Kevin Flowers

Kevin F.

San Diego, CA

About Kevin F.

Kevin teaches: Ages 5 and up
Teaching since: August 2005
Last sign in: Yesterday


I have been teaching and performing in the San Diego area for many years and have used that experience to develop lessons for any level of player. My program emphasizes all around musicianship in addition to technical ability. Being a musician is more than simply learning repertoire. I help my students get the skills needed to be capable, independent performers. While studying at UCSD, I was awarded double honors for my work in Guitar Performance and Composition. In 2010, I was given awards for "Most Outstanding Graduating Senior" and "Outstanding Classical Music Performance". In January of this year, my latest ensemble piece "Bell Music" was given its premiere in Zurich, Switzerland by Ensemble TaG.

*** Lesson Details ***
While I am a very easy going teacher, I do require dedication of time and effort from my students. Students will learn music fundamentals (reading on the staff, elementary theory, ear training) in addition to specific instrumental technique. I also stress the practical issues of music making, from ensemble playing to upkeep of the instrument. Students who give their time to the program will quickly begin playing the music they love, while also finding a deeper appreciation for it.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Lessons in recording studio, 2 or 3 people can fit in studio, bookshelf, recording desk and guitars hung up on wall
Parents can wait in small area outside the lesson room

*** Travel Equipment ***
I expect each student to have a guitar and the method book(s) I require. I will bring a guitar for demonstration as well as any supplemental materials I see fit.

*** Specialties ***
I have a degree in classical guitar performance and composition from UCSD. I was awarded honors in both fields. In addition to classical guitar, I have played jazz, pop, rock and folk music professionally for many years. I have also played banjo and sitar for many years professionally.


Master's Degree

Sep 2011 - Present
University of California, San Diego

Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Music

Sep 2007 - Jun 2014
University of California, San Diego
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12 Reviews on Kevin F.

Jed G. Oct 14, 2015
Banjo · In home
Verified Student
Kevin is very professional and KNOWS what he's doing! He is strong in theory, teaching AND performance. My son was PLAYING the banjo after his first lesson!! He does already play the guitar, but I was very impressed with the quick results!! He is personable and seems to work very well with teens. - Jed's mom
Daniel S. Jan 5, 2014
Verified Student
Excellent Instructor

Kevin has taken my 14yo son from an absolute beginner to a good guitar player. He has been patient and professional all times and my son truly likes him, as do I. I have referred him to several friends now and will continue to do so.
Delia S. Oct 30, 2013
Verified Student
Great teacher!

Kevin's been working with my 12-year-old son for about 6 months now. My son has learned a lot of new songs and proper playing techniques. Kevin is very professional, reliable, and gets along well with my son. I recommend him!
Gwynne L. Jul 26, 2013
Verified Student

Kevin is very patient, helpful and fun! At 23, I thought I was too old to start learning an instrument and Kevin made me feel comfortable right away. He constantly updated the lesson plan and adjusted it to my skill level.
Debi A. Apr 21, 2013
Verified Student
Great experience

My friends and family gave me a gift certificate to Take Lessons for a banjo I had bought several years earlier with no musical know how. I tired to teach myself and that did not go well. A bit apprehensive at taking lessons at my age (not a spring chicken) but Kevin put me at ease immediately. He has great patience and communication skills. He made sense out of the lessons and I actually can play a couple of songs (may be a bit slow) after just 4 lessons. I know that what Kevin taught me will carry forward as I continue to hone my ability to play the banjo. As time affords me I may be back for more lessons from Kevin. Thanks Kevin for a great experience.
Delia A. Apr 9, 2013
Verified Student
Great with kids

My young daughter has taken a few lessons with Kevin. He is patient with her and assigns music she enjoys. I like that he gives her a couple of things to focus in practice so she has variety. Although the room where the class takes place is a bit small, I also like that I can sit in on the class. It helps me know how I can help her during the week. Overall, I can see the difference in her playing in the few lessons we have had.
ShellyN Apr 29, 2012
I love having Kevin as a guitar instructor. I'm not coordinated at all and I have problems telling my hands to each do different things, but Kevin is always patient and will go through things several times if need be. He is always adding on new songs to keep things from getting boring and trying new techniques to build proficiency. I definitely recommend him to anyone!
adrienneb Dec 24, 2011
Kevin's been teaching my kids 8 & 11 guitar for about 4 months now and they love him. He does a great job, is kind, patient and makes playing fun.
MalcolmD Oct 29, 2011
Rank Beginner

As a geriatric learner I have major problems in learning but am determined to give this experience my best shot. Kevin is a very kind and patient teacher and is doing an excellent job of keeping me on track and adjusting my struggling efforts to cement the basics.It is apparent that I should warm up before commencing the lesson as I am unable to play with Kevin what I can do at home.I hope my right brain is enjoying this new experience !!Malcolm Dyos
JonL Oct 10, 2011
Smart, Experienced Teacher

Kevin is a very skilled guitar player who is able to take the principals he's learned through years of music education and create a custom curriculum for you. He is very patient but also maximizes your time in-lesson to make sure you get the most out of the time spent together. Highly recommended!