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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Ken delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Ages 5+ and special needs

Teaching since:

I am a classically trained pianist, songwriter, composer, and worship leader. I received my BA in Music from Wheaton College in Wheaton, IL. Since then, I have spent the last 20+ years teaching and working professionally in the music industry.

During this time, I have written numerous songs and musical pieces for concerts, worship experiences, and for the studio. My most recent record is a solo piano album called Perfect Peace. It is made up of songs I composed specifically for the album. I also have an original worship album called King Over All. Both are available on iTunes, Spotify, and any of the other major digital distributors.

My goal as a piano teacher is to help you become a well-rounded musician.

With this in mind, I have created four tracks to help my students pick the path which best fits them. They are Classical Piano, Chords, Songwriting, and Advanced Music Theory. Each track contains a group of modules to help you as a student excel to the next level. All of my students will work through the 8 Classical Piano modules.

It is not mandatory to add an additional track. However, students interested in enhancing their piano studies can choose to add one of the three remaining tracks: Chords, Songwriting, or Advanced Music Theory.

Classical Piano Track

The Classical Piano track emphasizes reading sheet music, learning scales and key signatures, arpeggios, trills, and other techniques. Students learn pieces from the major composers like Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, and Debussy. They also learn to play music from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern eras. Classical Piano covers many genres including etudes, preludes, polonaise, nocturnes, mazurkas, waltzes, and ballads.

Chords Track

Prerequisite: Piano 1-2

The Chords track focuses on teaching students to play pop, rock, and jazz tunes, and the chords and chord progressions associated with each style. Students will learn to read chord symbols, chord charts, lead sheets, and slash charts.

Chord technique such as right and lefthand rhythmic patterns, incorporating the melody, utilizing chord inversions, chord abbreviations, chord coloring, and learning to play accompaniment are also taught.

Students who take the Chords track will learn how to transpose songs using the Nashville Numbering System (NNS).

Songwriting Track

Prerequisite: Piano 1-2 and Chords 1-2

In the Songwriting track, students will learn many of the essential ingredients of a great song including song structure, using technology to capture and harness ideas, the fundamentals of lyric writing, writing great melodies, instrumentation, how to write for specific instruments, modulation, and countermelodies.

Songwriting is close to my heart as I have been writing music since I was a kid. This past summer I recorded an original solo piano album. I have also written more than 100 worship songs. In this track, I share with you everything you need to know about songwriting based on my personal journey with writing.

Advanced Theory Track

Prerequisite: Piano 1-4

Just as a spoken language has rules that govern it, so does the language of music. This language helps us understand how music works, and it gives us the terminology to communicate with other musicians. Show me a musician that knows music theory, and I will show you someone who can quickly make sense of the music they read or hear. The

Advanced Theory track goes beyond the typical music theory that a person gets when learning to play the piano. In this track, students learn about the make-up of chords and their functions, ear training exercises, modal scales and harmony, the hierarchy of 3rds and 7ths, and dominant function. It’s everything you would ever need to know about how music works.

I'm looking forward to meeting you and I would love an opportunity to teach you what I've learned during 30+ years of playing the piano.

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Founder and Piano Instructor
Sep 1997 - Present
Reynolds Piano

Piano lessons to children and adults of many ages and backgrounds. During this time, I have taught a number of different styles of music including classical, jazz, pop, rock, black gospel and more.

Music Director
Mar 2012 - Oct 2016
Evangel Church

Primary worship leader and producer of all services at a large multi-cultural church (1000+ attendance). Oversight of all musical, technical, and creative teams. Composition, arranging, and orchestration for all musical teams.

Music Director
Mar 2004 - Dec 2009
United Faith Church

Primary worship leader and producer of all services (1000+ attendance) and worship albums. Oversight of all musical, technical, and creative teams. Composition, arranging, and orchestration for all musical teams.

Founder and Director
Sep 1998 - Mar 2004
Fox River School of Music

Fox River School of Music offered private lessons to nearly 100 students in piano, violin, trumpet, flute, guitar, and drums.

Music Director
Sep 1997 - Mar 2004
Assembly of God Christian Center

Primary worship leader and producer of all services and special events. Composition, arranging, and orchestration for all music groups.


B.A. in Music
Sep 1993 - May 1997
Wheaton College


Fluent / Native Proficiency


Bachelor of Music Arts
May 1997
Wheaton College


Aug 2017

Broadcast Music Inc. was founded in 1939 by forward-thinkers who wanted to represent songwriters in emerging genres, like jazz, blues and country, and protect the public performances of their music. Operating on a non-profit-making basis, BMI is now the largest music rights organization in the U.S. and is still nurturing new talent and new music.

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Photos & Videos

A Little Introduction!
Written by Ken Reynolds © Copyright 2017 via "Keys to Heaven"
An Excerpt of Sonata No 8 "Pathetique" 2nd Movement by Beethoven
By Ken Reynolds © Copyright 2017 via "Keys to Heaven"
Written by Ken Reynolds  © Copyright 2017 via "Keys to Heaven"
My wife and kids

Debut Album Benefit Concert For a Girl Battling Leukemia

Christmas Eve Concert 2015

Multiple Camera Set-up - What My Students See
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Mary Feb 5, 2018
Piano · Online

Ken was my teacher a few years ago. He is an outstanding teacher and person of character who encouraged his students with patient understanding and diligent, creative efforts to meet the needs of each student. Each lesson was a joy and advanced my skills to the next level. I still am thankful for the recordings he generously and professionally made for me to help me understand chords and improve my ability to improvise.

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Jill Jan 31, 2018

I really enjoyed working with Ken. He is not only a very knowledgeable musician but he is also a great teacher. You can tell that he is passionate about helping others grow in their abilities. He provided a good balance of instruction and encouragement to help me grow in skill and confidence.

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Kris Jan 22, 2018
· Online

Ken is a talented musician and gifted teacher. As an instructor, he empowers progress, precision and joy! His passion for excellence is contagious for those learning under his direction.

Kent Jan 22, 2018
Piano ·

My wife Judy and I had the honor of having Ken on our staff as a worship & creative arts director at the church we pastored in St. Charles, Illinois. Ken is an amazing pianist and musician. Plus his work ethic and character is remarkable. He's an outstanding team player and I personally watched him do an excellent job of coaching, teaching and mentoring his worship and creative arts team. Ken is a pro at what he does and I would highly recommend that you schedule him for lessons in person or online.

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Joe Jan 16, 2018
Piano · In studio

Worked with Ken for several years in a worship band for which he was director. He has a high standard for performance and is meticulous in his technique and tasteful musically. Ken works well with musicians with a wide range of skill level, is patient and stays focused on obtaining excellent results. I recommend him for any serious student of keyboard and of music generally.

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Levy Pandey Jan 7, 2018
· Online

Ken is a great teacher with a sound knowledge of what he is teaching. He is very patience and kind. He puts the pressure enough for the child to step up yet don't turn the child tired of trying. My daughter could play Silent Night quiet nice after about 12 classes with Ken. We would highly recommend him!

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Glenn Jan 5, 2018
Songwriting · In studio

Some of my greatest improvements as a musician, singer, and songwriter I have learned from Ken Reynolds. Thanks so much.

Carey Jan 3, 2018

I gleaned significant music theory and practical application while playing on the same worship team as Ken. His depth of theory and wide range of musical genre makes Ken one of my highest recommended teachers of all time.

Daniel Jan 2, 2018
Classical Piano · Online

Very patient with students/clients, and passionate about music. He strives to get the best out of his students/clients.

Andrew Dec 30, 2017
Piano · In studio

Ken is a great instructor. He is incredibly brilliant with music theory and instrumentation, yet is able to keep lessons at a pace that is congruent with any level that you're at. Highly recommend.

Courtney Dec 30, 2017
Ear Training · In studio

Ken is a gifted and patient instructor. After several years not practicing music and a switch in musical genres, I forgot how to generate harmonies and was frustrated with myself. Ken provided models and supports (yes even through my tears!) and I’m happy to say I’m songwriting and singing again with confidence, and now I’m teaching others how to find harmonies! He’s also a gifted writer and performer and it’s evident he is passionate about his craft and the music he produces. Let him know if you are struggling or need more gentle feedback and he will adjust. You can do anything you set your mind to! Go for it!

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Allen Dec 30, 2017
Songwriting · In home

Ken is a great teacher for anyone from beginners or advanced students looking for piano or songwriting. He has been instrumental in my growth in these areas. I recommend Ken to everyone looking to learn.

Linda Dec 28, 2017
Classical Piano · Online

Ken is the perfect teacher for any learner. He's a patient teacher and spreads his love of music to his students. He's also a wonderful composer and performer. I've known Ken for many years and have seen his students become very successful as musicians. I highly recommend Ken!!

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Jordan Dec 27, 2017

I've played music with Ken for several years. His excitement to teach and delve into the finer points of music are top notch. Were I in the position to learn another instrument, I'd be taking lessons with him.

Bob Dec 21, 2017
Piano · In studio

I have had the pleasure of playing worship music under Ken’s leadership off and on for 2 years. He was always enjoyable to be around and encouraged the team to bring their very best to our music. I count it a privilege to know Ken and have spent the time making music together. As a band director and worship musician, I highly recommend Ken as a music teacher.

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Radi Dec 21, 2017
· Online

I have known Ken as a musician and a song writer and a friend for 20 years. His degree from Wheaton College, his music career, his patient and kind nature make him an ideal music teacher.

Kendra Dec 20, 2017
Ear Training · In studio

Ken has a natural ability to help you understand how to listen for and learn their respective parts. He guides you through the process so you are learning how to develop that ear for yourself. He is patient and understanding with those whom he instructs. Highly recommend Ken for musical instruction of all types!

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Dustin Dec 19, 2017
Piano · Online

Our daughter has progressed very well in her piano class with Mr. Ken. We would highly recommend him! The ability to learn online has been very valuable due to the fact our family resides in Asia.

Jaclyn Dec 17, 2017

Ken is fabulous at meeting students at their level and finding ways to communicate that make sense to each individual. He sees the innate talent and drive in his students and works with them to help them become great players. He always challenged me to improve myself and be the best musician I could be.

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Matt Dec 17, 2017
Piano · Online

I have had the pleasure of knowing Ken and sharing music with him for over 25 years. Not only is he an excellent musician and compositionist, but his integrity and creative drive for excellence is contagious. I give him my highest recommendations!

Rebekah Dec 15, 2017
Piano · In studio

Ken was a phenomenal instructor for me when I took lessons as a young teenager. He is such a gifted pianist, yet he was always so patient with me as he taught me the basics. He creatively helped me to work through my insecurities and times of frustration. Plus, he's a lot of fun! I would recommend Ken to anyone in a heartbeat!

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Heidi Dec 11, 2017
Piano · In studio

Ken was great because he can do written music or chord charts. This means he can speak whatever musical language you need him to, which can be hard to find. I was looking to learn how to play from chord charts and he was a great instructor! He was patient and gave great practical tips that I could use and improve quickly. And he's nice. I've had piano instructors who made me cry before. No worries for that here! Thanks, Ken!

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Cyndi Dec 7, 2017
· In studio

As a fellow musician and music teacher, I have known Ken for many years and have always admired his musicianship, from classical trumpet to classical and contemporary piano, as well as songwriting/singing and playing almost anything by ear. Ken has a patient, kind, and calm demeanor, yet is always striving for, and attaining, the best musically. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone either wanting to learn piano for the first time or to a skilled musician wanting to expand their musical styles and abilities on the piano. Ken is a uniquely gifted musician and teacher, and any student would be blessed under his instruction.

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Stephanie Dec 5, 2017
Piano ·

I loved taking piano lessons with Ken. He was encouraging and direct as we studied both classical and contemporary pieces. Because of his familiarity with both styles, he taught me to have a well rounded base from which I have been able to make my own compositions and learn new pieces quickly. He plays the piano with ease and is an extremely knowledgeable.

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Lilia Dec 3, 2017
Piano · In studio

Ken is a very knowledgeable, yet patient instructor. He is excellent in many styles of music, and really helped me take my understanding of theory and apply it to playing by ear. I was a music minor in college, so understood reading music, but was really lacking in understanding how to improvise and play chord charts with style. Ken's teaching and mentorship really helped my ability move to the next level. I would highly recommend him for any level of lessons.

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Laura Dec 2, 2017

I worked with Ken for years as part of worship teams and as a fellow music instructor at the Fox River School of Music in Saint Charles, IL. Ken is not only an incredibly gifted musician, but also a wonderful teacher. I am a professional music and classroom teacher and experienced children’s theater director, and have observed his work with both children and adults. I have only the highest praise and recommendation to offer.

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Brenda Dec 1, 2017
Piano · Online

As a musician myself, I appreciate Ken's musical abilities. Not only is he a very gifted musician and composer but he is also a gifted teacher. He teaches towards the student's interest which keeps the student interested in learning and accomplishing more.

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Alison Nov 30, 2017
Piano · Online

Ken is great to work with. He relates to Children very well. My ten-year-old looks forward to the lesson each week. His direction is easy to follow, and is encouraging. Highly recommend!

Gary Nov 30, 2017
Arrangement and Composition · In studio

Ken is a creative and gifted musician. He's a great coach who can take you from where you are to the next level. He is patience and understanding and has the ability to communicate "in plain language." He's also a great encourager.

Heather Nov 28, 2017
Piano · Online

"My piano lessons with Ken gave me a greater understanding of the piano as a whole. They provided me with different techniques to widen my own style and skill set. Ken has a way of making the complex simple so anyone can learn and become great! I would definitely recommend him!"

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Rahul Nov 27, 2017
Piano · In studio

I had the privilege of working with Ken for a period of 4 years. As a result, I grew as a keyboard player and as an overall musician. Ken has a good understanding of theory and is well versed in playing chords. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to become a better pianist.

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Mike Nov 25, 2017
Piano · In studio

Ken Reynolds is a talented, multi-instrumental musician, who has a gift for teaching others. He is a solid performer and is well able to improvise inspiring music, as heard on his website and recent CD. I played with him for a number of years in our church band and was impressed with his musical knowledge and playing abilities. I would recommend him to anyone trying to further their skills in music.

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