crucial), pitch, enunciation, speech-level singing (singing without vocal strain), range and enunciation. I want my students to sing easily, and with reliable pitch.

About Kipp K.

I fell in love with the guitar when I was ten years old, and it’s been one of the most satisfying, long-lasting and healthiest romantic relationships of my entire life. I am still in love.

When I began to play AND sing, the magic multiplied. Through performing solo and with bands, I discovered that other people also enjoyed the magic that was being channeled through me musically.

Then I found that I could teach. This was a surprise to me. I found that I am the kind of person who can explain concepts and demonstrate technique in a way that makes the new information fun for a student. My students enjoy learning, and I enjoy the fact that they are enjoying it. It is SO MUCH FUN for me to see a student’s face light up because something suddenly makes sense to them, and they GET IT. I love adding one person after another to the club of people who love to play and/or sing.

If you want your child to have more balance and a way to soothe or express strong emotion in a healthy way – and in a way that pleases them – I would like to help you to give him or her that gift. As a child and a teenager, I spent countless hours in a room with my guitar, and it really helped me to stay on an even keel. It also taught me about discipline: practicing on a daily basis brings satisfying results. I was able to make music that was beautiful to listen to, and as long as I kept practicing, it got better and better. It proved to me that regular focus on something I wanted to be good at would bring results. That’s true of most things in life. I make a point of telling my young students that practicing an instrument is just like doing homework: you get out of it what you put into it. And the results can be joyous.

Perhaps YOU, an adult, are the musician or prospective musician. It’s never too late to fall in love with a musical instrument! It’s a joy, and a meditation, a sedative or an outlet, and it’s all YOURS. There is always a creative element to playing an instrument – when two different people play the same music, it never sounds exactly the same, because a person’s personality always shines through. The creation of music or the re-creation of music is, as I said before, magical. And I would like to give you a guided tour of that wonder-world.

If, by chance, you should find that you want to play with other people, I will prepare you to be able to do that and have a BLAST. There’s a reason that the word for what you do with an instrument and what children do with toys is “PLAY.” Fun is always the objective, and I’ve never had more fun in my life than when I was playing with other great musicians. The collaborative effort multiplies the creative results beyond all understanding. This is not just fun, it is BIG FUN! I love to give people the tools they need to be able to experience that. I’ll teach you how to play and sing easily and comfortably, and give you the foundation you need to play any style of music you desire, well. I've been privileged to have really amazing teachers as I learned and developed, and I've stolen from them all the best techniques for sharing musical knowledge. I’ve made music my life’s work, and I have so much to show you!

*** Lesson Details ***
I am very relaxed in my approach, and use humor to lighten up the situation. Most people are initially tense and self-conscious with a new instructor -- my job is to make a student relaxed and happy so that we can focus on the work at hand. There is a way to be disciplined and focused about learning how to play an instrument and about your practice time, but it should be enjoyable. Stress makes it harder to immerse yourself in the music, and that's what's necessary for satisfying development. I've got lots of helpful hints about how to relax and get the most out of your music time. Musicians NEVER STOP LEARNING, no matter what their level, so with music, it's doubly important to learn to enjoy the moment.

I like for my students to be able to read music, at least on a basic level. The ability to be able to decipher musical notation allows for so much more access to all kinds of music, that I really want my students to be able to learn any music they want to by looking at a piece of paper, or a post on the Internet. I use a beginning classical guitar book for my guitar students, and a generic basics book for bass students. I also like to use music of the student's choice for teaching. If they like the music they're learning, it's much easier to TEACH.

For guitar and bass students, I also teach tablature (or "Tab"), since that's become a popular and easy way of notating music.

I like to find out where a student is in his or her development, and then start their instruction from there. If it's a beginning student, we'll start with parts of the guitar, tuning the guitar, and explanations about rhythm and melody. We'll go on to basic chords, easy bass lines, keeping time, and easy melodies. If a student is more advanced, we might start with a song that the student wants to play, but is having difficulties learning. We may work on music theory so that the basic framework can help them to learn music faster, and remember it more easily. We may focus on playing technique so that the student plays more easily and efficiently. I like to identify the things that will take a student to the next level NOW, and then focus on those things until the student feels confident and comfortable with them.

Voice students get the same kind of personalized lessons, and we focus on creating sound easily and without strain, as well and pitch, timing, and tone quality. I want you to like your voice, and to feel good about singing. I want you to sing easily, and happily. The right technique allows a singer to do that, and also protects the voice from damage over time. We'll explore the ways that you can learn a healthy way of singing that sounds great to you and your listeners.

*** Studio Equipment ***
There are two Roland cube bass and guitar amplifiers available for use. Also, there is a drum room with a kit in it if I want a student to play along with a drum groove to help improve their rhythmic abilities.

*** Travel Equipment ***

*** Specialties ***
Classical guitar, R&B, reggae


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Maripen Y.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Christmas day 2013, my husband built a bass for me. One that was my size with a smaller diameter neck. I looked at him and asked, “what do you want me to do with that?”. He said “ you are going to learn how to play the bass so you can play worship with the family.” It was a very daunting challenge, but I liked the idea of playing music with the family. My husband Craig is a worship leader at church, he plays the guitar and the bass. My son Matthew plays the bass and the guitar. My daughter Megan sings, plays the keyboards and can play some guitar. I would be the newbie joining the group.

My husband taught me how to play the bass. He showed me the proper way of playing the bass strings but I had other ideas. I was comfortable with just playing with 1 finger. We got into disagreements over that but he let me go because he did not want to argue with his wife. Craig was a trooper and was able to teach me enough basics that within 6 months we were playing for the elderly in the Senior Homes once a month. By the spring the following year 2014, he asked the pastor if he could add me to the worship team. I was able to provide simple bass line to the music and I had to admit it was fun. I wanted to progress more but I did not want to strain my relationship with Craig. I always pushed back and I wanted to do things my way and often we did not have a good experience. Craig was always proud of me and was always tickled pink whenever we played together. So that fall 2014, I asked to have a bass teacher, he was relieved and went into the business of finding me a bass teacher, a female bass teacher that I can relate to.

That was when I met Kipp Kahlia. She is a bonafide professional musician, studied and majored in music. I just wanted to get that out of the way, because on top of that, she is a very nice person. My first lesson was at her house. It was 7:30 pm and I was super nervous. I told her that I needed a teacher because I wanted to get better than just doing “thump, thump, thump, thump” when we play worship on Sunday. I wanted to grow without harming my relationship with Craig. We got along famously from the beginning. I liked how she was so easygoing and was understanding of my bad habits. She was understanding but that didn’t mean she would tolerate it. She started me from the beginning. Basics like, hooking up to the amp, tuning the bass, and technique. She assured me that over time the hand just adapts to the new programming that I send to the nervous system and the playing technique will eventually remodel. Yes, remodel, even with a stubborn person like me.

That was November of 2014 and I am writing this April 2015 and I have improved my strumming a lot. Inadvertently, when she is introducing me to something new, the claw or the hook (as I call it) comes out but she is quick to point out the hook and I am back to playing the right way again. She teaches me how to be creative with the rhythms, she’s teaching me the roots and 5th’s of chords, where they are on the neck, and how you can use the different notes of the scale to enhance the song. She addresses that because she knows my goal is to do more than thump, thump, thump, and just hold down whole notes. She is very encouraging and she has a sense of humor. We laugh a lot when I am there for my class, the studio people come in sometimes and tell us there is too much laughing coming from our room.

Sometimes I bring up questions I may encounter in the week and she will take the time to answer it. One time I asked her “What do you think of the lawsuit against Pharrell Williams for copyright infringement on the Marvin Gaye song ‘Got to Give it Up’?’ We would stop and talk about that.

Sometimes, I feel not as prepared coming to class because I might not have the homework as complete as I would like it to be and Kipp tells me that she understands that I am a working woman, with a family and that I have stuff to do. I feel that takes the pressure off. But on the days when I AM confident about my homework, then the fun begins, she start throwing in stuff to keep me on my toes and push me out of my comfort zone. I have to have my deodorant on because something unexpected is always thrown

Posted Oct 18, 2015
Wil M.

I started playing my Bass very late in my life . Kipp made it very easy for me to lean how to play . I went from knowing nothing at all about the Bass to learning how to tune my Bass , Finger positions , Chords ,Techniques , Reading Music , to playing Major and Minor Scales . I saw myself Improving every week . Kipp made me feel very Comfortable and was very patient with me . Kipp makes it very easy for you to learn how to play your Bass or Guitar . Kipp can work with any age and I would Recommend her to anyone that would like to learn how to play . KIPP IS A GRATE TEACHER !!! You will not be Disappointed . Thank you for everything Ms. Kipp K ...

Posted Oct 1, 2014
Brandon F.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

In just a short amount of time I learned a lot from chords to technique from Kipp. She is an awesome guitar teacher with experience to back her up. I started learning guitar relatively late in life -in my late twenties- but I am confident Kipp can teach any age group.

Posted Jun 16, 2014
DeJon J.

Classic Guitar Lesson for 7 year old

Signed my 7 year old nephew up for 30 min weekly lessons to learn the classic guitar. Kipp did a great job making him feel comfortable and he is improving each week. She has a great skill for communicating with children and making them understand the importance of what they are learning while making it fun. I will definitely continue classes with Kipp.

Posted Dec 2, 2013
Connie D.

Patient, kind and knows how to teach

My son first met Kipp when he was 8 years old. When she asked what kind of music he wanted to play he said "I want to play funk."
And before long he was playing funk! My son is now 18 and in college. From that first meeting with Kipp his ability and passion with playing the guitar grew by leaps and bounds! He can open up any music book and play any song because Kipp taught him all about music theory, building chords, etc. He has been in several bands that he has started and plays lead guitar and sings! I highly recommend Kipp. She keeps it fun and keeps the passion alive. You will not be disappointed!

Posted Feb 17, 2013
Tanya M.

A great guitar teacher

My son has been taking lessons from Kipp for about a year. He won't even consider going somewhere else. Kipp really connects with my teen and he listens to her. He has learned so much just this year. She is a great teacher! Kipp can work with your child at any level of guitar.

Posted Feb 13, 2013

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freelance lead & rhythm guitarist
Jun 1995 - Present


I worked (for a living -- that was all I did for work) for nearly 2 decades as a freelance lead and rhythm guitarist in reggae bands, and played gospel in a church for 3 years.


Bachelor of Arts, Politics & Culture
Oct 1975 - Jun 1980

University of California at Santa Cruz



Professional Proficiency


Certificate of Completion
Jun 1983

Musicians Institute, Hollywood, California

I attended an intensive year-long program in which I studied guitar: sight-reading and ear-training, music theory, composition, playing technique, performance, jazz improvisation, and styles (blues, country, fusion, & rock).


Soroptimist "Women Who Make a Difference" award for International Good Will
Mar 2013

Soroptimist International, Long Beach

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