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Kimber W.
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Learn how to speak in American Sign Language with an expert who has been signing since childhood
Hello everybody! American Sign Language is my first language and I am deaf person. I am so thrilling to teach you to learn sign language. It benefit for everybody such as common in daily life, jobs, school requirement. American Sign Language is amazing way to communicate with deaf and hard of hearing people, especially people who does not know how to express themselves or struggle with speaking English. I will be teaching basic sign language, starting with ABCs, numbers, word by words, and many more. Do you want to learn from me? Then go for it!
About Kimber W.

My name is Kimber and I graduated at Gallaudet University with my BA degree for International Studies. I used to work as Resident Assistant during university years to work with residents who also from other countries and when they need help with sign language/English which is helpful to gain my experience with people who are still learning some languages. I have been doing basic American Sign Language on youtube and I have certificate to working with special education students. I enjoying to help people who learning sign language and basic English as well. My goal is to improve your sign language and review to make sure how much you know so far. If you are first timer to learn sign language then it is perfect for you to being with! I will be looking forward to hear from you soon!

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